Are you new to all this ‘Spiritual Stuff’?

If you’re just starting out, things can get overwhelming.

Learning any new skill or embarking on a new journey always takes courage and curiosity.

Remember, the attitude you choose to adapt when approaching new things sets the tone for the level of evolution available to you, so try to see new ventures with excitement, curiosity and intrigue.

If you’ve experienced a trauma, had an upset, finally gotten fed up or you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired – then you already know – nothing changes until you decide to act.

New events enter into your life when you are ready to see them and change only comes to your life when you accept the new event into your reality.

The conscious acknowledgement of a problem shows you are ready to do the work and handle the evolutionary upgrades that will come along with the practice and lesson.

Be sure to keep reminding yourself of the sequential style of this reality and know that if new information or concepts are popping into your world, it’s because you’re waking up to the truths hidden in plain sight. Take advantage of new perspectives and keep your heart open and feet grounded.

Awakening has nothing to do with politically aligned agendas or any external factors – this is not about the mainstream’s version of ‘woke’. This is about waking up your higher purpose or destiny. This is about waking up to the big picture. It’s awakening to the divine piece of Source within you.

Waking up to the true state of the world also comes along with this internal awakening which can be very painful for many. The realization that much or all of the world you’ve been participating in is rigged can be a hard pill to swallow. There are many injustices, inversions and distortions out there set with the intention of ensnaring energies so it’s important to avoid the trap of external distractions when you are first gaining your footing. This does not mean turn a blind eye or bypass these things – it’s just a kind reminder to stay patient and focused because the external really does reflect the internal, so, in the scope of the big picture it really does pay off to start with a strong internal foundation and then look outwards.

Of course, you’re free to choose whatever path you see fit and I, myself, have spent many years hunting down rabbit holes – so, I’m not trying to negate the power of knowledge and truth. If you feel called to chase the drama outside of your direct world, please go right ahead. My words are only advice which come from my own experience and have proven to me that the personal, direct world you experience everyday is that way for a reason and it’s always a great idea to stay focused on your own show. It’s the only space in which you actually have an impact, anyways, so it makes sense to remain in that central place.

Under the Tools section, you will find the category Introspection – this is a great place to start your explorations if you’re just exiting the standard programming going on in the world today. All the info and resources over there are geared towards more mainstream topics like psychology and physiology. The tips, references and videos on that page cover borderline topics in a logical, 3D way.

Introductory Articles, Podcasts & Videos of my own creation:

As titled, this is an introduction to these terms and what ideas they encompass. I tried to be as brief as I could and yet I still went almost an hour! If you’ve got the time, take a listen. This is part 1 of 2 – second half I will continue to explore what infringement and boundaries look like depending on your service orientation.

Check out the original blog mentioned in my Brief Intro Podcast: An Article on Sovereignty, Consent, Infringement, Service Orientation, and Boundaries

Keep in mind this article is a bit more in depth and geared towards those who have gotten their feet wet in the “ascension” realm and have a working understanding of the basics.

If you’d like to watch some quick videos on the jargon specifically: check out my new series on YouTube & BitChute – Comprehending Consciousness where I’m going over commonly used terms and phrases in the NewAge/Conscious community.
Part 2 builds off the understandings talked about in the first half on sovereignty and polarization. This segments examines what infringements are and what they look like based on polarization. I also touch on setting & maintaining boundaries and some quick tips to start a daily practice .

Below is an ever expanding collection of base level practices, which are like entry ways to whole new worlds of thought and understanding.

If you’re curious about any of these topics and would like to jump right in – check out my general Tools page and you will have access to all the current resources, tips and tools I’ve surmounted so far!
Meditation & Stress Management
  • Check out different types of meditationdon’t be deterred by assuming you have to sit absolutely still, in silence. There’s a multitude of varieties; you can even lay down!
    • For silent meditation – try a 2 or 3 minute starting point – it’s more difficult than it sounds and even that tiny amount of time will bring in positive results after just a few days
  • Breathing seems unimportant – it happens so often without any conscious thought however, connecting your mind with conscious breaths throughout the day can totally change your inner chemical balance and stress levels.
    • There are so many kinds of breath work out there to explore once you’re ready, but for starters just begin by envisioning each inhale traveling down to your core doing a little flip and coming back up and out on the exhale. Bringing in health and breathing out staleness.
  • Stress comes mostly from expectations we push onto ourselves, generally based off opinions or the perception of the opinions of others. Self acceptance, forgiveness and love can open up your energetic being and invite in the expectation of a more peaceful resting state. This allows your thinking mind to slow down and eventually problem solve and handle “stress” more efficiently.
    • Discovering your own self acceptance, forgiveness and having love for all of your self is what “shadow work” is all about. Check out this category in the Tools section if you feel ready to unravel these tough topics.
      • A simple starting place if you are not ready for the deep end yet would be to start telling yourself “I am enough as I am in the moment.”
      • See how that makes you feel. Is it sarcastic? Is it loud and easy? Does it feel bittersweet or painful to even try it? There is no right or wrong answers here – you simply explore what replies you are receiving and hear them. Accept it. Try again tomorrow and see what’s changed.
    • Interested in trying a guided meditation geared towards Shadow Work? Check out this 20 minute exploration into the heart center. So many of us live cut off from this critical part of our being but listening to your heart can change your life.
Sovereignty & Discernment
  • Learning what it means to be a sovereign being is crucial to ensuring a happy, healthy life experience. This means understanding each being has a soul and role in the big picture. This also requires accepting personal responsibility.
    • Think of it like an ultimate version of maturity, a true ‘adult’ who embodies justice, honesty and love.
    • And remember the crucial and binding promise of Sovereignty: if I am sovereign – so are all others. We must each respect and uphold collective sovereignty as well, to ensure the boundaries are held.
  • Gaining your own sense of discernment – or critical thinking skills – is another essential skill which ensures a happy, health life.
    • You may have recently come to terms with the knowledge that many of our “choices” are a result of heavy mind control programming – if this is your situation, you may feel confused and disoriented about what is “the truth”, for this type of angle, I suggest internal realignment before you try to gauge external distortions. Learn your own internal truth and identify what your homeostasis feels like – then turn the lens.
  • Educate yourself on what inversions are, what manipulation looks like, examine why controllers control – seek those things out within yourself as well and look for answers, too.
  • Accept responsibilityfor the world you’ve created. This can be super difficult, especially for those suffering from a victim mind set – so if you find yourself offended or triggered by the mere mention of this act because you feel your circumstances are not applicable and not your responsibility then please, take your time and allow those past traumas to heal before you push yourself too much.
    • Try out assessing your life from this moment back to your birth and saying “I accept and take responsibility for every detail of my life up until this moment.” Similar to other introspective practices; you feel how you’ve said it – how true does it feel? What feels awkward, what doesn’t align nicely? Examine the feelings and your intentions without judgement. Try your best to witness, hear and accept your perspective on that sentence. Try again tomorrow and reassess.
  • Allow all others the chance and space to accept their own personal responsibility. This ties back in with the first point on Sovereignty – however it’s so critical and differs slightly from the original point so I thought I’d add some clarity.
    • This is a super difficult, life long practice with never ending opportunities for practice – so do not rush it. Always center and realign your own shadow work and practices before you enter into this kind of service.

Quick Tips & Infographics:

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