Light Workers

What is lightwork?

Lightwork is basically service to others or service to God/Source/the universe/Mother Earth.

Each of us will have many opportunities to be a lighthouse in our own harbors during our lives here; some more than others. Those who feel pulled to be a guiding light for others are called lightworkers.

Lightworkers spread their light in their own special way; there are definite pigments that resonate with some, and others choose to create their own hue. There is really no right or wrong way to shine out your light but the items in this section will provide you with tools and ideas from other lightworkers.

  • Human Variations:
    • Shamans, gurus, 
    • Spiritual mentors, teachers
    • Psychics, mediums, channels
    • Healers
    • Artists
    • Mediators, diffuser, neutral or grounding energetic types
    • Awesomely extensive list of workers and information available at Lightworkers Linked
  • Services to others:
    • Guiding, advising, counsel of mental, spiritual type
    • Charging, infusing love, positivity, acceptance unconditional love
    • Teaching, apprenticeship, mentorship of a trade, skill, or craft 
    • Providing physical, material, financial assistance 
    • Nurturing, caring, overseeing well being of others in need

5D Ascension

Have you heard of the Earth’s ascension?

Does the Mayan calendar or that 2012 legend ring a bell?

Do you understand the progression of the planets and why we encounter the equinoxes and time as we ‘count’ it?

Maybe you’ve uncovered that you yourself progress through ascension as well.

There are so many references over time that outline the ascension of our planet and the universe. When we talk about ascension we are referring to evolution, growth over time, the cyclic nature of the progression of our physical world EI: the planets, the stars and our sun. If you notice, most cultures have some major similarities in their origin stories as well as their moral codes. This is no mistake. Evidence shows us that the probability of mere chance creating all this is highly unlikely. Especially when you take into account things like mathematics – there is a level of stability to where we can outline common structures so distinctly that we’ve built entire schools of thought around it. Why should our souls progression and growth be any different?

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