Light Work – Offering Service to the Shadow

If you’d rather listen – I’ve recorded this, along with some side notes & commentary – check out the podcast version of this post!

While I was talking through my last brainstorming session (listen to it here) I was given a wonderful vision of this metaphor through which we can better understand shadow work and it’s my hope that I can hash out and better explain the notions I was shown.

The main focus of this metaphor was how this lifetime here and now can be compared to us sitting at a sort of vanity table but where there are two mirrors positioned facing towards themselves, creating a reflective echo chamber – we as souls sit outside the mirrors on a “chair” of sorts and witness the experience through the visions we see inside the mirrors.

We consent to the veil of forgetfulness and sit down to play them game – to immerse ourselves fully and learn certain lessons or have certain kinds of experiences to add flavor or depth to our soul’s journey. It’s the only sensible way.

This newly understood perspective was not just simply the set up of the mirrors because this concept has been known for quite some time, the working epiphany was to do with the way the shadow side works within the reflections and echoes – along with a secondary aspect to do with the 3D matrix model and the archonic control mechanisms in place within this realm.

So – to reiterate where I left off on my brainstorming session, in case someone does not have that reference already set to work with, I will start from the top.

As I mentioned at the start – this type of practice or alchemy with “the Shadow” is generally referred to as ‘shadow work’ and all the basically means is we are working on ourselves – our issues, triggers, annoyances, our inner demons, the ‘skeletons’ in your closet; all these kinds of terms are in line with this kind of work. We are assessing and sitting with our own dark side.

Previously, I dove into the importance and value we get out of shadow work and I outlined a clear path to understanding that this kind of introspective work helps support our soul evolution back to Oneness – so I’m not going to go there again, even though I could – however, if you’re curious, confused, feeling skeptical about Oneness, Source or God then I highly suggest catching up with my previous sessions so you can iron out those little distortions and get connected with your inner guiding piece of Source.

Back to the metaphor and vision I was given.

With more and more of us waking up and realizing we are eternal beings sitting on these chairs and also still more remembering at least the vague sense of the veil that’s been placed upon us; I do think the time for serious shadow work is approaching.

Just like any huge complication; like an addiction or deadly health condition, the true work and healing can only ever begin once the person has accepted their fault, disease, pain, bad situation, wrong doings – whatever the case is.

As soon as an individual can honestly accept and be open about the true state of their condition then all hope is available to them and new, better, more healthy possibilities will begin to manifest in their world. The universe is only waiting for your frequency to emit something different – as soon as it does, the ether hears and responds accordingly.

I point this out, hopefully, as a blatant, materialistic and solid 3D example of how this kind of alchemy gets started and why it’s so crucial to start the healing within first.

Although each person, process and emotion is unique – the process of alchemy or “working through” are relatively identical every time – or can and should be worked as such.

However, of course, for most of us; personal bias and subjective emotions come into play every time – but just remember it’s a tackle attempt, a plot trick used by the shadow to try and remain hidden or retain some form of control in some way, so be mindful. Try to ‘step out’ of yourself as much as possible and view all issues as the observer not the defendant / plaintiff.

Regardless of the type of catalyst or shadow we have to keep our wits about us and stay grounded. Practicing conscious responses is the best way to begin shadow work, especially since this alone can be a taxing enough task for many beginners.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you’ll never be caged, worried or anxious again – or at the very least, you’ll spend LESS time and days worrying about feeling that way.

Know that stagnation is a form of energy depletion and work to stay active in the pursuit of your awareness and conscious state of being. Every day, every moment there’s some ‘risk’. There are un-imagined and incalculable threats out there dangling over every one of us – Who Cares?

If you do, you’re wasting your precious life energy and sacred imagination on procuring negative situations for yourself. WHY? Really – ask yourself this question, please. We so easily get sucked into pity parties for ourselves and spend hours imagining harmful possible future scenarios for no benefit at all. In fact, you are essentially poisoning your present moment on purpose to dull the “assumed” approaching perceived/expected pain/hurt. Why ruin the Now moment for something that may or may not happen?

Stick a toe into the healing waters of the Creator Mindset and feel its soothing warmth. You are eternal, you call the shots, you are the judge and the jury! I wrote a poem along these lines once, maybe I’ll share it after this.

My incessant need to stress the importance of the personal connection to Source, self love and service to others really spawns from knowing that these are the foundation, platform and the pillars holding up the entire shadow work system and without acknowledging them I feel I’m doing a disservice to the collective by offering a crutch instead of providing true medicine.

With that all said, I hope to again realign and come back to my initial metaphor of this world, with it’s purposeful shadow work/energy conversion or manipulation and the ways in which we all can come together and serve the shadow in the best way, promoting the highest good.

For this specific example, I was shown the shadows within the reflections and how as light workers, we begin to see more clearly the mirrors and the reflections. We know we are gazing into this fun house and we begin to orientate ourselves within the confusion. We seek shine in our light to find the true images inside all the distorted reflections, shades, shadows, sparks and twists. (I’ve always seen this as a type of organic kaleidoscope type of fractal. As if our light brightens the backdrop for which the shapes morph against.)

As we become more aware and work to sort out what we’re seeing – we begin to use our own light with more dexterity and skill as well. The combination of skill, experience, soul, intuition and seeking truth come together and allow greater clarity. With that comes seeing things for exactly what they are.

This sight comes with a frequency, a feeling, a knowing – and others sense it. They feel seen for what they are, or accepted when they’re around you. They feel utterly comfortable with you, no judgement, an open book – these are all descriptions that others will point out once you’ve really started your own light work.

Conversely, that same “seen” feeling will agitate or inflame any negatively energized beings, thought forms or situations. The dark does not like to be seen for what it is – hence sulking in the shadows. The dark or negative orientation chooses self preservation over all and relies on deception and illusion to obtain its power – therefore it never wants to be seen for just what it is.

The shadows does not appreciate positive frequencies and will either dissipate altogether and find a new hiding spot or become aggressive, agitated, inflamed attempting to push its fear frequency onto you, in a last ditch effort to siphon from you.

If you can withstand the initial attack and hold your ground you will quickly win, as the negative will never risk expending all of its precious personal resources. Typically, a negatively oriented being will not risk releasing even a moderate amount of energy – let alone deplete their levels to near exhaustion, as would take to overpower a strong light-worker.

In order for a shadow to ever attempt to “win” over a source of light it would need to exert all of its power reserves. From a standpoint of survival and conservation – the benefit does not outweigh they risk. Shadow knows the Light will never force, it shines and waits. It “allows” itself to be “used” so to speak..(this is as the negative orientation views it at least).

So, it’s quite simple when you look at it as energy transference and think of it “logically”. Our Shadows are never a threat to our Light, they threaten only their own truth and true form – they can only trick you into feelings of fear, discomfort, shame, hatred if you sink down to their shaded area.

Why choose to kneel in to the dark corner and squint up your eyes, listening to your Shadow tell you lies about the figures you’re seeing? It’s a charade and a sad one at that.

When you step into that lower realm with hopes of doing Shadow work, you must go in the love of your Light and stand in that – ready to hold the frequency of acceptance/love and wait for what shows itself. The Light is only know by what it reveals – so stay vigilant, honest and open when you do the work but also be prepared for the after shocks, the return of the shadow once your Light becomes dimmer.

I say this as a kind warning; be weary when you begin your own shadow work within yourself – be prepared for old flair ups to come back, pains in the body, old drama from the past. When we begin a life time of light work it’s important to remember you cannot constantly put out that strong light wave of direct service – the intensity it takes to dive down into the depths of the Shadow. You have to work it like a muscle, gain a feel for the focus of intention you cast and are able to hold with positivity and unconditional love.

It can be over whelming to those who are new and not properly protected or charged up. Be sure to get your mind right before you enter into this kind of working.

Learn about yourself first, learn to fill your energetic cup each day, feel your way through your energy cycles and seek to hear what’s truly going on within your self. Once you have a good rapport with your energy body, then you are ready for anything.

Before Offering Service to the Shadow

Now, just to clarify, in case any one is a new reader – I am referring service as a positively aligned intention of support, assistance, understanding and love offered and held out to another being as a means of helping them and in extension, ultimately, recognizing and serving the One infinite creator inside that being.

In this energetic universe intention is everything. Energetic intention is the language in which the Ether speaks and your energy body is in constant contact with it – sending out pulses like ripples in the field.

When your field is positively charged and radiating a healthy glow – no thing can harm or bring you down; unless you allow it, consent and lower your vibration to their level. As I mentioned above this is not something you just jump into and take off running. Allow yourself time and be aware. Come at it from your eternal essence and seek to offer that resonance to the negative polarity.

Negative polarity or alignment can only take you so far in this evolutionary plane of existence.

Yes, it does appear the paths go off in opposite directions, but much like a double helix– the two forces seek connection, to combine and mix, to find a harmony between to two and create a new middle ground creation. There is also plain physics centered mathematics which explain this balancing act that takes place between opposing forces. I truly see these parallel understandings as confirmation to the truth of a symbiotic function of the universe as a whole.

This, again, confirms to me that the upward spiraling evolution through space/time/densities/octaves must promote unconditional love and expanded or heightened conscious awareness/attention.

AKA we are all bits of love, gathering up meaning and experiences to reunite and become the One Infinite Creator again at some timeless way. Which is supposed to be beyond our current scope of comprehension and should never have come into play in the workings of this current “game” taking place within this place of Earth School – but yet it has and now it trips us up and causes disruptions in the fluid ripples life was supposed to make. Our best path to success is the path of least resistance – accept the Mystery of the Ultimate Creator and of this Life here now. Let that all go, trust it is in place and operates without need of your supervision. All which comes from this life is for the greatest, most highest good of all beings here.

It’s only when you let go of the need for restricting parameters and comparisons created by focusing on contrasts or duality; that you can truly assist the shadow with companionship instead of superiority.

How to Assist or Offer Your Service to the Shadow

  • Gather your intention to serve others and in extension the one infinite creator
  • Empower your energetic field in a way that feels right to you
  • Approach the place or level in which the Shadow resides
    • You may choose to bring a tool kit with you if this is an exterior shadow and you are looking to alchemize an energy outside yourself
  • Once a friction is felt or a choice point is created by the catalyst – hold the line.
    • Anchor yourself back to your own connection with Source, unconditional love/light
  • Ignite your Light with as much intensity as you’ll want to hold for the space of time you’ll be working.
    • Approach this time with an predetermined idea of whether you’ll need a strong, shorter burst of energy or maybe to maintain a longer light with a steady consistency
    • Different situations, shadows, traumas require their own unique approach
  • Hold the energetic frequency for as long as needed without any expectation of result, change or alteration
    • intend to offer your support/love in positive alignment with service to others & the one infinite creator
    • offer openness, acceptance, a space of clear light to be witnessed within, if they so choose
    • send out the resonance of sovereignty, remind the entity/energy/shadow of it’s own tiny fractal part of this One beautiful living mosaic
    • hold that accepting vibration, allow it to be as negative or dark as it feels necessary in its exploration of many-ness, because as a reflection of Source, it does have that right and it is valuable to the whole
    • send gratitude to the shadow (if you make it this far without giving up – and if the shadow receives this frequency and has not dissipated yet then you are nearing an energy exchange where the poles could swap – the being can slingshot its negative polarized energetic body right over to the positive side and alchemize to something higher
    • Retain your own sovereignty – do not become emotionally tied in to the shadows choice or change. That is of no importance to you now. Allow whatever steps they take without judgement – just hold the light/love space open.
      • Work to hear what it needs, what underlying emotions or fears are there
      • Ask it what you can do for it to heal
      • Hold the frequencies of support and steady reliability
      • If it’s a lot – too much to harmonize in one session then allow and love that
        • compliment the shadow on how far its taken this illusion/imagined creation
        • remind them and yourself of the eternal journey and work to pull in as much comfort from Source/Mother Earth as you before you choose to close the space
    • Always be sure to conclude your communion with the Shadow
    • Never leave a working open-ended or with entangled feelings/emotions
      • Commit to honoring your sovereign right to consent by closing the offering of service for now. This also deters the Shadow’s habit of infringement and syphoning.
      • Set an energetic boundary and revoke consent to serve
      • Thank yourself, your guides, your shadow, Source and anyone else you feel called to
        • I personally also ask for additional strength to be sent to charge up my lattice work of light which I see around me as a continual protective filter which only allows that which is for the highest good of all to enter or exit.
      • If the session is draining or invigorating be sure to ground, cleanse and clear in your best ways as well
        • I get outside in bare feet, hug a tree or two, appreciate the lovely natural plant life
        • Sit in the Sun with closed eyes, raised to the Sun – soak in the Love
        • Sage, Palo Santo – incense/smoke cleanse
        • Crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks, Sofleggio tracks, bi-neural beats
        • Shower, swim in the ocean, river or lake,
        • Get out in (or right after) the rain or the moonlight
        • Find your own harmonious and soothing ways to re-center your body vessel

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