This section provides some general doorways to an array of spiritual teachings, concepts and topics.

It is my intention to share ideas for examination. I am by no means presenting this as complete, verified or absolute truths, I am simply congregating info into an easy to access space. Please use your own discernment and remember I am merely a student of life offering up the info I’ve managed to collect and organize so far along the way.

While standardized religions and ideologies do have a place within this category, I most likely will leave out most traditional practices just because I am not a theologian of any kind and so I would most likely miss many important points that are discovered when you deeply study traditional texts. 

Quick Tips:

References & Resources

  • Books I’ve enjoyed on spirituality: (Most have free audio versions on youtube & other sharing platforms.)
    • Law of One. The Ra Material
    • A Course in Miracles
    • The Seth books
    • The Emerald Tablets 
    • An Autobiography of a Yogi
    • Be Here Now
    • Tibetan Book of the Dead
    • Anatomy of the Spirit
    • Fun fiction for any age to explore and find spiritual meanings within:
      • The Celestine Prophecy
      • The Castings series
      • The Chronicles of Narnia
      • Harry Potter series
      • The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings series
      • The Stand and It by Stephen King
  • People to consider looking into:
    • Graham Hancock
    • Bruce Lipton
    • Mark Bajerski
    • Ralph Smart 
    • Robert Sepher
    • Spirit Science
    • Theosophical Society
    • Sarita Sol
    • Max Igan
    • You Are Creators
    • Aaron Abke
    • Caroline Myss

Energetic Maintenance topics to develop

  • Claiming Sovereignty, consent based contracts
    • Check out a blog I wrote on these topics here
  • Setting up boundaries
  • Balancing catalysts
  • Building shields, bubbles, protection layers, lattice work
  • Asking for additional protection, assistance or guidance
  • Clearing out stagnant energies – that which no longer serves you
  • Cleanse and renew with resources like sage, palo santo

Meditations to connect with your spirituality

Connecting with Spirit, Self, Source
Energetic Hygiene
Bedtime Meditations

This is a great episode of the Reality Revolution. One of my favorite hobbies is to doodle notes and artwork while listening to talks.

I wrote a sort of review of this video – which includes some memes I made based off the quotes in my notes, as well as my perspective and thoughts on Q’uo and Ra’s words on love & fear.

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