It’s time we redefine how we interact with the people in our lives.

Once you begin to work on yourself you will quickly hit bumps in the road when interacting with others. This is totally natural. Those around us are catalysts to our own evolution just as we are points of friction in their reality. Some believe this familial placement is done with purpose, in order to mold and shape certain lessons in our life times. Others prefer to believe in a soul family or star tribe which can be totally different from the actual family unit you were born into. Some believe the family you create as an adult is the most influential, not your childhood family. And others say the birth family is where your soul purpose is seeded.

Whatever the case is for you, it is true for all of us, that those others who do share our direct experience: our daily home life particularly, hold an energetic charge in our world. They co-create our experience with us. These people with their unique charges impact us in many ways and a lot of our daily work will focus around responding to these people. I chose the word Communion for this section of tools because it is so important to view these interactions as sacred or special – to go into each conversation with a loving and open heart/mind. Yes, it’s difficult and no, I do not accomplish this every time I speak – yet! But the first step is a conscious mind that is continually seeking to do better next time.

How to Cultivate Communion

Communion with the Self, Source, Spirit, God

The best approach is to cultivate a quiet space inside your inner world (or your imagination if you like that term) which is most effectively done with a daily mediation practice. If you feel you don’t have time for that then chances are you need it desperately.

Set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes (yes, that is ALL it takes to start) and just sit – in whatever position you’re comfortable in, you can worry about posture and kinetics once your comfortable and able to sit for longer periods. Relax, focus on your breath and work to just witness what pops up. Don’t try to control, stop, clear or re-frame. Try not to elaborate on a thought when it does appear, just hear it and thank it, then redirect your attention back to your breath. If you catch your mind off on a tangent somewhere, don’t judge or reprimand just reel in your thoughts and refocus on the present moment with a nice clearing breath.

Once you’re able to sit with your own thoughts, feelings and ideas without allowing them to swallow up your present moment and chase you into spiraling what-ifs, you are then ready to start listening. There’s no time frame – this quieting can happen randomly, or within the first week or it could take a month or years – it really is unique to you.

Sitting in silence and listening to your self will open doors to your spiritual growth that no one else can predict. These doors were made just for you and only you can walk through them. They lead to epiphanies, insights, new understandings that are so individual to your present experience that it quickly becomes known you must be communicating with somethings greater than the self. You can choose to call it whatever feels right – perhaps there’s a multitude of beings which commune with you at different times.

Each person has their own perspective and so we each receive what it is we need at that time based on what we are ready to understand. Be patient with yourself, your guides and your intuition. The connections will strengthen through use.

Guided meditations, hypnosis, past life regressions and shamanic guidance can all greatly support your self communion practice. Seek out those who resonate with you and be sure to do your due diligence before relinquishing your subconscious mind to anyone.

Communion with Others

If you’d like to listen to me talk about the Art of Listening – I’ve recorded a podcast where I talk about the setting the foundation of true listening as well as read a blog I wrote on the topic.
What does this mean? It’s an honest listening, a place of acceptance, a common ground rooted in kindness, in love. When we enter into conversations with this intention, almost like a positive disclaimer or an empowering sidenote, we consciously choose our words, we hear with an empathetic ear, and we’re much more likely to create solutions.

This is hard work that takes daily implementation and may even take weeks or months to become reflective in your outer world. You must have your own a foundation of soul communion before you can show the people in your life how to do this.

After taming your inner voice through conscious acceptance and unconditional love you will have a much more clear picture of those around you. By slowing down and learning to listen to your own silence, and feel your own emotions – you are training yourself you take that approach with those around you. Again, this is difficult work which requires a dedicated practice over time. Don’t let that discourage you, though! As life is cyclical and we are eternal, you will receive as many chances as you need until you get it.

To enter into conscious communion you do not need to announce it over a loud speaker, in fact telling the other person is not even necessary – and in some cases it can even cause distress to the other person. The intention, energy, or frequency of honest, open communion is all you need. That reverberates out ahead of your words and is felt more clearly than any sentence could describe.

If you are unable to ground in the moment and move through emotions without storing them, then it will be near impossible for you to create the intention and hold it through a conversation. This is common, especially at the start of your practice. There is no need to tackle all interactions at once. Just try it out each time you remember. Eventually, you will feel more ease and comfort in holding that sacred intention. Finally, at some point you will notice that more times than not you feel connected to that ability. It will come a day when only an ultra triggering subject or person can break your intention and then perhaps one day nothing will shake it!

Parenting Resources

Fair Warning: I am not any sort of professional or “certified” anything. All information regarding parenting is merely personal advice derived from my own direct experience raising two sons – who are 15 and 8 years old at this time. I’m not making any claims, promises or setting standards for anyone’s family. My most important value is sovereignty and with that I accept responsibility for my own children and allow every other parent the freedom and good faith to do the same. Please use your own discernment always. You know what is best for your family, no one else has their best interest in mind like you do.

Interesting videos around parenting, children and the family unit

Quick Tips & Tools

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