Slippery Slopes in Rabbit Holes – how to seek Truth not Shadows

Recently I’ve talked about the 3D Matrix, Archons, the negative agenda and also lineage, mothering, our ancestors and our own role as future ancestors. It’s only natural that we now look at how these concepts can interact, influence each other and what the overall purpose could be.

It doesn’t take an genius to see things are setup quite backwards here. Just look at the plain picture of “the World and your life within it” – you’re born into a family which is already cemented into a societal structuring of some kind – you inherit the restrictions and conditions of your parents + society at that time and place. Already it looks like the chips are stacked against you – (as far as “free thinking” and sovereignty go at least).

Then in comes the programming – especially from the 3D Matrix – that in order to survive you must pay. That all things here are limited and must be fought over and/or hoarded.

The mammoth debt based slavery cycle of the Matrix and the negative agenda relies solely on the “Masses” and their submission of their own energy. And in order to make this machine run as smoothly as possible, the “Masses” or ‘users’ must completely submit to the authority of the cycle/system.

In order to Avoid this Trap – Never Subjugate your Sovereignty.

This is why the first battle for control centers around the removal of spiritual connectedness. No being who recognizes itself and its fellow beings as sovereign would disgrace that gift of power by diminishing it down into Servitude.

That is a negative trade.. you are putting yourself in the Red with that action.

The system (of course) has built up such clever slights of hand and traps, loops and lassos to keep people feeding it though – so beware of your choices and the intention you hold while making them.

Discernment and intuition are critical in this war on consciousness.

If you seek to exit and assist in the dismantling of the Matrix just know that yes, seeking the truths behind the “conspiracies” has its role, has an importance about it – there is a thin, very personal line that rules the energy of choice points and intention of decision.

You ultimately have the say of every single thing that runs through your mind. Your thoughts harness weight within the Ether and create the reality you experience at every moment. You are a powerful energetic body inserted into this 3/4D Matrix world to learn choice and polarity – to explore good and bad and learn soul lessons. Never let another being trick you into subverting your power to anything outside your self.

Once more humans learn/remember about their sovereignty, and practice it for themselves within their own worlds we will start to see this negative agenda/3D Matrix fade out fast.

For the moment however – the learning curve is lagging behind my current view.

A majority of humanity in 2022 is rounding a bend I crossed over two decades ago.. and then still a crowd is pulling up the rear of this S curve – just catching onto things I felt from my start here on Earth. It amazes me to see the spectrum of conscious growth propelling Humanity.

It makes me so grateful for the years of digging I was able to do. I was born on a 7 day in a 7 year and so I have always been an information magnet. I collect, run through, absorb and store stuff just as naturally as some people play an instrument, I guess.

Over time and tons of trial and error type of searching I sensed my way through the “truther” world and lucky enough I began the trek at least back in 2008 and had access to a much clearer internet back then too! It built up a nice foundation for truth seeking.

I’m not going to get into my personal history now, but I wanted to shed some light on the underlying fact that I do value ‘rabbit holes’ and theories and the discovering of Truth. I’m in no way discouraging or trying to knock on anyone who is an active “truther” or follows these lines of knowledge, trying to trace them back to their inverted source.

There is a need for those who dive deep in that way and there is a collective space/place for those who push up all types of information from the belly of the beast to force it to the light. That work is of a whole different purpose and sight – I’ve done my part but now I’m called to remind us of sacred and organic balance.

The extreme of the light, the masters of that knowledge and seekers of truth for truth’s sake are needed at this time to call in clarity and help us sort the mess in the middle ground – but it must be done with the intention of love; love for the one truth and its one creator – not “love for humans” or society or the system or the Matrix or any portrayal of Oneness like dogmas/religions. But for that One Truth – that lies out there.

Avoid The Hangman’s Noose of “3D based Physical Evidence”

Hear me out, there is a thin line between faith and doubt but it is a critical marker in how we operate within our world and more importantly, how we take in new info. If you’re trapped in the 3D Matrix you’re reliant on physically “provable” and ‘scientific’ evidence.

Most truthers have broken out of this mind-frame a bit, so I won’t go too deep here, but know that in your quest for Truth there will come a point you hit a glass ceiling and you’ll be pressed to trust your gut – you know the point, I’m sure.

In that moment right there, if you let your mind talk circles around your gut and push on for more confirmation, more evidence, more external input – you are being tricked. The programming and the negative agenda are never fulfilled – tap into your faith and don’t allow your ego to run the research. Wisdom isn’t always “logical” – don’t be that foolish in your thinking.

However, sometimes – we seekers of truth ignore our gut and walk right up to the platform where “more information” is dangling.

We happily stick out our necks and even kick out the chair on our own – all in hopes of more physical proof. We deny our faith and in turn we are cut off our life source and we are left there, choking for more external assistance. We handicap ourselves when we refuse to accept things as they are.

Simultaneously we end up all hung up in that energetic area and unable to move on.. or sort of forcing a ‘slow death’ on ourselves when we seek continual confirmation in the form of external validation.

So – with this build up, sort of as a prep – I want to touch on a very common, specific “Hangman’s Noose” where Faith is tested to its utmost breaking point.

The sly knot in this particular noose isn’t even set to hang the Seeker – it is lightly tied, to ensure one who lacks true Faith will never be released nor be able to breath freely again. This harness – so to speak, holds energetic bodies in a perpetual state of fear and lack which allows the hangman to enjoy the show for as long as they please; gaining in their charge and power all the while.

The Ancestral/Origin Story Mystery Trap

If we try to examine Humanity, sort of as a whole and attempt to build historic plots or “timelines” things get murky very quick. There are way too many variables, loops and black holes – and all for a purpose of ensnaring bright minds. I’ve learned this the hard way over the last 20 years.

Therefore, I’m not going to attempt to pin down specifics in this post or really touch too much on the definitive, key players in the steering of Humanity across time.

But, I bring it up to point out the one thing we can tell for certain, We have been deceived.

[The who “We” are, what the “deception” is and its purpose, along with the ultimate “who done it” is really up for grabs on the main arena of the World Stage.]

I personally do not allow for too much weight to be put on any theory or assumption; especially the ones handed down through “History”, the main world of Academia or any of its promoted narratives.

I also work to never worry about things beyond my control, or direct world, so I tend to stay neutral about issues taking place in that ulterior, external global world. Live and let live, right?

Granted this is a work in progress, it’s a practice – right?

So of course the illusions can still intrigue me – however those tricks and rabbit holes can truly trap one for lifetimes and bury deep roots into the “mind”; which are hard to shake off unless you have a strong Faith – but if you have Faith then you have no deep desire to venture down holes or seek the slight of hand behind the magic trick – it won’t interest you. You’ve learned that initial lesson of realization. You gained the wisdom that comes from seeing Truth hiding in a Lie.

When you hold Faith in the ultimate plan you understand that no new positivity can be gained in repetitive experiences – they are creations which lack that spark of New – merely distorted copies of some thing already done.

This is like adding to the clutter in hopes of cleaning the room.

Once you go back to that place again, the spark of the initial lesson is gone – it’s been felt already and known.

It was not alchemized at that first realization and so, instead of dissipating the shadow (or conspiracy theory,say) gains some resistance. Now the positive charge is muted.. the energy is not New.

Either you must use your light to address and transmute the shadow now – or reduce the frequency of your light to a dimmer, more comfortable lighting for this shadow you’re now enabling.

Can you see how we literally “hand our power over to others” and how each transgression against you is actually a choice you’ve made for yourself?

But as human beings we are birthed into this Earth setting, designated the task of discernment and bestowed a quest for intellect, wisdom, higher understanding to used it in the active work of creating/manifesting energetic things into the physical world.

We must start to realize and open our collective eyes to this trap and trickery of rabbit holes, conspiracies and the negative imagination space.

The Archonic agendas use this predictable naivety to lure humans of lower conscious awareness off into darker avenues in a lot of obvious ways with blatant infringements like mind control, energy weapons, negative frequencies, auditory distress, and the list goes on infinitely in that arena – but here is an active practice of temperance – guiding my thought energy back and away from those infinite potentials – right? Don’t give it my light – my awareness – my thought energy.

This is how we begin to strengthen the collective and prepare to take on the Negative Agendas.

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