An Article on Sovereignty, Consent, Infringement, Service Orientation, and Boundaries

One of the most fundamental parts of forming your energetic foundation is claiming your sovereignty and power as an infinite, eternal being. If you are experiencing a reality where you feel more spiritually curious, or more mature and responsible than before, then chances are this is your time to wake up to your sovereignty.

Maybe the idea isn’t new to you – that’s perfect as well. It may be time to deepen your bonds or revoke underlying contracts or attachments. We are all set in our own certain range of energetic frequencies, which fluctuate like an ebb and flow of sorts and sometimes we need to reinforce our knowing and remind ourselves of who and what we are. Not matter where you are on the merry go round, it’s always the right time to confirm sovereignty and review consent.

What does sovereignty mean and consent for what?

If you take the notion that there is a creator to the universe, or you subscribe to any one of the many ideologies out there then the idea of an unique and undying soul is not a new or out there concept to you. Sovereign being is just that, it’s a term for you, as a soul – as that eternal essence or infinite creator inside. Essentially it is the knowing that you answer only to truth and source/God.

There’s another layer that comes along with this acceptance that you are your own personal soul and that is the agreement that others are also just as free and special as you are – because each being is a piece of god source energy.

Sometimes this second half comes as a hard pill to swallow. It can be difficult to relinquish the reigns we think we hold but remember the perception has always been an illusion. You hold no power over others, no more than they hold over you. At least, if you accept these terms and agree to operate within the natural laws of this free will space, that is.

Don’t be fooled into believing all beings respect this law. Don’t be tricked into chasing others to hold them accountable to your version of this law, either. Both are carefully laid traps you should always be cautious of falling into.

As I’ve pointed out, some do choose to work intentionally to invert, contort and misuse the laws for their own benefit. This is a free will universe after all, that means all things must be possible – the good with the bad. Hence, the yin-yang, duality, sun/moon, light/dark theme we see everywhere in this world. I would like to add a little side note in for clarification, that God Source – the Oneness, the infinite creator, is outside this universe and structural setting. Just as the Yin-Yang is enclosed within a circle – there is a container to all which is source, light/love or God.

Conscious or informed consent comes into the picture once you’ve claimed yourself as sovereign. We all consent unconsciously and play a static role for quite some time, lifetimes perhaps, just following subconscious programming mostly, but at some point each being encounters a chink in their programming. If it registers and can bring in new information then a catalyst has been introduced. The being will need to either adapt and incorporate or dismiss and discard. This choice point is where consent takes place.

This is an energetic exchange first and foremost, as the universe speaks in frequency. Most of us can’t pinpoint why something strikes our attention or sparks an emotion, it just happens and then we assess it. This is how consent can work – which is a good and bad thing. It takes practice to learn discernment.

To make matters more difficult, the connection gets muddled when you bring in “logic” and “reason”, pro’s and con’s lists and all these other examination techniques people have developed to try to undermine their intuition. When we start a habit of continually going against our intuition or gut feelings, or saying one thing while we feel another way – the entire communication system becomes distorted. So again, I recommend caution, time and listening to your inner teacher when you begin to inform yourself on this consent topic.

Clearing distortions around consent is a life long process that is different for everyone; however the main point is centered around self respect and responsibility. You must accept that you are not only capable to be self reliant, but also willing and ready to be held accountable for the way in which you exercise that freedom.

Setting up conscious consent

The best way to begin is to review your current situation in life and claim responsibility for everything. You must acknowledge your own starring role through the whole thing. No matter the case – no matter the injustice, trauma or abuse you’ve endured – in order to move forward and upward in your soul evolution you have to take responsibility for the entire ordeal up to your present moment. If you feel offended or overwhelmed by the mere suggestion of this task then it may not be the right time in your journey for this step – and that’s OK! Only you know what is best for your life in the present moment, and just because something doesn’t resonate or feel true now, does not mean that later down the line you won’t see things differently. Divine timing is innate in all of us and I don’t pretend to comprehend or understand it.

Once you are willing and able to hold yourself accountable in this way you begin to operate from a truly sovereign and divine space. This composure of maturity is where conscious or informed consent should always come from. This is hard work. It sounds simple enough but it takes a lot of courage and persistence to really maintain the openness that’s needed to keep yourself in check. Especially if you’re breaking out of tougher mentalities like the victim or poverty mindsets. No one does everything all at once, take your time and be kind to yourself throughout the entire process.

This type of assessment is not about critiques, should have’s or re-working timelines. It’s strictly a release of judgement, an acceptance of what is and detox of the stored blame and shame. No other route would have brought you to this present moment, be grateful for that and love yourself for each step you’ve taken so far. No matter how rough the ride was or even still may be, if you can accept that where you are right now is your only possible working scenario – that all other versions are figments of your imagination – (for now at least) then you are ready to step into your life as an active creator, not a bystander by whom life just happens to. You are ready to give or deny consent.

As you learn how to operate from this sovereign space, you will feel what is right for you. When infringements come in you will sense them and be able to deal with them appropriately.

But what is infringement?

It’s hard not to be vague when you’re speaking about concepts like these. It’s so important to remember that each person’s reality is real to them and mirrors their own perspective, assumptions and conditionings so it’s slightly different than your own. Even those we share every day with have an altered experience from our own. Infringement happens when you overlay your reality onto another’s in some way. This can be as direct and literal as telling someone else what ‘they should do’ but it can also be subtle infractions like staring at someone to get them to look at you – both hold the intention of control and manipulation. We can also unintentionally infringe on others by doing things like promoting our preference of a particular thing over their choice or offering up an uninvited opinion of their life. All these things operate on a restrictive frequencies that seek to bind, clog and stagnate a beings energy for some other’s benefit. This is infringement.

The key to stepping into your sovereignty is allowing others to do the same. “With great power comes great responsibility”. Pun intended – as we are all superhero’s in disguise and I’d like to point out a deeper meaning to that line – which is not about superpowers, being superior over others and the responsibility to “do right by the little people” or safe them from harm because they are incapable – it’s about the great power of sovereignty within each of us and the responsibility uphold the sacred honor that comes with being a free soul. It’s about knowing each person IS capable and needs to be held accountable in their life.

Infringements can obviously also be direct and abusive. There is such a wide variety of possibilities ranging through things like entities and alien beings to forms of attachments like cords and entanglements; so, I won’t try to cover them all but if you are curious, or you believe you’re encountering unwanted infringements then I would highly suggest digging deeper into it and shining light into those dark corners, as long as you feel empowered to, just be cautious and get support if you need it.

Life is diverse and exciting. It’s meant to be taken part in – it’s not something you sit on the sidelines and watch. You certainly can, but there will be no progress in your part of the infinite mosaic that is this life. Your piece is just as important as every other and the universe as a whole cannot progress without your small part also evolving – so in all actuality the longer someone sits on the sidelines diverting their soul’s responsibility, the longer the game they are watching will go on. Infringements are necessary because they can shake soul’s out of the audience and get them motivated to take part in the real game.

It’s all about the way you choose to respond to the infringement, that is what sets the tone of your vibration as well as sets the stage for future interactions. A strong working knowledge of your own sovereignty is really a prerequisite for conscious responses to incoming information of any type, but especially kinds which come with heavy energies like control, deception or manipulation.

Ways to approach infringements

Firstly, this will rely on your own polarization or vibrational alignments – so, it’s important to know your orientation.

Since we are clearly operating within a duality structure, you must have guessed by now that there are also two orientations in this world: positive and negative. Though the bifurcation may be just a third and fourth density setting, its important to understand that in order to continue to grow you must choose one or the other.

The refusal to choose or attempting to remain neutral could be one of the reasons why so many people believe souls get stuck on Earth or in third density. From my perspective, this stalling creates an unnatural disruption of flow because your soul energy isn’t able to freely maintain a directionality and therefore cannot pick up any real momentum.

Polarization or directionality is simple to understand so don’t unnecessarily over complicate it – this is another cleverly imported trick to keep us stalling.

An inward and upward spiral of spiritual growth is characterized by positivity. The torus of energy in the center flows outward from your inner unconditional love “well”. It seeks to serve others because it recognizes that all are One and within that each creation is a piece of us, as a result they are to be respected, as we have all chosen to be sovereign. This outward pouring serves others first not because “it’s the right thing to do” or because others are ‘weaker’ or need it more, and this flow is never a burden; instead its an overflow, an abundant outsourcing that happens naturally when you connect to your inner well of unconditional love. You become empowered and energy springs forth. Others can then refresh and energize your energetic flow on the back end, if/when needed due to individual catalysts, etc.

In contrast, negative polarity is characterized by an inward and downward spiral of spiritual growth. The torus of energy in the center flows inwards pulling from external wells of unconditional love. It seeks to fill its well instead. This orientation serves itself first, clearly out of necessity. This internal directionality requires resources and its process also exhausts some of the soul. In simple terms, it accrues an energetic debt. Service to self does still recognize that all are One but this view is inverted and they choose to see each creation as their property to use as they need – for their own benefit. That creator being believes itself to be above the other parts and the truth of Sovereignty is replaced with one of ultimate Servitude. There is no need for concepts like love or reciprocity and in fact those types of vibrations cause unpleasant frictions that clog up the downward flow and so most negatively polarized beings avoid them at all costs. The negative flow is much more aware of these kinds of disruptions because they rely on it to maintain their flow – conversely, those focused on a positive, outward flow can overlook negative disruptions in their flow more easily, at least unless they become serious catalysts.

One you’ve chosen your energetic directionality and orientation you’re ready to assess what exactly infringement means to you.

This assessing becomes super helpful in the work of balancing your own inner and exterior worlds because it clears up your energetic flow field. When your intentions and actions harmonize your field gains strength and the torus flows more freely. Building momentum takes a careful balance of adapting to new information while staying true to your vibratory pathway. It requires energetic confirmation from both the inner self as well as the outer the universe and this is why we find ourselves always in these paradoxes, these catch 22 situations because we refuse to accept this partnership. We get distracted and lose focus, disrupting the balancing. The sooner you choose to accept that you do create your reality and start to work with it, the easier growth will feel. Until you bump into catalysts and infringements, that is!

This is why understanding and choosing your orientation is so important. It is a guiding force throughout the journey. When you’re confronted with infringements, or things that don’t exactly align with you – your sense of polarity can shed some light on how best to respond.

For those who choose a positive polarity and a high vibration, this guidance of acceptance and unconditional love becomes a beacon or eternal flame which shines out and exposes all intention for what it is. Truth is a high vibration and it reveals all the lower frequencies exactly where the resonate at. This allows more clarity and purpose in their service to others and the creator.

The lower vibrations don’t appreciate this as they flourish in secrecy and dark because there’s an underlying truth to the negative orientation which says all beings are attempting to pull energy from others. This sets the stage for a very different type of experience. Their guidance tells them to rely on deception and trickery through convert means and manipulation to maintain an energetic flow coming in from others.

The opposition is as natural as oil and water. Again, this is said to be the entire point of these densities – to work out the catalysts and forge our souls into stronger, higher beings and therefore you have to appreciate the negative as much as the positive – because without both there would be no evolution.

Setting strong energetic boundaries and remaining vigilant in each present moment will help maintain your polarization throughout the day even when presented with infringements.

Your vibration will tell you whether infringement is acceptable or not. That is not something anyone can decide for you. As a rule of thumb, most benevolent beings see any impression of information transmitted to another without first asking and having willingly expressed consent, as an infringement on that other person. Most negatively oriented beings do not understand this concept in the least.

If you find yourself highly confused by the purpose of conscious consent or skeptical about this idea of infringement, no worries. Chances are, with active discovery into the concept of sovereignty and some introspection practices like meditation, you will come to unlock the exciting potentials of interacting on this higher, deeply connected level.

Interested in service to others, setting healthy boundaries and avoiding infringements?

Here’s some tips and insights that I’ve learned along the way and incorporated into my own balancing.

Daily Maintenance

This is where real work produces visible results but you have to be ready to actually practice. It doesn’t take much – if you make small, steady choices that align with your goal then the universe will repay you with opportunities for big changes. You just have to show a little interest, put in some effort and hold as much faith as you can.

The single most best way to start is positively polarizing is by doing a kind thing while expecting/ receiving nothing in return. This could be as simple as leaving a dollar inside a library book before you return it or paying for the next person’s coffee. Sending out little bursts of kindness like this, without needing or wanting to rely the outcome for gratification stimulates positive changes in our world.

Simple positive changes can also be energetic and intention based; like consciously recognizing the other person as a sovereign being and respect their perspective in the moment. Work to hear others for what they are trying to say not just based on how your own filter is receiving their words. This switch alone will free up a lot of stagnant energy and promote positive changes.

Charge up your mind, body and spirit each day and relax, review and release your day each night. If you give yourself these gifts and allow time separate from all other tasks, specifically as nourishment for your soul – you are guaranteed to see huge shifts. You can do this through meditation, visualizations or embodiment of emotions. Whatever gets you feeling grateful, zen, in the zone, loved and appreciated – do that each morning (even if it’s only for 5 minutes! It is not useless or insignificant even in small increments).

Another simple tip is to start saying NO. So many people struggle with this. People can see love and service to others as just doing things for other people. This is not as true as it appears from the outside. The best analogy I can think of is the old saying about “giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish”. Service to others is teaching others to fish for themselves. Yes, we teach best through example, through active participation and by showing others how it is done – but that is NOT the same as doing the thing for them. Tough love and allowing to others to learn life on life’s terms is a huge part of the positive and free directionality. If things are beyond your capacity or draining to you then you should always allow yourself the choice to say no or refuse consent.

Setting healthy boundaries

As with all other aspects of life, you need to first start with your own inner world before you can interact with the outer world. Take time to sit down and outline your physical, emotional and mental boundaries. Explore what safety feels like to you, what is trust and alternately what does betrayal and upset look like. Don’t be scared to ask yourself these questions, how else will you be prepared if you are infringed upon in some way? Also – don’t get carried away in scenarios. Balance is key is all things.

Another key aspect is setting energetic boundaries and protection for yourself. Each day you should spend some time getting in touch with your energy body, your biofield, your etheric body, your spirit – however you interpret it is perfect for you. Your imagination and body intelligence work together to create amazing things. Take time to feel your vibration, your pulse – listen to your body, feel your magnetism, your prana or chi. Once you build a connection up you can set up force fields of protection, energy bubbles to revitalize you and so much more. You can also ask guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors or even Source or Gaia to reinforce your boundaries or teach you other techniques.

I personally build a lattice work of love/light which I envision to work like a filter of sorts which allows through only that which is aligned with my highest good and seeking service to others and the one infinite creator. I usually add a few other layers of energies for protection or clarity, depending on how I am feeling. I have a few mantras and prayers which I speak and then I ask for assistance in strengthen my shields and sight from source and my guides. I end with thank yous, seal it with gratitude then release all to mother earth. This is obviously just an example meant for reference only. You must create your own. Feel free to adapt ideas but make sure the feelings come from your heart and your mind.

Upholding your boundaries

Staying true to your heart in the face of a disruption takes courage and faith. Our energetic boundaries can be charged up by emotions like these but it takes determination and a commitment to those boundaries. Emotional boundaries are basically morals, physical boundaries are obvious and spiritual boundaries have to do with service orientation and the methods and transfer of information. It’s important to stay vigilant in the present moment so you are aware of infringing incoming information.

Essentially we teach others how to treat us by how we respond when our boundaries are pushed. We also create our world and reality from these decisions. You will see dramatic changes if you choose to vibrate within your own truth frequency and interact with all others from this frequency. When others push your boundary in some way and you respond in respect with a stern but kind refusal that is appropriate to the offense, it provides fertile ground for clarification and understanding to take place. Of course, there are always those times when talking it out won’t work and in that case remember that disassociation does not require explanation. You are free to remove yourself from negative encroaching energies at any time just be sure to cleanse and clear your mind, body and space.

When boundaries are crossed, when we encounter a catalyst of some kind or we are harmed in some way it’s important to stop and reflect on how we’ve asked for this outcome. Everything that enters your world is a direct request from your subconscious. This is where I’ll bring in the power of the placebo//NO-cebo effect – you may be wishing and hoping x,y,z DOESN’T happen and that is just as valid however the universe doesn’t comprehend the “doesn’t” clause. It only hears the thing – the desire. Be careful how you think and reposition your thoughts to only “does” types of thinking. You may need to get creative with how you look at certain bumps in the road but this really works!

The easiest way to promote positive experiences is to avoid infringing on others as much as possible.

This line of reasoning is as simple as treat those as you’d like to be treated. If you’ve chosen a positive polarity aligned with service to others then you must accept you cannot control or influence others. All beings should be allowed their own time to discover and growth in the way they see best. Source planted a unique seed of purpose within each of us and no one can uncover what that is, except that being. Distorting or diluting another’s journey is to go against natural law. Expect to have your natural laws disturbed and distorted if you choose to manipulate others. There is no way around it.

Conversely, you can become immune to infringement attempts by others when you refuse to infringe on others. You also need a strong connection to your own sovereignty but if you are able to do this then you will instantly see approaching risks to your vibrational being and send out singles which deter the negative vibration from entering your space. Even a tiny candle eradicates absolute darkness.

Constant practice is needed to tone this muscle. We are so trained to monitor others, to be responsible for family members, to be opinionated and promote our perspective. All these things infringe on those around us. If you allow others the freedom to speak and you actually listen without trying to change or correct what they are expressing then as a result they feel heard and understood. If you ask others if they are willing to listen before presenting an opinion, feeling or assumption and you relay the info as such instead of projecting it onto the person as fact – then you will see entirely different results.

Yes, this is super difficult and no, I don’t think many humans can do this around the clock and straight through the calendar. The point is not to be perfect or to hold this resonance forever it’s all about the work in motion, the balancing. The more practice you get the easier it becomes to ride the current. Each day will bring small triumphs and little improvements. Before you know it your entire world will be flowing more freely and you’ll be able to really see the big changes.

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