There are so many avenues which can lead you off, on that inward direction of introspection. When we take the time to sit with ourselves as we are naturally, no strings attached and examine what we see – then we are able to identify our pillars of purpose in this life and build a firm foundation around them.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may find tools like these more helpful and reality based than some of the other tools offered.

This is a place where mostly more logical, left-brained information is gathered. This science based grey area is where the door to spirituality opened for me – of course it doesn’t mean this is where everyone finds it, but those coming down from a scientism trip or trying to kick an addition to academia will find information like this highly relatable, sound and grounded in solid scientific thinking and research. Most importantly, I’d like to point out that stood these topics have stood the test of time, as well as use in the general/public domain.

  • Tests, charts and forms to work with
    • Standard Astrology
      • All varieties and types of charts are useful
      • Esoteric astrology is another interesting aspect
    • Standard Numerology
      • Understanding your birth date
      • Using a numerical model to problem solve or work towards a goal
    • Ennealogy
      • Learn more about the general premise and the archetypes here.
      • Take the test for free here.
      • Tons of info and a whole community of awesome people who resonate with this can be found at Secret Energy
    • Human Design
      • Get your free chart here, you do need to have an accurate birth time and location in order to do this chart.
  • People to explore:
    • Carl Jung
    • Alan Watts
    • Rudolph Steiner
    • Neville Goddard
    • Brian Scott and the Reality Revolution
    • Sevan Bomar
    • Theosophical Society
    • Dr. Joe Despenza
    • Wayne Dyer
    • Tony Robbins
    • AfterSkool
    • Matthew Belair
    • Carl Sagan

Quick Tips :


In this podcast episode I talk about the archetypes within each of us and brush quickly on what archetypes are. If you’d like to read the blog version you can check it out here.

If you’re interested in Archetypes and how they relate to other areas of life, check out my recent podcast/brainstorming session where I compare and relate the archetypes to Numerology and the classic literary structure of the Hero’s Journey.

For a more in-depth look at Carl Jung and his development of the Archetypes, you can check out Academy of Idea’s helpful article for a brief understanding.

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