I’m so happy to bring forth this site as a point of orientation or realignment for all people who find themselves conscious on their path. For many years now, I’ve wanted to not only offer my divination services but also create an easily accessible platform to store, collect, revise and converse about topics related to higher learning, esoteric studies and spiritual topics; and finally I have coordinated enough material to do just that.

In the menu you will find sections dedicated to my readings, my background, tools I’ve gathered as well as a place to reach out and contact me directly. If you are interested in tarot, oracle cards or intuitive mentorship then please check out my readings section. Under there you will find links and info in reference to general divination as well as my personal practice, the spreads I offer and a bit about my decks. If you are interested in learning more about topics like self love, introspection, metaphysics, shadow work or light work – then please check out the Tools section. Over there I have broken down categories of study to choice from. Each topic has resources, quick tips and strategies to cultivate personal practices, as well as my personal opinions and videos, books I’ve enjoyed on related subjects.

I do intend to add information periodically, relaying as much as I can, when I can; so be sure to check in for updates, new references, videos and more over on the Tools page. I’m also sharing realignment messages, info-graph style memes and inspiration over on my Telegram channel: t.me/amariespeaks (link below).

It’s my sincere hope that you always find what you are seeking in a way which aligns to your purpose, as you work to remember and reclaim the unique reflection of creation you naturally are.

This website was made in service to others, to offer a space dedicated to self love and acceptance, where not only do I offer my direct guidance and support through intuitive readings and mentoring but also a general stopping off grounds to serve as a hub for me to share some vital knowledge with anyone interested.

You may just be coming to terms with your value or perhaps you’ve been chipping away at your higher self for some time now; it is truly inconsequential as the journey is eternal.

The journey is not a linear, straightforward road to some distant land where you become something new – it’s a spiral, a circling back that redefines and somehow becomes more You through the gathering in of catalysts.

We are all on our own version of this journey, at our own particular degree, living out our soul’s role for the present moment. It’s come to my understanding that all of creation is an organic fractal of some kind, it is made of copies of the original, repeated in varied potentials, cycling back through all densities and forms, inwards and upwards back to the infinite creator, Oneness.

Like a mosaic tile in the most beautiful stained glass window, we each hold a special shape, color, vibration and it is perfectly suited to the whole. The setting laid with such mastery, the bordering pieces fit symbiotically – angles and contrasts, gradients and shades, all coming together perfectly as you zoom out.

If you’re conscious on the path then you’ve at least caught a glimpse of the masterpiece as a whole. You know you belong to It. You know you are on purpose with purpose. This knowing of connected-ness is at the root of our human experience and acceptance of it is essential for growth.