Refining Trust & Faith for 5D

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Faith & Trust

These are two really strong words which mean a whole lot of different things, depending on who you ask. There’s layers and angles to these words. The words themselves are concepts really, because they embody so much.

I really love language and writing because words are so fluid and migratory.

It’s the act of writing something down that solidifies it; it makes it permanent but simultaneously up for debate and/or scrutiny by any who should ever choose to read it. We consciously, carefully choose what we write down. Many of us write only to re-write and write again a different way.

Then we have the spoken word; which holds more power in the present moment than its written counterpart – however it cannot stand the test of time or opinion in the same way a piece of paper can be tucked away and preserved in its original form.

It’s easy to see how meanings and intent become muddled throughout history. That along with deliberate destruction or removal of certain texts and words, of course – but I will not get into that now, for this topic is not about the distortions of words but the freeing of them.

Almost ‘simple’ terms like trust and faith hold complicated definitions and contain within themselves varying complex ideologies and systems of thought.

Yet, we rarely take this knowing and apply it to our social interactions and relationships.

People in the same family unit can even have different ideas of what trust and faith mean, but we never talk about it, we just sort of glaze over it and assume that whoever we are talking to should get our initial wording the exact way we’ve intended, just because they ‘know‘ us.

To add salt to the wound, when we do bring up topics like trust and faith specifically things tend to get emotional straight away, because for many of us these are touchy topics with past hurts still attached.

Most people link heavily into community or external things when trust or faith is involved – because who are we trusting or what do we have faith in, right?

But really, these words, these truths, are individual and personal. They involve no one but ourselves and source creation, God, mother earth or however you see that infinite connection.

We are told trust must be earned, to fear giving our trust away because another person may break it and that will hurt our feelings. We will have been deceived and wronged and that is bad. We see faith as a promise held between people and believing that person is going to stay true to their word. We have faith in people based on our past ability to ‘trust’ effectively.

In all honesty, I don’t look at it this way anymore, or I try my best not to.

We’ve all been programmed to the basic mindfuckery of this world, to some degree at least and the trust program is a major artery in their system, so its no surprise we see versions of it across time and cultures – its everywhere. It affects us all and I’m of the opinion that we each must learn to break free from their definitions of faith and trust and find our own truest explanation, then embody it as often and as best as you can. That is the most effective way to manage your frequency and uplift your soul, so no lower vibrations can bring you down – they will be forced to raise theirs or dissipate.

This is why you’re here – to recognize the big picture and break the cages they’ve constructed around you, falsely claiming they are real. And if I I’ve said it once, it’s been a thousand times, this is hard work.

I didn’t just have a wonderful childhood where nothing bad ever happened and so I never learned not to trust people. Oh no, quite the opposite. I have been tested over and over my entire life. Because I’m one of those ‘has to learn the hard way’ types, the lesson had to become blatant and overwhelming in order for me to actually acknowledge it.

I built up high walls and compartmentalized my traumas, feelings and personalities. I disconnected my spirit from the chaos as much as I could, in order to keep a few tiny pieces somewhere safe. I did years of crisis control, covering up and bypassing truths. Over time I realized the walls were only bandaids and would never bring me actual happiness or peace. I saw the protection for what it really was – a prison, and I wanted out. I could see the beautiful, natural landscape outside but had no idea how to even find my way through all my traps, locks and mazes.You set these things up, thinking only of who might try to break in – never stopping to question how you will ever get out, should you want to…

It took years, but looking back now, it seems to have happened so perfectly. In the end, it was all laid out by me, for me. Only trust and faith in myself, my higher purpose and my connection to the big picture could lead me out.

This is the true purpose of faith and trust – they are internal forces which should empower, enlighten and guide us while we navigate our choices and catalysts.

Trust should not be seen as a material, precious object we hand out carefully with shaking hands, all the while praying and hoping the other doesn’t drop it or mistreat it.

This misconception sets us all up for failure; it creates what I like to call a ‘liar’s loop’. A template or structure which contains a major flaw or hole in it – which is ignored, denied or covered up in order to avoid it and keep some idea, path or invention ‘stable’ – this is of course at the expense or in direct contradiction to the entire big picture, which is why it is a lie.

When we listen to and follow their inverted trust and faith systems we are consenting to the lie and chaining ourselves to the false narrative. We are also denying ourselves the freedom and peace of mind that comes with the true state of the big picture. But remember love, abundance and trust are not frequencies that are conductive in a heavy, negatively polarized atmosphere – which is exactly what the constructor’s of this system need to resonate within. Again, if you can maintain your higher vibration from within then those of lower ones will fall away.

Your faith in this mechanism can be tested and proven if you choose to try it out in your own life. Just ask for signs and put the effort in to raise your vibe as much as you can each day.

Your path will appear step by step – as long as you hold the trust and faith that each next step will be revealed at the perfect time – right before you step down. It’s like an invisible ladder – the next rung will only materialize and solidify right as your hand closes around it.. never before. You must envision or imagine the ladder with all its rungs intact, and then you climb and as you put in the work in combination with the idea and faith in it – the ladder is brought into 3D.

Trust and faith are the inner workings of the law of attraction but there are lots of strings and catches for you to get wrapped up in while you climb, or before you can even build the ladder really… and so people get the idea it’s easy and simple but forget there’s lots of distractions and weights to hold you back from building your ladder.

On the topic of trust specifically, I wanted to highlight this newer perspective I was shown and have been working to incorporate in my own daily life for some time now.

I hope it may help others to find their own security within their own faith and trust. Below is a brief explanation of my standing on how I handle my own faith and trust when dealing with others.

I do not give out trust in naivety, with hopes or strings attached.

I do not hold fragile faith. My trust in others is as strong as the trust I have for myself.

I try to always remember that I give out my trust freely and honestly, because that is my nature. I am trustworthy, honest and of the opinion that the highest good is seeking each one of us at our own speed and therefore there is no reason not to have faith or to fear decisions others might make.

I treat others as I want to be treated and therefore I assume others are on the same page as me and will respond accordingly. I want to be trusted and honored, therefore I offer trust and faith out to others.

As soon as I recognize I’m constructing expectations onto someone else I actively work to release those restrictions and conditions by having an internal conversation with my higher self. My higher connection shines light onto whatever shadowed personality is feeling the friction and we confront it together. Alchemy is for real – though they purposely exaggerated it and promote the overly magical definition to dilute the true meaning – energy manipulation or conversion. I work through the discomfort and realign with my natural homeostasis of open trust and faith. Because I truly know that the highest good seeks us all.

When you offer out trust without question it opens up your flow state and you align more harmoniously to the ether. Plus, it feels great! In the moment you never worry about others and what they’re doing because there’s faith and trust that all is for your highest good out there – as well as theirs. People get what they need – hard lessons included. It’s never your place to worry, interfere or shield others from their lessons/karma. Your journey is only about you.

Viewing trust as something handed out with conditions and regulations is unfair and it bogs down the flow of the present moment, which in turn creates uncomfortable ripples or bumps in the future for you. It’s much easier to ensure a smoother route in the future by releasing or reducing these infringing disruptions we cast out into our present.

You may be asking, but what about when others break that trust, lie to you, push your boundaries or hurt your feelings?

The initial change of perspective needed with this line of questioning will always first require a flipping of the lens – by this I mean, where does the locus of control focus your attention when you approach social problems from this angle? You are starting out there. You’ve chosen to see your trust and faith as material and limited – therefore ‘rare’, ‘expensive’, ‘priceless’ – AKA unobtainable. This sets the tone for scarcity and aggressive management spawns from scarcity because you fear misuse and rapid depletion. You fear lack and the “without” state – the ultimate disparity, death. Yes, its that dramatic because you’ve made it so.

If you instead choose to emit trust because you are overflowing with unconditional faith and love; well, that’s a horse of a different color! No other can taint or effect your faith if you know it wells up inside you and radiates out into the ether, in connection with it and in extension of the one infinite creator inside of you.

From this standing, when someone breaks that ‘trust’ you have given them – whether it’s a friend talking behind your back or a partner failing to follow through on their end of an agreement – you are able to stop and remember that their choices do not reflect you, your faith or the worth of your trust in your own faith. You are not disgraced or diminished in any way.

That person’s actions represent their own trust and faith in themselves and in their own worth, it truly has nothing to do with you at all.

You have not given away anything material, so there is nothing broken that needs to be fixed or replaced by them – you, yourself are honestly unaffected directly, by their decision. The other person has chosen disloyalty, betrayal, abuse or some other negative action and yes, that does reflect on their state in the present moment and there are energetic and emotional repercussions for those actions in their world – however these emotions and responses are separate from your own faith and trust – they are not tied to or dependent on others. Your faith and trust is out there in the ether still intact, strong, radiating and holding your truth.

Faith is not conditional, in fact conditions and regulations are the exact opposite of what is needed for faith. Faith requires trust in the Unknown which means you must admit you are not in control.

When someone else makes a bad choice or breaks a promise and it hurts you in some way – you have emotions like disappointment or anger to deal with as a result. Those lower vibes should be alchemized in your own best way.

Moving through catalysts is what life is all about, so envisioning a life free of disruptions from others is a bad habit to get into. You setup yourself and everyone around you for failure when you hold onto this perspective. Plus, you ensure a future full of aggravation and frustration since it’s inevitable that problems will erupt – you take an automatically negative and defensive stance each day. Holding a resonance like that for extended periods of time also creates fertile ground for disease in the body – so beware!

It’s also very important that you do not beat up your intuition with things like ‘you should have known better‘ or you ‘should have never trusted that person’ because holding a positive intention for others is healthy, it creates happiness and ease – demolishing your intuition and faith will only handicap you in the future, and do nothing at all to the person you believe you are punishing by relinquishing your trust. You are crippling your own faith in hopes of teaching the other person a lesson that is not yours to teach. Have faith that the universe and its energetic laws hold that person’s ultimate purpose just as it holds yours.

Worrying about holding others accountable for their choices is a giant trap, a liar’s loop, which will never end and keep you forever seeking retribution, revenge or justice in the eyes of others, which will never come. You will have wasted your life here in vain, chasing the past. Instead, release the white knuckled grip, have faith in your big picture and live freely in the present moment.

For me, these were hard lessons because I grew up with unhealthy boundary examples and lots of codependency issues. I suffered through many abuses and allowed myself to be beaten down by them.

The victim mindset is prevalent today, so I know there are many who could use this knowledge – however only those with ears to hear and a heart ready to open will be willing to accept the responsibility that comes with self love, trust and faith.

You have to have the courage to say, “Yes, I chose this path as did each and every other soul here. What now. How do I make the best of it?

If I am ever spiraling off into worries or assumptions about others, I draw my mind back into my heart center and remember we each have a purpose but it is NOT my business who’s purpose is what or why or whether they will fulfill it or not.

This is where faith comes in. Release it to the ether, the universe, mother earth, source, god – whatever resonates.

But again, it’s about remembering the faith you have is never in anything outside of you. It’s held within your being and energy, it radiates out through the ether because it’s made up of source conscious, love/light, god’s essence whatever you like to see it as.

So, when you have faith in something or you bestow faith onto another – it is ultimately your energy reflecting back from your own original faith in yourself, in your god-source, in your connection and trust to the infinite creator which holds that resonance of faith.

If you build up your connection with source within yourself and have full confidence in your own capabilities and honor – then and only then are you able to radiate that trust and faith out.

Once you gain this understanding of where your energy, love, faith and trust come from it’s pretty easy to see and avoid the major pitfalls created by the inverted templates used by the shadow (or society, the archons, the controllers, the Man whatever you choose to call it.)

Their exterior house of mirrors with its twists and turns ensure we are never “safe” enough to look inwards to alchemize the energy and emotions that maintain our disharmony. They tell us that we should hand out trust like a limited resource. Classic scarcity plot. Then the truth is further distorted because we’re made to feel responsible for whatever the other does with the “limited resource” we’ve handed over. It does set the stage nicely though, for encouraging negatively polarized roles like the micromanagers, the savior complexes and and the victim mentalities.

Inside their fun-house world, the disharmonious melody is stuck on repeat, volume at full blast. This further drives us away from hearing our higher selves. Don’t get distracted. The audio controls are inside you – if you learn to quiet your mind through mediation you will unlock the security code to their ‘backroom’ and once you gain access to that – you can shut off their loud speaker and turn off the lights which reflect confusion and misdirection into their house of mirrors. Then you stand a chance at break out into the real world.

Once you break into the real world – you can more easily reside in a place where trust radiates out and when disruptions do enter into your field, you can immediately recognize them and seek to understand and integrate. You will never again see “broken trust” as an immediate attack on your own personal faith or worthiness.

When another does something which is unexpected or surprising to us in the organic world we are able to first assess our inner alchemy and work through our disruptions and distortions, then we can align with the other, speak our minds about our own feelings and work and then seek to help them identify what caused them to choose that thing. This is totally different than attacking or damming a person for breaking our trust and insisting they work forever to regain it.

There is no place in the real world for assigning trust worthiness levels on others. This is a false sense of security and inverted knowledge thrust upon the masses to confuse them and lead them into servitude. If you believe your trust and faith is dependent on or weighed against that of others then you are diluting your own heart center and soul connection. We each have an infinite supply of faith, trust and love – you just need to tap into it and let it flow.

When we can work with others in an open, honest and trusting way like this, especially in the face of adversity or controversy – we show and teach others that faith is unconditional.

We confirm we are on the same team, working through the issue or problem together – not criticizing and condemning them for destroying some imaginary irreplaceable resource. This ensures that in the future we will be approached with respect and kindness when dealing with the person, because they will know we have their best intentions in our hearts and also that our trust is founded in our own secure faith and therefore not conditional on their behavior or choices. It frees people up to be themselves, to speak how they feel and to confront catalysts or problems with honesty and patience instead of covers ups to rush through and make the other person “happy” again.

I see this escape from their not-so-fun house as a metaphor for the “ascension” of earth, the soul evolution of humanity, and the growth of things through densities and dimensions. We are moving from 3D/4D stability to a 4D/5D spectrum and with it those rough 3D structures must fall away – just like lower frequencies dissipate if they cannot pickup and resonate with a stronger, higher one. With that each of us must make the choice and do the work to ascend and raise our vibrations, if we want to move forward. You are also free to stagnate and sink because the 3D is obviously remaining – in its own space/time/place – but not here in this reality and time.

The planet has a plan and path of its own, too. So much like a body which has chosen to eat healthy, Earth’s systems are clearing, changing, realigning – and you, as a cell within it, must either do your job to detox, clear and listen to the changes happening and then adapt, or you will be shed as a body disposes of toxins.

It is my sincere hope that uncovering the true state of unconditional faith, trust and love will unlock pathways to higher understandings and help us transmute painful or disruptive catalysts more effectively in the future. I have witnessed the changes in my own small world and I feel the upgrade in my daily life – which is all the proof I need. I hope you can find your new homeostasis as well!

If you’re struggling, have hangups or if you’ve had a major breakthrough too – leave a reply below. I’d love to hear how others are working through these tough topics.

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