There are so many types, uses and aspects to the world of astrology and I am merely a student. Below is a gathering of resources which I have found helpful to beginning my journey of understanding astrology.

An Overview for Total Beginners

Common misconceptions can be things like assuming your “Sun sign” is your only sign, thinking you have to resonate or display all of the sign characteristics in order for it to be “accurate”, or believing that a chart, sign or placement is set in stone and can never be altered.

Just like the stars and planets are constantly progressing – so are we as individual beings. Astrology is just as fluid and open for interpretation as the rest of this reality is but it is commonly seen that the planetary bodies and stars hold specific weights on the energetic atmosphere here on Earth and their celestial procession also has influence over this world.

There are many versions and interpretations out there across cultures and time so feel free to branch off at any time and follow any paths that ignite your curiosity. It will probably amaze you how many similarities are out there, though!

Basic Types of Astrology

In the past there was two basic versions of Astrology – Sidereal and Tropical – however with the situation in the stars morphing after 2012, the world has added in the 13th sign of Ophiuchus to reflect the new calendar, we see a new version popping up; Galactic. This addition is new but making it’s way into the mainstream now. See chart below for the timeline references for Sun Signs across all versions.

Birth Charts

This is one of the most common uses for astrology. The birth chart can reveal a multitude of things about a person. Dedicated professionals who study in depth can pinpoint catalysts accurately, predict optimum times for certain choices or actions to be made as well as identify what your life’s purpose, or karma, is this time around.

It’s important to understand that your chart is like an encyclopedia size book which depicts the likely path chosen based from the star placement overhead at birth. There are 12 houses with 12 signs – all of which play some part in this epic tale. You can choose to skim through the table of contents and view the highlights from each or start at page 1 and read straight through, it’s really up to you. The knowledge unlocked within the chart is never ending and so each new year you can dive deeper and understand more.

For starters, it can be helpful to have a seasoned astrologer do your chart. Then you can learn your signs and placements through their explanation. This is great if you are brand new to astrology and unsure of even the signs meanings. If you are more familiar with the signs and you’re motivated enough; you can certainly pull your own chart for free online and start working it yourself using resources online. I will link info on both approaches below.

Free Online Resources for charts & learning resources:
Educational videos I’ve enjoyed:

Other Zodiac Charts

There are other types of astrological or zodiac based charts out there which I’ve stumbled upon along the way. I’m going to attempt to keep a running list here for reference of those names, books or sites of other versions, constellations sets and charts.

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