Creator Mindset pt2: why I’ll never fear my shadow, the dark side or ‘Evil’

If you’re new to my work I highly suggest either taking a look or a listen to my previous post/podcasts around this topic, so you can get a solid foundation of what phrase the Creator Mindset means to me and what kind of vibration, emotions, feelings I’m encouraging us all to embody when we take on this kind of perspective.

Brainstorm part 1
Brainstorm pt2

I feel it’s necessary to be on the same page, or rooted in the same soil, if you like – before I begin to explain why I’ll never fear ultimate evil or my shadow and how I use this Creator Mindset to alchemize the lower negative energies to release them. I’m choosing to see a neutral starting ground of unconditional love and service to others as the key to the door of this next step – transmuting or balancing the negative and positive energies/emotions.

It’s also important to note that you must make these decisions for yourself, so please use my words and thoughts merely as guidance and always stay true to your inner notions primarily.

And as I mentioned above – I am crafting this blog from a common space of service to others, which may not resonate with every person since quite a fair portion of the collective is focused towards service to self.

If you find yourself in opposition to my opinion or advice that is OK – this kind of alignment and acceptance takes a solid presence of sovereignty and an active practice of temperance – not every soul is at that level right now, just like not every student can jump in and learn quantum physics or even calculus – it’s not good or bad, right or wrong… it just is. So be where you’re at and let go of the things which do not serve you at this moment.

Would you ever fear a shadow on your wall?

No, right? No matter how scary a hand puppet you might be able to wield – that shadow is not real in your 3D world. That darkness can never leap off the wall, engulf your hands and turn your fingers into zombies that seek to choke your own throat. It’s not possible. It’s not logical and in fact it’s ridiculous to imagine, right? We can laugh at that – we create fiction stories for amusement along these lines, right?

Here is the very thin veil exposing it’s existence to us – again as a paradox.

If we can imagine something, we can create it here in the 3D however not everything we concoct actually takes form here due to the laws and boundaries of this world. Plenty of creations are vibratory or energetic and we cannot witness them with our eyes yet that doesn’t make them any less ‘real’.

So, we must accept that nothing is as it seems and that what does appear here is modified in some way. Quantum physics has uncovered one crucial clue: all that can be witnessed is created for (and by) the observer. If this is confusing to you please research the Double Slit Experiment.

I went over a similar line of thinking in the brainstorming sessions around the Creator Mindset – this space of realization that this is a setup – this life, this place is a game we’ve all signed up to play.

Now, I don’t want to get off into origin theories or anything, I just want to highlight the space of infinite possibilities the creator mindset holds and also remind us of the fun and joy we are meant to experience here as co-creators. Yes, we’ve been tricked, this place has been hacked and the balance has been knocked off center but we can realign. We can serve the ultimate purpose and alchemize our shadows. We are strong enough – as soon as we accept it and step up, that is.

The shadows of our physical world are a beautiful metaphor for our higher selves, for how the universe pulls down information from higher densities/dimensions down into the lower ones. Linking an amazing and quirky video on E8 and sacred geometry. Near the end they show an awesome visual example of the shadows cast by different dimensional shapes. Starts around the 20 min mark.

Understanding how shapes of higher dimensions cast shadows into lower ones was mind blowing to me. I never realized the shadow of a cube is the square and if we bring a cube up from 3D to 4D and cast that shadow we see the outline of a perfect 6 sided cube. All the platonic solids work this way. It is stunningly simplistic and beautifully constructed.

You can take the example and use it like a template because the organic world has very obvious truth: as above so below.

So, if we can perceive that perhaps our 3D body vessels are shadows cast by the higher self.. well there you go – now you can see how though the body will die and rot, the soul is something different.

If you are able to rest comfortably in this knowing and you accept the role as an eternal creator being then you are ready to start your Shadow Work.

What is the Shadow? What is Evil?

I hear this same fear repeated over and over again in different ways – Fear of evil taking over, fear of serving evil unknowingly or unintentionally, fear of turning evil, or being used by the dark side to fulfill some plot in their evil agenda.

This notion is as ridiculous as the ugly shadow puppet turning your hands into zombies. It simply does not work that way. But yes, the negative polarization wants each of us to believe it could happen. The more energies that align with their vibration, the stronger their potential becomes – this is why it’s essential for them to promote and push out their propaganda.

I am not dismissing the existence of evil out there in the world. I am well aware of negative beings and their harness on this plane. I’m not trying to say bad things are “good” or any of that – the Creator Mindset understands that both good and bad are constructs contained within a whole.

Your shadow is only as dark as you allow. The deep end is as deep as you’ve imagined it to be and the toughest boss at the end of the game is only as strong as you’ve devised and created it to be. So be aware and conscious of your imagination connection. As I’m sure you can see, this is where things get sticky. If you so choose to be engulfed or weakened for whatever reason, (truly it’s because you have not yet uncovered your ultimate power) then you may be swept away by your shadow or the dark side or an evil entity from another planet, or Satan “himself” if you allow – because you have yet to realize the truth of your creator essence.

The major flaw in the negative agenda is the energetic requirements. They cannot be faked and these energies are not measured by words spoken or body language but rather by the energetic intention held while the being addresses the catalyst. If your intention is clear, you can never be tricked or manipulated into servicing the negative through service to self aligned emotions/energies because you are embodying the ‘opposite’ intention or energy, the service to others polarity.

This is why the propaganda, the charade and circus show are so blatant and overwhelming. They are trying their very hardest to keep the curtain raised so they can continue their shadow show and promote the negative appearance and create a field of negative emotions. Don’t be fooled.

This is where that poker game of life mentality can be super helpful, especially if you’re struggling through deceptions and you’re unsure of your truth. Real eyes realize real lies – go inside and meditate to find your real eyes, your true sight.

Once you’re able to stand in a place of knowing you are a creator being and you do create your reality then you’re in charge. Then you’re ready to face everything and anything the Shadow may throw at you.

It might sound scary but don’t be alarmed, instead hear what truth lies underneath here: You ultimately decide how hard your life is, how “evil” your devil is and how powerful your God is. Be careful!

Offering Service to the Shadow Aspects

People may look at these words and misunderstand the nuance here and so I’m going to reiterate one last time: there is a major energetic difference between service to others and service to self. This difference can never be faked or wrong. It cannot be misinterpreted. Energy speaks for itself directly to the Ether without interference from the brain. Those distortions you think you are regulating by altering or disguising your words/thoughts only cause a disruption within your body vessel and your energetic reflection of the collective; it does not change the original signal sent out to the Ether. Your energetic signal is what determines your polarity.

To ever truly be in service of the dark side you must be operating from the intention of serving the Self in direct opposition of others. That means, when presented with a catalyst you are consciously choosing to harm others with the choice you make, and in extension doing so for your own self preservation. This choice is the only energetic alignment that unlocks the door to self service and negative polarization. If you find yourself making choices from this survival state, please reconnect with nature, source or your spirit – remember you are eternal and there is no such thing as “survival”.

As conscious beings who are seeking to serve others – aka operating within the Creator Mindset – we are here to raise the collective vibration. We must be willing and able to do the shadow work.

The only way we can remain free and sovereign is to always seek to serve the shadow or the dark, but only from a space of positive intention aligned with service to others and the one infinite creator. This rule goes for all types of shadows and evils, from those within yourself to the ones you see displayed in your external world.

Now – here’s the kicker, the punchline, and what seals your ‘safety’ all in one:

The negative entity will NEVER, (literally, it CANNOT) take you up on that energetic offer of positive service to others. The frequency of service to others/love is disruptive to the inward flow of service to self because they cannot use it for their own benefit; actually, it costs them some of their precious energy to deal with the upset your positive energy is causing their bio-field. So you will always notice negative people dissipate from your life if you hold a higher vibe long enough.

As long as your own energetic boundaries and intentions are held, maintained, flowing outwards in service and love – that negative vibration cannot physically enter and it is NOT strong enough to pull you down. The negative polarization uses all it’s focus on preservation, therefore it will never sacrifice all it’s might to take on the light – it’s too risky to the negative being, who is solely motivated by personal survival.

Unless, the being itself sees the Light/Love you are offering and resonates with that higher vibration. Then this being/emotion/energy was already prepared to be alchemized, raise their vibration and change polarities hence the ‘shadow’ allowed itself to be seen or ‘cast’ in the ray of your light/attention/love.

Energies/entities with this positive intention are of no threat to you what-so-ever.

You are actually doing a huge service to the collective by lighting the path back to Oneness for this negative entity. Negative vibrations hold great potential energy, right? Think Newton’s Cradle.

The shadow literally cannot hurt you unless you lower yourself down into it’s vibration. In other words: UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT CAN. This is why inner shadow work is crucial and must be continually assessed. Because conversely, your armor and your light are also only as strong as you imagine and intend – so be sure to charge your energetic body accordingly as well.

When we are presented with a catalyst or when our light encounters a shadow we must assess it straight away. See it for what it is, don’t ignore it – instead hold a space of acceptance and unconditional love.

This energetic space of service to others creates a boundary of intent and only those which align with it may enter through. The negative polarized being, feeling or energy cannot cross unless it raises itself out of it’s lower vibration – which as I’ve noted before, it WILL NOT be able to do unless it chooses to resonate with the Light/Love frequency.

This energetic offering of service works for all levels of negativity through all densities. As above so below. It also works in reverse. So, be weary of your intentions and energies.

Another important notion to remember is that your light/love attracts beings of similar strength or amplitude. The work is categorical here. We see that quite clearly with the templated structures all over the place: the stereotypes, the species, the “laws” and “rules” we observe that cycle or repeat.

Our soul work is structured with that same flavor. You draw towards you those which harmonize within your spectrum of energies and it’s your purpose to hash out a beautiful melody within all the relationships. This is also cyclic and temporary. There’s an upward evolution that maintains a fairness or equality within the densities, levels and planes.

So, never fear a shadow you come in contact with – know deep within your soul that the universe has brought this negativity to your direct world because you stand on equal ground with it. You are powerful enough to hold a space of light/love for this energy, to witness it, accept it and alchemize it. It’s scary to face your fears but it’s even scarier when you diminish your light and let the shadow take over. Then your really at the mercy of your own worst nightmare and it will go on as long as you allow.

We each learn this lesson at our own pace and in our own time. Each being is continually presented with catalyst after catalyst until they can come to terms with the truth of the matter: no one is coming to save you – except yourself.

Love really is at the root of all this and once you can accept that, all the shadows lose their sting. Yes, they show up but it becomes less scary and even comical if you so choose.

The deeper your lesson gets, the more clearly you see you are at the center of this imagined place. A novice may assume that going deeper into the Self in this way leads to a service of self alignment, however that is false.

The self who seeks to serve the shadows, aspects or personalities within the self and is seeking with the intent of positive service to those others, is truly intending to serve the one infinite creator underneath it and through this apparently separate entity or reflection.

It’s so important to set clear intentions. If you go into “shadow work” with the intention to just feel good again, feel powerful or even to destroy or fight off whatever negativity is bugging you then you’re polarizing with the service to self and aligning with the negative orientation. Your true intention in cases like this is actually to empower that shadow, not to honestly heal it.

Once you start to draw these distinctions within yourself and your own practices of shadow work, you will see and feel the difference between throwing your shadow a pity party and sitting down to witness and hold space to support that shadow. You will feel for yourself, the healing power of stepping into shadow work with clear, strong, positive intentions.

How all this has brought me to see God/good/source always wins

For this understanding I’ll repeat myself, yet again, in case anyone out there reads this and you have yet to hear this – the yin yang symbol is our most simple and accurate representation of the duality paradox that rules this world/universe.

Remember that the pun of the joke, the truth of the mystery, the clue staring us in the face: both the black and white are enclosed by the circle. The container, the whole, the ultimate creator encircles and holds both. God is outside duality, we are from outside duality.

The balancing taking place must have a higher purpose represented within the whole, otherwise there could be no distinction, no container or game to play… right?

I’d like to close with this example to help explain how I know the Creator always wins: take the poker game idea from the earlier and that concept of the game being played for fun and the bets being only fun, beneficial, meaningful because of the “stakes”/the appearance of risk.

If this is a set up along those lines and our souls, our creator essence is not really sitting at the table playing the game, should we really be fearing that the stranger across the table might pull out a gun and shoot us?

And furthermore, would the Creator, outside the game, be worried that the criminal there flipping the table and holding the players hostage would in some way be able to hop out of the ‘game’ and threaten Source?

No, the common sense answer is no.

I use this knowing and understanding to fuel my faith that no matter what shadow, evil, or painful situation that is presenting itself in this 3D world – it is of this world.

The negative aspects, the shadow structures have a purpose for this plane and density. The lower realms are their comfort zone. They inhabit it like their neighborhood. They call the shots in those spaces. If you choose to gravitate down there then be aware and stay vigilant because the smoke show is confusing and many lose their way in the mirrors and illusions.

Once you maintain a practice of shadow work within yourself, you’ll begin to appreciate the contrasts, the necessity, the hard lessons. When you arrive at that place of acceptance then you begin to respect the dark, the shadow. You never choose to resonate with it but you are conscious of its choice and the power held within that orientation.

Choosing love and kindness, compassion and understanding in direct opposition of a readily available, high potential negative energy sling shots your positive intention and your soul evolution in extension. Gaining greater and greater polarity helps you to ascend along your particular path back to Oneness.

This is why I never fear my shadow. I find myself still bravely facing new shadows, catalysts and disruptions all the time but my outward flow of love/light is also stronger and holds such momentum that it’s not as difficult to get the alchemy going anymore. I take each lesson for what it is and hold my faith that all which comes through to me is for my highest good.

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