Every goal requires its own special set of tools, has its own general skill base and requires some amount of commitment.

Below are just a few of the infinite pathways available along the spectrum of awareness from mainstream to esoteric knowledge.

Each topic is a living document which will be continually updated and grow over time.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are sore spots for many of us but these two practices are vital keys to happiness.

Are you finally ready to put yourself first?

Looking for quick & easy tricks to feeling your best?

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Discover ways to keep yours overflowing.

Interested in learning more about your personality traits or psychological makeup?

Looking for logical tips and resources on personal development?

Explore grounded sources that discuss and dissect a variety of ideologies and philosophical theories.

In need of honest resources, tips and tools for overall wellness and real nutrition?

Do you know you are capable of discerning your own path to healing and wellness?

Do you believe miracles are rare?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Weighing the concepts of good and evil in the world?

Does the state of the world have you living in fear?

Feeling isolated or disconnected?

Looking to expand your understanding of what it means to be a Spirit having a Human experience?

Curious to connect with a higher purpose, calling or being?

Have you heard of the 5D ascension?

Our planet reached the timeline marker and now humanity must make the choice to ascend as well in love and sovereignty or stay stuck behind in the 3D trap of suffering and enslavement.

Are you aware of the war on consciousness and are you called to serve?

Do you feel driven to help wake up others?

Bogged down by burdens or stressed over your life?

Are you continually confronted with drama or got a bad habit or two you’d like to break?

Are you your own worst critic? Do you have a nagging voice inside your head or an overall feeling of uncertainty?

It’s difficult and never ending, which is why support is needed – speaking, sharing, and relating is how we de-tangle and clear the crud so clarity and understanding can shine in.

Do you experience a lot of drama with your immediate family?

Feeling misunderstood?

Are you a conscious parent trying to raise happy children in this crazy world?

Would you like to have more meaningful conversations?

Would you like to learn more about numerology and how the universe uses it to imagine, manifest and evolve?

Learn what problem solving and goal setting has to do with numerology and how to utilize the blueprint in your own life.

Links to similar resources like sacred geometry, vortex mathematics and fractals also.

Are you curious to learn how astrology works?

Would you like an overview of the general concepts?

Prefer to dive deep into a certain sign or house?

Interested in learning more about tarot in general?

Would you like to develop your own divination practice?

Inspired to dig into a certain card or suit?

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

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