Yoga & Divination: the ugly stuff matters, too – just make sure you laugh through it

Last night I noticed how disgusting my trusty-old yoga mat has gotten over the years.

Directly after that little critique, I hurt my neck doing some evening yoga.

It was during a simple movement – plow – when my youngest son, sitting beside me asked a question and I got distracted. I turned to reply to him while maneuvering to flat back and suddenly a strange cool pain sparked and traveled down my spine. I lay still for a minute, saying a silent prayer that I hadn’t truly slipped a disk or something. The tingles subsided and the pain instead turned into a lobbing knot of inflammation around C7. Classic. This is a reoccurring injury I seem to re-trigger every once in a while.

This morning it’s not any better, BUT, not any worse really either; just enough to be super annoying. A constant stress and limitation of movement. UGH! How these stupid little pains can drive me crazy!

And yet – now I see I’m ready to try out something new and so I’m choosing to consciously meet this aggravation with an opposing perspective: see it as a funny little lesson and a test to see how fluidly I can move through physical pains.

Needless to say, I skimped out on my usual morning yoga ritual. I did some extra meditation and healing-hands work instead. I’m also prescribing myself some breath work, a hot shower and sunshine.

While meditating I was (yet again) circling over the heavy theme engulfing my life right now: how to let go, how to reside in the flow, how to trust and ultimately do I have faith in the plan and in myself?

One would think that after thirty-odd years of life here I would be able to release this expectation of finality, of an end goal or finish line: The final resting place.

I’m reminded of slavery and the template of servitude which is so heavily pushed onto the collective. I’m no different, I’m subjected to and assaulted with the negative thought forms as much as any other being here. That is a part of this place and to come here is to accept the challenge of living in or breaking out of the control structures.

I keep coming back to this knowledge as a method of igniting my motivation and inspiring my soul to keep moving forward. Because the struggle is real and my personal life is tough. I chose it to be such, I’m not complaining when I say that – I’m reminding myself that I can handle this, I set up all these obstacles on this course, I made it as rough and challenging as I could, to push myself and see for real what I’m made of, what I can handle, what I’ve learned so deeply that no other can ever take it away.

All these thoughts coming through now were also spiraling around while I was in meditation earlier.

I asked for guidance and received two notions and the phrases sent to me were “the messy stuff matters” and “a different choice is possible – so make it!”.

Typically on my free days, I write after my little morning routine. Today’s one of those days, but before sitting down to write I decided to take a second glimpse at the Mandala Oracle card I had pulled yesterday because I’d forgotten the exact wording but I knew it resonated so deeply yesterday morning that I’d set it up like a placard on my table instead of returning it to the pack like I normally do.

And, most divinely, it seems to be an even more relevant message today:

Suffering is an unavoidable result of a discipline walking the path, but humor makes many experiences bearable.

– Amanda Tara Shan

This thread of humor has been a continual undertone I’ve been attempting to isolate for a little while now – especially in my own world because I see it as a key to energy alchemy and moving through hard, negative emotions/energy.

I’m well aware the natural hoarding of dense negativity – it collects and is contained in some fashion. The spectrum of ways the body does this is basically infinite, right? As all ideas, thoughts and energy are a never ending exploration of many-ness.

So, the positive and oppositional stance to this process is to continually assess and work to process the heavier energies and deter them from storing and ignoring.

Over the years, in my own life, I’ve struggled with this work. I was aware of the problems but unable to see any clear solutions. I began to actively seek out more information and since then I’ve been receiving bits and pieces of ideas. I usually wait for exterior confirmation on these downloads to arrive in three different ways before I accept it as definite knowledge. I hold onto these truths like pieces of a puzzle I hope to work through.

Humor has been an awkward piece that I’d set off to the side for a while, at least since 2019 – but now it’s coming together for me. Humor, laughter, and that strange mixture of curiosity and excitement have a simple magic to them, right? Something special triggers it – something out of the ordinary.

And we all know that age-old saying, “laughter is the best medicine”. So, I always knew it was an integral piece but the shape is so bizarre that I was totally unable to even fit it into the whole I thought I was forming. My logical mind planned this whole picture but it’s turning out to be mostly wrong.

Here in lies the rub of the analytical mind – it truly thinks the universal puzzle works “its way” but it does not – the ether functions within imagination and infinity which is totally different than it’s perceived opponent.

The quirkiest part of the whole plot is the ether or infinite intelligence, Source, God – whatever you choose to call it – knows this controlled perception is forming and allows it. It enjoys witnessing the unfolding. It can even seem ‘go along’ with the false narrative, – however truthfully what is happening is the lie is riding the current of truth, just enough to “appear” (based on a shallow, quick glance) as if perhaps the illusion really has ‘fooled’ or disproven the original, ultimate truth.

In honest reality the distortion can never truly lead or provide any sway to the underlying truth because it is built off an original. Nothing new can ever be created – energy can only be manipulated and change form.

Photo by Mue Ervive on

If you are not in alignment with this and you choose to distort your energy field then you cause divots in the collective consciousness of the ether which causes a ripple effect. Another way of looking at it is seeing this misalignment on an metaphysical level and see that this twisting of the truth, literally creates the shadow. Refusing to acknowledge the truth vibration that resonates within your own light being/body distorts your light energy, it bends your light and that action creates a barrier, an inner space which is less light that your true light. AKA: It casts the shadow. It creates a place to hide. It procrastinates, stores for later, stagnates – also called entropy; black holes, dark matter, all these opposites of light and energy radiation. We all must clear our own shadows in order for the collective to reflect a more honest picture.

And I’m off on a tangent about shadow work yet again. My apologies but these things are so crucial at this time, I can hardly keep them on the back burner because it boils over so quickly these days!

My north point this morning is reflections on the difficult, messy and ‘boring’ aspects of this life. I was originally planning to just share a quick picture of my yoga mat with a little blurb about dedication paying off and that even though my mat looks dirty, gross and old it’s a beautiful sight because the wear and tear speaks for itself. You can take one look at my mat and know a truth about me – dedicated to yoga.

I actually see it as dedication to self love and wellness, but I do also the asanas.

There are certain things that are uncomfortable or less flashy but they truly matter so much. I’m reminded of my angel card for this week, Steady Progress and the message from St. Therese saying, it’s about the little steps, the small things. That’s how you make steady progress.

Commitment cannot be faked, right? In itself, the word holds the meaning of reliability, consistency, loyalty. Certain tiny, intricate nuances are defined through commitment and repetition only – I talk about this in length in my Infinite Intelligence series, so if you’re curious be sure to check those out.

‘Chop wood and carry water’ is one of my favorite little sayings around this topic, yet again reminding us of the joking manner in which this wisdom is offered to us. Nothing changes, yet everything has.

If you can tap into a bit of humor during a difficult or tough experience you can morph or alchemize the negative energies into positive ones and restore harmony to your energetic field. If you want to feel harmony and peace that is! Don’t be surprised to hear lots of souls do not want that at all, accept their choice of negativity but don’t allow it to impress itself vibration onto you.

Hold your energy in high vibration as often as possible and you will see more and more positive opportunities pop up for you.

Commitment to the long haul is where these small, steady steps come into play. You have to pace yourself energetically, and this is why I feel seeking your true alignment and becoming orientated with the polarity and its intentions is a prerequisite to success.

When you know where you stand energetically as well as in regards to your service goals then you have clear parameters to guide your journey. Without those it can be very easy to become overwhelmed and confused – that’s when most people give up on a commitment.

I want to offer some keys to the practice of energy alchemy before closing out this short blog.

I started off with speaking about humor and that is one of the four parts – all of these work in the same way to lighten vibrations, because they are ultimate, undeniable truths or distinct forms of pure energy. They have their own light and truth which call out through the ether and reverberate inside each being. It’s up to that being to respond to the ripple either with acknowledgement, acceptance, and love or to ignore, disregard, or further distort to hide from the sensation.

If you’re orientated to service to others and you’re looking to disrupt and alchemize negative emotions and energies within your torus field then these are some keys that will always unlock the doors to different, better choices. (If you’re service is focused on the self then these obviously will be of no use to your energetic field or the reality you’re intending to create, my apologies but I will not be exploring or offering keys to successful harnessing of negative energy and therefore the ending here may be of no use to you.)

Four Energetic Keys to Lightening Any Heavy Vibration:

  1. Love – heals, supports, soothes
  2. Humor – loosens, frees, inspires
  3. Joy – lights up, empowers, ignites
  4. Acceptance – grounds, releases, connects

I almost see these a sequential steps for healing, however I do also hear that they are individual keys that can be used singularly or in combinations for specific traumas or imbalances.

The moving through aspect I see is as follows:

The love frequency is the original truth and so must always come first. This is not particularly romantic or familial “love” that we associate this word with – it is deeper and more innate that those emotions. This unconditional love flows out from the truth that we are all of the same Oneness, the same spark. This kind of love is closer to Sovereignty than fluffy feel good admiration or quirky lust. It’s the knowing of that velvet rope which connects us all back to God or the Creator. Allowing for this space and holding this frequency first is step one and it creates a common ground between beings. This supportive container is fertile ground for positive energies.

Step two is seen as breaking down the preconceived image, the barriers or boundaries the negative has constructed.

Humor, as I expressed earlier, has a unique magic to it and it breaks apart darkness. It looses a person up and sometimes can even work into the shadow gently and “poke fun” at some distortion in a way that offers enlightened self recognition within that shadowed piece. Sometimes a joke or a goofy embarrassment can shake up that stiff, constricted notion the shadow is holding to tightly to.

And conveniently, almost naturally, one of the first organic expression of happiness between two or more beings is usually humor, right? Even the most “asleep” human has an aspect of humor within them – even if it’s mean spirited or rarely activated and seems dormant.

The third step is empowering the enjoyment of positive energies and inspiring a seeking towards those in place of the negative ones – because innately, they do FEEL better even though to many negatively harnessed beings it will be a lot of work to make the energetic switch. So, the next key in this working is Joy. I see this as easier to embody after humor is activated. But I daresay that is not always true. Joy is most easily reflected back to us by others – we enjoy their company, we look forward to hearing what ideas they’ve got and also to share ours. Joy inspires and motivates. It spreads like a fire, contagiously igniting other beings around it. Finding joy within service to others will always refuel your own internal well of unconditional love. It recycles the energy and pours it outwards again, seeking to serve and enjoy others company.

The final key in this process comes through direct experience/trial and error only. By working with the other three keys, one begins recognizes and identify with the truth each one contains. This collective wisdom brings forth Acceptance. Acceptance is the negative transitioning to the positive. It’s the shadow finally releasing it’s mask and being seen for what it is. It is connecting back to the original truth within and as a result also acknowledging the connections between all beings.

When you can embody all four keys in regards to the catalyst, you will have alchemized whatever negativity you were working with.

I’m going to elaborate on how each of these can be used specifically for breaking negative mind control patterns, freeing negative entities from entrapment and personal shadow work in a later podcast, so I hope you’ll check back at a later time for that. But for now, I want to just offer the initial understanding of these forms of truth/light so we can begin the unpacking process.

Remember: small steps with daily repetition are all it takes. Before you know it new habits are formed and a more harmonious balance has been established. When we focus our intention on activating and using these positive keys whenever a catalyst enters into our field we are training our imagination and in extension the collective to seek out solutions that feel better, more positive, more clear and in line with truth.

The shadow is only as dark and deep as well imagine it to be. The worst evil in this world can only be measured and compared to the highest of goods – so work to embody and empathize with both and then consciously choose the latter. Intend to serve the Creator in all things and the Creator will serve you in every way.

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