This is a new concept I’ve been guided to develop, focused on the reciprocal benefits of teach/learning. There is something amazing that comes with sharing information to others, the info works as a catalyst and changes all involved. I see this as a mutually beneficial kind of friendship which would center around uniting to do spiritual or intuitive work.

I envision this work as intentional conversations which could branch into other practices depending on the topic. This could really take any form and is totally in the development stage. I would never expect financial reimbursement for this kind of work, as I mentioned above – the action of mentoring reaps priceless rewards.

Maybe you are looking to learn more about tarot or numerology.

Would you’d enjoy discussing different avenues of ideologies and belief structures?

Do you receive downloads and need to talk through them?

Perhaps all this stuff is new to you and you need help getting acquainted with awakening.

If you’re interested in learning more or you’d like to initiate a conversation please feel free to email me directly at @gmail). You can also reach out via the Contact page and I will get in touch with you.

A bit about my own personal & spiritual journey

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had huge emotions, tons of thoughts and a strong connection to my inner self. Later in my life I came to realize I was empathic and probably what those in the field have coined an ‘Indigo’; but – I didn’t know anything about these terms/ideas growing up and as a result I grew up feeling very alone and misunderstood, as is the case with some many empaths, indigos, star seeds, etc.

My path has included quite a bit of opposition, stress and trauma; which I gratefully continue to work to integrate and harmonize with my present self. At some point I plan to write an autobiography which will detail events and specifics but for now, for those who are interested I will just outline the highlights as points of reference to relay the types of struggles I’m familiar with, to offer insight into ways I can help others.

I encountered childhood emotional trauma relating to growing up around adults who use drugs and alcohol, sexual and violent trauma, abandonment issues, heavy psychological abuse ranging from gaslighting by parental figures to absolute social humiliation within my peers during my school-aged years. Also, I struggled through chronic health issues like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and migraines. In my teen years I chose to cope with these things using drugs and alcohol. At 18, due to sheer lack of responsibility and a mass of clouded judgments, I became pregnant and so adult life started straight away for me.

I was one of the lucky few, who after being through so much, was still able to see to see a white lining. I chose to change my life. I had someone to live for and do better for. I was able to break away from the social scene and refocus my life on myself.

Once I became a mother my whole world changed. I felt the desperate need to prove myself and be everything my own mother wasn’t. I put a lot of undo stress on myself because of these high expectations. (This is a karmatic theme I deal with in my life.) This internal pressure fueled a manic response where I masked my issues and just pushed onward in the most positive direction I could see.

I got involved in a mothers group because I was struggling with postpartum depression and maybe a year into the group I was introduced to a wonderful therapist. She taught me some techniques like REM and EFT-tapping. She introduced me to metaphysics and the power of the placebo effect. We did about 3 years of work and I learned so much. The work helped me process through a lot of the sexual trauma and I am forever grateful to her for that.

However, at that time in my journey I wasn’t able to fully connect to the dots on the spiritual side. I was in my early twenties and my spiritual growth was handicapped due to a heavy brainwashing in scientism, sprinkled with a good dose of materialism. My dad claimed to be an outright atheist and critic of religion in general but my grandmother (who we lived with and helped to raised me) was a devout Christian. This created a wide spectrum of learning possibilities for me to comb through. Inside I was always connected to spirit because I wrote a lot of poetry and I knew I used that connection to do that but I was still very skeptical of everything. I was bitter and resentful. I felt forgotten and alone so much at that time in my life.

Hindsight is 2020 so they say, and now I have my own proof. All the suppressed issues I thought I worked through, but had only bypassed and shooed under a rug, culminated into a serious health crisis and I found myself in the ER after having a seizure. I was only about 23 but had run myself ragged. The health issues and my recovery could be an entire book in itself – but the moral is the same as every story of healing – the power was inside me all along.

Through seeking the health information to heal myself I unlocked the gates to all higher knowledge. I had what I would call my first spiritual awakening around 2015-2016 – once I started to heal my chronic heath issues and empower my being with esoteric knowledge I started to really put the pieces together within my journey.

In these passed six years or so, I have been working to accept my path of hardship as a means of carving a way to help others. I feel that in sharing my struggles and showing the work it takes, I can maybe inspire others to take up their own journey. We all need support and help along the way. When I share my spiritual insights and guidance with others, not only am I giving information but also the replies, questions, comments back from others all work to shape, redefine and further evolve that insight or idea. I see such a beautiful opportunity for new creation happening when people sit down together and talk through esoteric concepts, philosophical ideas and metaphysical possibilities.

Remember: in the end, there is no end and we are all one – therefore each interaction is a spiritual communion with god.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mentorship please feel free to send me an email via third.eye.navigation@protonmail(or gmail).com or reach out via the Contact page and I will get in touch with you.