This set of tools is very much under development and has a wide variety of possibilities, depending how open your mind is and how deep you’d like to venture. I’m using this umbrella term to include topics like quantum physics, quantum gravity theory, E8 design, energy – both universal and human potentials, paranormal activity, the astral world and things like projection and remote viewing. ESP type of gifts to be linked here. Frequency concepts, auras, light bodies. 

Starting Points for Research including some Resources & Links

  • Spirit Science on youtube
  • Cymatics, Sofleggio scales, 440 vs 432 Hz and the rockfeller funded bait and switch
  • Walter Russell and healing frequencies
  • Dan Winters
  • Dean Radin and hemi sync
  • Jain108 on math, harmonics, Phi, Pi and the golden ratio
  • Spectrum of light a human can see versus the spectrum of known light
  • Check out the comparison between the eye and a regular lens – then compare to a digital lens
  • What is the Ether? check out this starter video by one of my favorite thinkers Theoria ApophasisWhat does quantum physics and the slit experiment actually mean?
  • Check out this new perspective by Quantum Gravity Research and the E8 theory
  • Free energy and Tesla
  • The power of 369 and Vortex Math – also more in numerology  Magnets, polarity, fields, ether, investigate theories on gravity and particles
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • The Schumann Resonance, grounding and earth’s magnetic field
  • Interesting mainstream article on the benefits of Earthing by Science Direct
  • Heart math science & HeartMath Institute
  • Frequency, vibrational healing
  • Dr Emoto and his amazing experiments with water, rice and emotions
  • David Hawkins
  • Bruce Lipton / Gregg Braden
  • Rupert Sheldrake has a great lecture on Morphic Resonance
  • Theoria Apophasis has a wonderful youtube channel :
  • Human torus and our auras, chakras and meridian systemsChi, Prana, Kundalini energyESP, human potential, gifts and skills
  • Clair – voyance, audience, sentience, downloadsMetal bending, telekinesis Astral projection, astral body, off planet travel
  • Remote viewing
  • Crystals
    • Check out Mark Bajerski to purchase amazing, honest/real crystals
  • Alchemy
  • Great website with a mashup of sources, references and info
  • Etymology and the power of words
  • Explore experiences that are classically known as “paranormal” or “supernatural”
    • Spirit contact, souls caught between two worlds, lost souls
      • Entities and attachments, outside infringement, possession, channeling/mediumship

Starter videos:

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