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Originally when I came into this idea of using the words: Introspection, Spirituality and Happiness as a point of reference for my work – I chose the words specifically to stand for “ISH” – as in keeping (or getting) your “ish” together. I love the phrase because it lightens the tone and sets the stage for quirky fun. It’s slang and abbreviations all mixed into one in a way that I think can relate to many different age groups. It also gets straight to the point about what type of work is to be expected, as well as the desired outcome.

As this is a new project of mine, I plan to grow over time and expand the framework into a truer podcast at some point, however for now I have mainly created audios of previous blog’s I’ve written with some added commentary and side notes. If there is a written version I will always link the post below for reference.

Would you be interested in having an audio recorded conversation with me on any topic related to keeping our “I.S.H.” together?

Is there a specific topic you’d like to hear covered or do you have a general question regarding something I’ve touched on previously?

Do you have new resources or info you’d like to share?

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