No Matter how Dark it gets, We will Hold the Light

This blog is a write up of a vision I was given during meditation a few days ago.

I had also wrote this quick note to self afterwards, which is a little post I do on my Telegram channel in which I share my personal thoughts and inspirations to hopefully help others with the info, too. (see image)

I was doing a guided meditation in the morning to get my day started nicely and charge up my spiritual and energetic boundaries but I kept having side thoughts impeding in with critiques of a more negative variety and it was becoming bothersome.

Each time I heard this “shadow” voice pop in, I would listen and thank it and/or counter it with some retort and then pull my conscious awareness back in to meditation. It happened a few times.

During the silent portion, near the wrap up of this maybe 25 min meditation, I had this really interesting experience. I was calling in Source Light and it became what felt like Jesus to me, which is odd because I generally do not receive ‘real’ people visitation of that kind.

He showed me, or I felt that others were behind him and then there were; Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, my own ancestors too. There was so much love present – I felt like it was a giant hug of sorts and then it was a real hug because I saw/felt my sons there and my husband. It was marvelous in itself and I thought, “This is true bliss, acceptance, unconditional love. I want every moment to be this.”

Then smack in the middle like the cracking of ground in an earthquake, that shadow critic piped in with the know-it-all informative input I have gotten so good at tossing back at myself – “Well, that would be boring. Nothing would ever happen, no changes, no catalysts, no disruptions.

And within that thought bubble I was transported out into a foggy place with pointy shadows spiked up. It solidified into a pyramid. I was seeing the top of it poking up through fog of some sort. There were many actually, once I started to notice them, more appeared scattered in the distance like looming graves. Reminding me of death and of “time running out”.

All the while the negative critic voice inside was droning on and on about death and destruction and the epitome of human suffering taking place and how it’s always been this way since the start. It was heart wrenching.. as it always is; each and every time I bring myself down to remember, recall – to empathize with those truths and know there are others out there suffering terribly right now. It is very difficult to endure. I cried hard, ugly tears which barely left my eyelashes they were so hard and heavy.

But at this moment, as I bent over in utter despair, I was transported or I remembered, I may have been called back – I was again within my meditation space, within the bright light of Source and standing amongst so many brave, loving souls.

The most heart warming smile spread throughout my entire being. I knew and remembered our ultimate purpose. We are One and we are never alone.

This is when I again saw the same lighting and felt this same presence of Jesus before me.

It’s as if we were looking into a portal of sorts together, where that shadow vision and dark line of thinking was taking place. He knew what I had seen and felt. He knew my conclusion, as well.

I felt the need to understand the great why of it all and he brought forth a vision of Himself and Satan – the mountain top temptation image. He spoke simply and it was perfection. I cannot remember the phrase and it irks me to the core still, but the general meaning he portrayed to me was this life and Earth is a battle ground for sure, but it’s a challenge or dare of sorts taking place. We each will face this challenge during our lives here and we must make the choice: either love or fear, sovereignty or servitude.

‘Satan’, in the image I was shown, was taunting Jesus in a way – claiming or boasting perhaps about how dark, negative, destructive, painful he could take it. Basically trying to “prove” evil is more powerful, larger, better, deeper and implying that over time he would take over everything.

And Jesus took this as a hearty challenge, a worthy feat for Darkness. However, he impressed upon me this intention or line of emotion that held in it the knowing of a Master who allows a new student to test his boundaries. It was as if a little child had proposed a boxing match with a full grown man. The bravery is commended and there can be no true insult made because the challenge has such falsity and obscenity within it, how could one take offense or take it seriously?

I felt an old and comforting feeling within my bones when I received this message, too– it was the mother within me, seeing a toddler tantrum at its height and knowing the little tike will tired himself out and nap for an hour afterwards. There’s a relief that comes with kind of inevitable knowing.

Although, there within the memory, I also sense a brotherly-comrade kind of angle to this scenario to where it’s a near equal battle; the ultimate One on One, winner gets the Belt kind of thing? I think this makes sense within this time/space/model because we would need or would most likely coagulate into some kind of “ultimate” being that represents the “collective” polarity on both sides of duality. The Father, God, Source being something outside of this realm as “He” is the representation of the one infinite creator, the observer and witness to all within his creation,

I feel the words Jesus spoke to me, which I can barely remember, were along the lines of ‘as dark as they take it, we will still be there, waiting’.

He was helping me to remember that our job is not to force Darkness to change or be different but to just hold space and the light while they sort through whatever curiosities they feel called to explore. Energetic intentions must be defined and exhausted, otherwise the possibility holds a reactive charge out there still, seeking to be seen and will wait for the creator to recognize it and hold space for it.

Light and goodness can hold no judgment on what takes place with the shadows.

We must accept that these things, abhorrent as they might be, because within that acceptance is acknowledgment of boundaries. The energy changes from seeking to preservation, it becomes the stiff outlining of experiences we do NOT want to incorporate into the collective again. Setting these intentional boundaries within the negative side of the spectrum will allow space/time for more intentional growth on the positive side, as well.

It is almost an impossible task. It takes unyielding faith, strength, patience.

Although, as soon as think that, I see that I am not alone; so many others are here beside me, holding their Light and embodying their Truth; and the task becomes a little easier.

When you understand the magnitude of the obstacles you’re facing, the whole journey here becomes more meaningful and your choice becomes quite obvious. No outer force or being is above me except the infinite creator and to relinquish that truth, trade it away or attempt to discredit it allows the “devil” to gain control over you.

I think the main point in showing me this vision of the mountain top temptation scene and sending me these instructional messages was to help me apply the layering down into my own direct world because right after all this information was translated into me, I was immediately reminded of my own overactive shadowy critic who couldn’t stop impeding into my meditation space earlier.

I knew this inner voice to be a version of the Devil who stood on the mountain top with Jesus.

Our shadows are inner emotional representations of the service to self model and a negative/debt based energy system whereas an entity or being like Satan would be a physical manifestation of the orientation at its most extreme potential.

I knew at once the severity of the “challenge” or dare offered up by the dark side. I could feel my most stubborn and self centered perspectives digging their heels in and preparing for a stand-off. This could very well be eternal. This is fueled by the energy of duality, this is the resistance of like poles or charges. If something is pushing, I push back kind of mentality wrapped up into the most dangerous, high stakes bet in the universe.

We must realize that the opposition is hell-bent on “winning” control over the soul in hopes of abolishing “God” and erasing the “concept” from the mind of Humanity. However, that could only happen if their false foundation was concrete, but it’s not – it’s built on a lie.

Who will outlast Who?

The dark side is out there in the collective asserting it will crush out love and light, make a mockery of it and “prove” it isn’t real. This social memory complex seeks to ruin and dismantle Humanity’s soul connection to Source. The first rule of the negative agenda is to rebel against the One Truth, the first truth, the lineage that says each being is a sacred creation.

Oh, the torment of seeing the battle for what it is. It will only be over once the Darkness has had enough. As someone who has persevered through many painful experiences, I’ve learned the hard lessons of Sovereign Worth and Unconditional Love. It can be frustrating waiting it out while the rest finish their tests.

I know the limits of serving the self and I have felt the overflow of unlimited power within serving others. There is no chance in this life that I will bow down and serve some negative system in direct opposition to purpose here. It won’t happen. And I know I’m not alone in my standing.

In the meantime, while we wait for the finale of the negative agenda, we must identify distortions and lies as much as possible and seek to clear up the distortions and offer clarity, truth, positivity and healing. Doing this on a personal/inner level ensures your direct world stays as positively balanced as possible and it also guarantees a better reflection within the collective as a whole.

I feel so grateful after this meditation vision and message I was sent. I’m so happy to share this here with everyone and I hope it provides the comfort and stability it brought me.

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