The Body’s Infinite Intelligence

If you’d rather listen – I’ve recorded this, along with some side notes & commentary – check out the podcast version of this post!

Disclaimer: this is a newer concept I’ve left to percolate for a few months and have been slowly unpacking. It’s a deep and complex subject but super interesting to explore. As always, I reserve the right to update, alter or abandon these words and opinions mentioned here at any point in time, if I am presented with alternative ideas/input. I hope you allow yourself the same freedom of understanding and interpretations.

The initial premise here will be our body’s infinite intelligence – if you’re totally confused by the phrase, please check out my prior blog which I wrote as an intro to Infinite Intelligence.

But for now, lets just imagine that this world, the universe, all life forms within it are made up of a form of intelligence which is directly derived from the source of creation/god and that intelligence is all interconnected in some eternal, infinite way which is beyond our exact comprehension.

Now, apply that filter of understanding to your own self.

In simplest terms, we can see the human being as made up of three sets of these intelligent bodies: the mind, body and spirit. Each one has its own purpose, understanding, role, and different capabilities – yet they are also intertwined and codependent on each other.

The particular aspect I would like to expand on now is the body portion of these intelligence’s.

This traditionally seen as things like the autonomic nervous system, the subconscious or unconscious mind.

It relates to the all the constant seemingly automatic functions of your vessel; as well as the those times when you are asleep, literally unconscious (as in a coma for example), or when you “zone” out for an uncertain amount of time. All your body systems still function during these times and so we should conclude there is a higher intelligence at work.

This type of intelligence is also the main director during physical movements while you are participating in a sport or a mechanical skill or trick. Once the technical learning portion of the activity is completed and you know what task needs to be completed, your body intelligence takes the wheel and drives the movements, athletes literally get in the zone, right? That is them tapping into their connection with infinite intelligence within the body.

I can speak from experience on this concept of body intelligence because I spent almost ten years of my childhood/teenage years doing gymnastics. I loved it from the first day I took a class, around 6 or 7. My body just knew what to do. It was exhilarating and freeing for my spirit and for my emotional state, too, but there was a deeper level to it which I could never quite explain. My body knew how to fling itself around, all the while could still sense the ground, notice my torque and motion, take in the feel of “gravity” and calculate how to land. Looking back at it, it’s amazing. For years after I stopped practicing I would dream the motions, dream I was in the gym – how it felt to run and be free. It taps into a totally different aspect of my being. If you’ve ever done a sport or learned a mechanical task, you can resonate to the auto-pilot feeling which takes over after you’ve learned the task. That’s the space of functioning and of consciousness that I’m attempting to explore here.

The original download came to me in a familiar metaphor as is usually my style of receivership – it was Hogwarts, the castle from the Harry Potter books.

If you’ve never read the books or you’re so over the movies – I won’t be offended, but don’t let that stop you from hearing out the message inside because I feel it’s valuable esoteric knowledge.

It’s no accident that there are so many truth nuggets in children’s books; the creator loves curiosity, excitement and surprises, so, it reveals its most precious secrets through the only means it can – the ether and the imagination. Humans are righteous, creator beings at our core and so it’s only natural that when we tap into this creative force we create stories which have a moral, harmonic themes where justice prevails and good triumphs over evil.

In the first download, I was shown a comparison between the body vessel and the castle; specifically this magical, divine imagination undertone of faith based knowing; which most will simply called belief, but I feel that word is watered down and so I try not to use it.

The vision centered around using this filter (inspired by the concept of the alive, magical castle) – to work with and get in touch with the body intelligence. The castle is a metaphor for the vessel and the magic held within is source connection, energy, ether, your spirit.

In case you’ve never read the books, this is a magically built ‘building’ which was a product of the combination of four great wizard’s, who were all very different yet worked together to make the school. It’s important to know that because the school in itself encompass both the light and dark sides of magic which are seeking to find harmony as a whole. (Sound familiar?)

A lot of the inner rooms, items, ghosts, paintings etc. have personalities of their own. The building is ancient, can change and alter its appearance and has lots of stored secrets from throughout time. Even those who’ve worked and lived within the castle for their whole lives (like Dumbledore and Hagrid) admit they have only a limited knowledge and understanding of the magic within the castle. The castle is alive in a way and through the books we see how different ghosts, spells, enchantments are called up or activated and recognized only at certain special times. Our bodily functions take place in pretty much in the same way – if you can loosen your definition of chemical and electrical physiology enough to rename it magic, that is. Why not? It’s just a word.

This filter of interpretation brings you down to the level of unknown functionality and magical operation that’s taking place within our own physical bodies all the time. The organs, cells, the energy, the ‘atoms’ contain magic within each of them – so much like the amazing, unique beings that roam within the Hogwarts castle; where even the staircases move and realign on their own accord.

If you can tap into this knowledge and apply the filter, you will experience a whole different level of connected-ness with your physical vessel. This connection and companionship awakens your unique communication capabilities with your body. You become a “witch or wizard” within the castle, so to speak – and you are able to call up and connect with that magic intelligence inside. The body recognizes your energetic authority and will listen, respond and protect you as it sees you as the captain, boss or ultimate source creator.

The scene was when Professor McGonagle calls out and awakens the suits of armor, telling them Hogwarts is under attack and they must uphold their duty to protect the castle. The connection I was specifically shown was that of the “immune system” or what I like to refer to as ‘your army’.

We each have that authority to command our army. It has ancient ties to us and will defend the vessel in ways we could never consciously do alone. There is an entire platoon of soldiers inside of you which have a knowledge base all of their own, who can defend you, if you let them. If you trust in them and know how to call them into action, that is.

How do we find that place of knowing? How do we learn the words to speak?

This takes practice, time, dedication but first and foremost, it takes faith. If that’s something you struggle with, you’re not alone at all. It can be helpful to remember that faith is not a physical thing but an energetic one and it is not exterior but internal. That’s why I like the metaphor of magic because its a similar idea – magic comes from within, no muggle can “get” magic.

Many people are put off by the concept of magic because its “make believe”. Well, here in lies the rub, since “magic” is a broad term loosely used to describe something presently appearing as in-explainable, we can see plenty of examples across history of many now perfectly “explainable” things which used to be deemed magic or demonic. Clearly, the term is misused right? Maybe it’s time we release the stigma around the word.

If we lay the lens of ‘magic’ over our physical vessels we can see easily how magically our heart pumps, our eyeballs stay wet or a fingernail grows. We have no idea how or why the input comes through for those functions, but it must come from somewhere, right? This is where faith can create the bridge and lead you into that deeper world of working with body intelligence.

The word magic, in my opinion, is another word for imagination. It’s my understanding that these two pull from and operate within the ether. Our imagination is the space in which we create from. All things ever created in the physical must first spring out of the fertile ground inside the soul – the imagination.

Once you claim your role and start to awaken these instructions within your imagination, you’ll be surprised at the amount of new info you receive from your body. Listening to truly hear and assist is the best energetic approach to this work. Meditation and observation are the best techniques to gain awareness. Just try not to rush yourself or expect immediate, obvious results. This is slow, subtle work which you have to add to energetically over time to see the benefits. You are worth it and it does pay off in the end.

This place of knowing, connection and communion is where the second download builds its foundation.

The second half of the job is maintaining that communication in the most balanced and beneficial way. There’s a type of work that comes with new realizations, but then there’s the working knowledge that comes through maintenance and use of that new info. This is where the imagination really comes into play. All the mental work that comes with incorporating new knowledge and trying out different methods is taking place in your imagination. That space has a direct line of communication, like a loud speaker in each room of a school – and your subconscious is the voice which blabs over it, all day long.

The second part is all about taking control of the speaker and planning your announcements better. It’s monitoring the feedback you receive from your audience. The better your operation and organization skills get, the better your internal performance (and as a result your outward appearance) will become.

Now, this is totally independent work which develops into complete person preference, so there’s literally no right or wrong approach, message or understanding.

This kind of leniency can put off some people. The vagueness can cause confusion and leave a person with more questions than answers. To this, I say – that is only natural and should not be a deterrent. I’ve struggled hard with letting go of control and accepting openness and the unknown – so believe me, I get it – if you’re struggling. It’s OK! Take your time to identify where the anxiety or fear of the unknown comes from, once you’ve come to grips with that rung, then climb higher.

If you are feeling stable and ready for more then let your body intelligence take the lead and see where it takes you!

I’m doing just that and I plan to continue this conversation in part two of this blog, where I will dive deeper into what exactly the imagination is, how I work with mine and give some examples of the work and progress I’ve been making with this practice.

Quick Daily Tips for practices to engage your body’s infinite intelligence:

  • Meditation – pull your consciousness down into your body and try your best to just feel around with an openness and curiosity
  • Any time during the day when it is convenient for you, feel your physical body – feel your feet on the ground, the air as you breath, blink slowly and really feel it
  • Ruminate on how your body is like a magical castle – imagine the types of beings and energies that would reside in different areas of your body
    • What does your heart look like? Build a “room” for it in your castle
    • Who would inhabit your lungs? Your intestines, your veins?
    • If there was a personality for your organ systems what would it be like?
  • Allow your imagination to kick up whatever “fantasies” come to mind and don’t discredit or disregard any instinct or impression you receive
  • Spend time imagining your inner plumbing, your energy, your pulse and breath
  • Notice when you go into auto-mode or autopilot – try to realign your conscious mind in the present moment when this happens and then if you can, make a mental note, and attempt to identify what may have led you to slip into that subconscious state
    • It’s helpful to learn what puts you in the zone for times when you need to ground
    • It’s helpful to understand what pulls you out of the conscious mind as well, to avoid this happening when you do not want it to happen
  • Try mantras for connecting to the body’s infinite intelligence
    • I am open to communicating with my body
    • I am conscious in my body and I feel safe and present
    • I am the master of my domain
    • I am not the body, I am not the mind – this one may seem counter productive, but it helps you to gauge where your physical body actually begins and ends – which helps solidify the feeling of your physical boundaries as well as bring coherence to all three intelligences.
  • Look at your body with love and acceptance
    • Tell your body it is perfect, happy, health, hydrated, high functioning (especially if you feel it is not, this is crucial – don’t assume you must “fake” the feelings while you say/think them, just allow yourself to speak them as they are at the moment. Just keep at it and watch the changes. The feelings will improve and evolve with time.)
    • Try mirror work for a starter practice, if self acceptance and love are difficult, painful or bittersweet feelings for you.
      • Every time you glance in a mirror or catch your reflection somewhere think to yourself, ‘Thank you body for holding my spirit here, I love you for that.’
      • Spend minutes in the mirror, not critically staring at your features but gazing at your self as a whole being. Try your hardest to discard judgments, thoughts, critiques or desires for change – look with acceptance and love, like you would at a newborn baby.
        • Remind yourself you are beautiful, worthy, and full of potential
        • Thank your eyelashes for blocking the dust from your eyes, thank your lips for smirking into that smile once in a while. Thank your skin for being that miraculous barrier between your inner world and the outer world.
        • You don’t have to come up with anything spectacular or out of this world – just like you don’t have to BE anything different to be special and unique, you just are.
  • Each night before you fall asleep spend time seeking out the feelings, impulses, sparks, twitches, pains, groans that take place naturally within your body. Just let them know you hear them and be open to any reply which may pop up

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