Shadow Work

Shadow work is very personal. It looks different for each of us and takes different forms along the journey of life. It can be difficult, painful, awkward and uncomfortable.

Shadow work is seen as the messy stuff, it’s the identifying, cleansing, and clearing that needs to take place in order to operate within a healthy vessel, both energetically and physically.

Quick Tips & Tools:


Mentors to check out:

  • Teal Swan
  • Carl Jung
  • Bridget Nielsen
  • Awakening with Russell Brand
  • Sarita Sol
  • Mark Bajerski
  • Michael Mirdad

Starter Videos:

Would you like to read what I’ve got to say on the topic?

“Your shadow is only as dark as you allow. The deep end is as deep as you’ve imagined it to be and the toughest boss at the end of the game is only as strong as you’ve devised and created it to be. So be aware and conscious of your imagination connection. As I’m sure you can see, this is where things get sticky. If you so choose to be engulfed or weakened for whatever reason, (truly it’s because you have not yet uncovered your ultimate power) then you may be swept away by your shadow or the dark side or an evil entity from another planet, or Satan “himself” if you allow – because you have yet to realize the truth of your creator essence.

Check out a video where I explain how the Creator Mindset helps us to negate fears!

In this episode of my podcast I talk about how we can use our Light to fuel positive & beneficial service to our shadow aspects and how personal shadow work reflects in to help heal the collective’s shadow.

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