Oracle Messages for Collective Emotional Healing

Each and every Friday I pull a card (sometimes more than one) for the upcoming week – from one of my newest decks and now most beloved as well: Saints & Angels Oracle Deck from Doreen Virtue.

This deck was a gift to me and so my first endeavor undertaken with this set is to offer service to the collective through it. I envisioned an angel deck coming into my presence for quite a while and I held the intention to do a “card a day” for a general audience type of offering if a deck made its way into my world one day.

So, this May when I received not one but two new oracle decks (!) for my birthday – one of course was this Saints & Angels set. So, I do this Friday weekly-reading not just for myself but for the Collective overall consciousness and any other individuals who may tune in to hear a small gift of support, advice or guidance for their upcoming week or near future moments.

If you’re interested in catching these live each week you can find me over on Telegram or BitChute @ amariespeaks; each Friday morning (EST).

This week’s messages were supremely profound and I felt called to dedicating an entire blog post to really dig into what I merely scratched the surface of in my weekly video. Catch the video here.

I typically pull a single card but Friday, as soon as I felt the initial message pop in – I just knew, (because of this lingering heaviness in the deck) that there would be a secondary card needed/coming through.

We received two cards – St. Dymphna with her message of Emotions and St. Padre Pio with Healing. These are new cards to me and I was awe struck by not only the messages written in the book but of the multitude of similarities and contrasts between the images.

I feel these cards represent, so majestically, the Divine Pair – the sacred masculine and feminine.

And even though they are not real life twin flames or soul pairs in any way – these two saints, each in their own way, is a sacred example of what the true masculine and feminine energies can look like in action and within our 3D realm.

The color commonalities, the reaching upwards, the representation of knowledge in its different forms – the bright and warm variety of the masculine and the dark, cool light with the feminine. The sun and the moon, right? Both cards work together to beautifully portrays those influences to us.

I also really appreciate and love how these two cards clearly display that ‘opposites attract’ notion, this concept that opposing forces can intermingle in a really beneficial way and offer each other assistance and love in areas where the other is lacking or naturally inept.

These ‘opposites’ can also co-create with more depth due to the contrasting perspectives they bring into the union. They combine and merge their realms of thought to bring in more varieties of light and understanding. Just like the card images show us.

To dive even further into this wonderful example of the harmony available within duality, I will tie in the card messages of Emotions and Healing.

Now, yes, there are conversations to be had around the cultural mind control and brainwashing and all that attacks the sexes individuality but everyone is allowed their own opinion as to what stance they choose to have on the “morality” of these things, however it does not alter the observable patterns or natural commonalities that occur in our world. I will not deny truth and I hope you will not either.

With that said – I am going to be drawing lines to connect and point out aspects of the divine masculine and feminine next so, if this is a confusing or triggering topic then be forewarned.

Emotions are seen as feminine on the spectrum. If English assigned sexes on objects we would already see this in plain language; for example Spanish La emociones – right? It’s not meant to offend females or deter males – it’s just the plain picture. Emotions are internal, unseen, felt. They are fluid and full of change and movement – these vibes are all flavorings on the feminine side of the spectrum.

Healing is outward action, it makes itself known, seen and understood by presenting itself to the observer. These are all masculine aspects. Healing is also a protective function of the body, it is seeking to rectify, adjust and restrict in an a way that’s beneficial to the overall whole. Most people can hear protection and understand that it is a masculine trait.

Individually, each card’s message is powerful but together we are able to see the true space available for the full spectrum of contrast: Healing the Unbalances within the Emotional body or Emotional Healing.

Healing Emotions

There are so many angles one can approach and interpret oracle cards and I welcome any insights others may have in regards to the cards or what kinds of messages/info you pulled from the cards. If you feel called to share – please do!

I don’t feel it’s necessary to go into the hows & whys around the many levels and dimensions on which Humanity is desperate for emotional healing at this time – the important point is our current place and what we can do to improve the now moment and ensure a more positive future is possible next.

I feel these Saints and their messages are reminding us that what we are witnessing in the world right now is truly a healing taking place; and also, more importantly that faith and dedication are needed to persevere through the tough emotions/lessons.

Another strong message I’m hearing through the combination of these cards is that our healing must be personal first. We must face our own worst fears in the mental world to become good stewards of the thought/emotional realm.

This will require personal attention, commitment and tough love’s final thread.. that undying self love that is only realized through rock bottom, destitution, utter victimization or betrayal. Individuals will need to put in the work directly and often assist others as well on the healing journey.

These are not mortal wounds. We will survive – but how we choose to heal is up to each one of us at this time.

Will you choose to accept duality within you and seek to bring those aspects into harmony for your own best interest (as well as the benefit of our collective) – or will you hide in the shadows making excuses, apologies or denouncements in order to preserve the illusions you’re clinging to?

You deserve to seek your truth, no matter where in the spectrum your alignment draws you. There is no separation at the end of the day anyways – male and female are a manifestation of opposition here but we are of One race still – we are all Humans.

This week’s call for action within the collective is Healing the Emotions – whatever that may mean to you in your world, embody it and embrace the balancing process.

Final few examples of ways this work could be interpreted:

  • Tap into and reflect upon your own inner masculine and feminine aspects
    • Research and dive deeper into what these terms mean to you
  • Healing an old (or new) intimate relationship wound
  • Revitalizing your current intimate relationship by identifying the different ways you each portray the roles and aspects of your sacred counterparts
  • The collective breaking away from the hyper-patriarchy setup that charges the mainstream 3D Matrix
  • Examine and dissect your own heightened emotions and overreactions
    • When/Why do you feel so strongly
    • Can you feel an uncomfortable imbalance within those strong feelings
    • Seek a harmonious balance within your mind’s reactions and thoughts during the day
  • Share your healing journey with others to inspire through example
  • Offer your own healing energy to the collective, to mother earth or the universe
    • if you feel charged and empowered you could be a natural healer and not even know it! Envision your light encompassing the world, send it your balanced harmonious energy
    • Say prayers you enjoy or make up your own

The final message I will leave us all with from these wonderful cards this week is the underlying pressure of “time” and choice.

There is no time like the present, so please – if you are awake in your present moment be sure to stay tuned in and help harness in this high vibrations down into the 3D as often as you can.

Every little bit in any small moment counts! Remember we are working to gather a polarity charge – just like a cloud of energy out there in the Ether. It is constant and always in flux so any contributions are greatly appreciated and felt within the whole.

If you are stalling, feeling apathetic or reluctant in any faction of your life or body – this is an urgent impulse from Spirit to spark movement, choice and ambition to contribute to the whole. I hope you hear and respond to the call. Small steps are all that is needed and the first entire section begins within you, so there is really no excuse for not stepping up and putting your emotional healing first!

Once you commit to your healing, you will feel the momentum picking up within you – know, that at that point you are already contributing to positive change on this planet, even without directly influencing any other human. However – should you hear the call or be presented with another asking for your assistance then be sure to offer your healing experiences and powers without expectations or a need for validation or acceptance from that other person.

We are all called to take part in Healing the Emotional wounds within the Collective Sacred Masculine and Feminine and when each Human has begun the integration work, will we see real changes in our world.

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