The Creator Mindset

After working through two brainstorming sessions on my podcast on this topic, I feel ready to draw back the deeper layer of ultimate knowing, or gnosis, – what I’m calling the Creator Mindset.

Please, keep in mind that until you reach the threshold of this ‘knowing’ space within yourself, for yourself, well – you’re going to have this strange disconnect about true Oneness, the creator and other selves. It manifests differently for each being, so I will not attempt to categorize but I do think it’s crucial that we each know, with a firm conviction, that we are a valuable, powerful fragment of the creator – and so are all other beings.

Until you feel you’ve reached the threshold of grasping the concept of Oneness, the only advice I can offer is to seek within; this is the only way (that I know of) to start on your own path to understanding.

This blog is going to hit the ground running, so for anyone who reads this, you may benefit or understand more, if you take a listen to my two podcasts beforehand.

Links to part one and two for you convenience.

If you already have a knowledge or an interest in this topic then I’m sure you can catch on and maybe even gain some insights from this regardless of hearing the foundational ideas that brought me here.

With that said, I wanted to start off with a quick quote from the Law of One books – which I had mentioned in both my brainstorming sessions, about the poker game of life :

It’s the remembrance of the game taking place and the purpose of the whole thing that I’m calling the Creator Mindset.

If we constantly remind ourselves of the eternal game taking place then when we are dealt a bad hand or we play our cards wrong it becomes easier to accept and work with because you know sooner or later another hand will be dealt.

It’s when you get the appearance that all the stakes are raised, that it’s almost over – with a great deal on the line, that you start to sweat. That last hand is where you play for all or nothing, right? It’s that same old paradox, the catch 22. It’s the answer to the age old question of why we are here as well as why we don’t remember. It can only be done this way.

I’ve accepted my choice – I see the game I’m playing now and I know it’s up to me to play to the best of my ability. I came here for the ride, the enjoyment, the lessons and the feelings. I recognize that some things can only be learned the hard way and that I asked for this challenge. I am capable and prepared. I would not have accepted the terms if I hadn’t felt ready, willing and wise enough.

I have a strong faith based knowing that the sequential upward growth of all life through the densities is reflected back through all fractals of creation. This means each being has its own “ladder” to climb back to ultimate Oneness – we must play out all possibilities in order to incorporate back into infinity at some point. If this is a totally new concept and it’s intriguing to you, I highly suggest looking into topics like the Seven Rays as defined and explored over at the Philosophical Society or even reading the Law of One books if you have an ear for scientific understandings and explanations.

The perspective is that the universe is set up within a harmonic construction of octaves, aka densities, ranging 1-9 but with 9 actually representing the step 1 in the next higher octave. The octave, being infinite, a kaleidoscope-ish fractal of the original Logos (idea) which all contain the harmonic.

This container holds shape and definition, it taints the entirety of the notes available and creates a flavoring that must be upheld by all the keys – now this happens on multidimensional, cross density, time and space levels which is difficult to comprehend – the most simple truth however, that springs forth from this understanding is that you are what you are, in the here and now. You hold mass, depth, form in whatever the density in which you reside.

You are a reflection of the harmonic being played out here, and so you have just one role or purpose – to play out your note with as much clarity and heart as you can. To enjoy singing out your unique range of notes, or those which you have access to and learning to harmonize with them.

The universe, the ether cannot reflect back to you something you don’t already have within you. Doors can only open once the vibrational gate is reached, this assures that understanding is attained before the first step over the threshold is taken. Nothing, literally nothing, enters your present world without this prior confirmation. It’s rings true back to the old biblical quote where they say, ‘God never puts anything on your back, he knows you cannot carry.

Acceptance of and trust in these parameters is the space I’m attempting to describe when I talk about the creator mindset.

If you accept the terms, as I do, and you apply them to your direct life, it becomes much easier to relax into the flow and really live life alive. No thing is a huge deal, no situation is the end all be all, there’s always hope or a silver lining.

When we get to this energetic threshold in our understanding the paradox, the duality catch, the recycling happening becomes so clear. The purpose and reasoning becomes obvious.

As you exercise your creator-being muscle and do honest work within your own self and world to identify things which ring true to you, the disharmonious items become even more apparent.

Again, for a musical reference, a seasoned singer hears immediately the mistakes in a new singers melody, rhythm, tune – the problem sticks right out to them. The newer singer didn’t catch the nuance and made an error in some way – and to further explore this – think now to an untrained listener, they might not even notice the mistake – it might sounds beautiful to them still, whereas the professional differentiates, picks up on it and hears disharmony.

The Creator Mindset accepts the paradox as is and works within the parameters to teach/learn with the other co-creator beings around them because simultaneously the Creator now understands that while you’ve chosen to be created and fulfill a purpose as this beautifully talented singer and you’ve put your energy and efforts into learning the skill – you know all the while, you are still not a master carpenter.

You need to be humble and open enough to step off your teacher’s platform and sit in the student’s desk when appropriate – say when you need to build a house, right?

It’s not to say you are not capable of learning construction or the art of woodcraft – you are of infinite intelligence, however if it is outside your wheelhouse, you must graciously accept support or else risk distortion and misalignment. It is a free will universe, you’re free to dig your heels in and refuse help. You’re free to build your own home with your current knowledge base, but remember you must live in it no matter what. Accepting your faults and talents is they way to honest growth- and that never ends.

Responsibility and sovereignty are the most helpful key terms to help others uncover the power within their own selves. Once you can take the reigns into your own conscious hands, then of course you see for yourself who’s calling the shots and you begin to get it – you are the captain of your vessel.

There’s a lecture I watched one time, (I will keep attempting to find and link it here but for now, hindsight’s 20/20 & I never saved the video for future reference but this nugget of truth has stuck with me since), the man speaking went through this whole “funny” story about life being like a cross-oceanic boat trip.

He goes on to explain something like, the reason the waters feel so rough is because you were never at the helm, holding fast on the wheel.. you’ve been acting as if you’re a stow-away down under, expecting the ‘Captain’ and ‘the crew’ to get you to your destination.. Well wakey-wakey – because you’ve been in a sail boat for One all along and no wonder the rides been so rocky – no one is steering!

However, most of us never question who’s steering at all until, from our hiding spot down below, the ride becomes so scary, so bumpy and upsetting that we’re forced to climb out, shaking and grasping our way to the deck above. Some never question, some sail right through. Some hit low lying rocks, others are attacked by pirates.

Just because you’re unaware of how you got onto the ship does not change the fact that here you are. It’s a what now scenario and the best option is readily available to all, go grab that spinning wheel and take control. Direct your vessel from here on out and you’ll be surprised how smooth the sailing goes. And also, you’re the first one aware of clouds brewing on the horizon – you’re the only one at risk of the storm that approaches – how will you face it? Close your eyes and hold on for the best? Rush back below the deck and cower? The choice is yours. This is the creator mindset.

Now, lets take this analogy and lay it over the original metaphor from Ra – the poker game of life. Imagine you are not only You but the boat, the ocean, the sky, the wind, the sea monsters… everything in between. There would be no surprises, no lessons to be learned, nothing new. There would actually be no things technically, if you think about it rationally, right? Everything would be You – hence the beginning infinity concept. Infinity contains all possibilities while also representing the void or no thing.

If you are still with me and able to see what I’m getting at with Oneness, I think the next plausible step is to ask yourself how deep, dark, evil, distorted and/or painful are you willing to go? Because the depth of the world’s shadow is exactly the same as yours – it’s all a reflection of the original.

Furthermore, now you must be prepared to assess your shadow at every opportunity and to keep it in check basically – balancing your inner light and dark. We are infinite creator beings, eternally alchemizing energies and collecting polarization, moving through the procession of the densities.

Again – I will add in the reminder of the multidimensional focus taking place, so not only is the journey one of personal soul aspects but it is also entangled with all other beings; as above, so below.

But what about true evil?

I am by no means ignoring the negative orientation. I am well aware of the external world these days. I see the representations that the collective cultures are reflecting and I also see the malignant infection that has really consumed our world.

I cannot stress enough the duality template or ‘law’ of this density/plane and its inherent effects. We literally learn through contrast. I don’t like this – I like this. I know this is “hot” because I’ve felt “cold”. This is good, this is bad are simply another flavor of contrast. Therefore the creator, the One to name things or to distinguish between things becomes the ultimate definer, judge, whatever you want to call it. Determining notions through experience and creating definitions of observations does not make that person the thing they are looking at, right? Just because you deem your coffee smoldering, does not make you the person smolder. You’re totally OUTSIDE the definition, word, concept, energy state.

Source and in extension, YOU, must be outside the parameters of duality then, right?

I’ve given this example before but I’ll say it again, the yin yang symbol is a perfect representation – not because the fair division of black and white which rotates within itself in a constant state of balancing – but more so it’s the circle encompassing both that speaks the creator’s mindset truth to us. Source, the creator is the circle – it’s the ability to enclose and separate things.

So, how could the circle ever worry that the darkness or the light even, could devour the entire shape or ‘get out’ and over take the circle? It’s just not possible, it’s ridiculous because if that were the case – well there must be an “outside the circle” which confirms there has to be a larger parameter setting the stakes outside the originally perceived ‘circle’. See how this lower level kind of understanding can only loop us right back into the spiral yet again? Strategically, “logically” it plants us right back in the fertile grounds of the duality construct. Yet the fact still remains – duality is an observation! WHO is the observer.

We must accept that the circle itself is a mystery and beyond comprehension at our present evolution – no matter how our singular minds attempt to mash it together, we cannot yet make sense of it. Just like a brand new violinist will break your eardrums but a seasoned one will break your heart. There’s something special about the creator being. It can bring a natural harmony down from Source through the layers/densities from higher-self understanding and down into its current 3D plane Self and truth resonates through the energy body. The being recognizes love, passion, joy, what the connection feels like is unique to each but one thing is always the same: it feels right, true, real, honest, full of worth. It’s undeniable to the being in the moment.

Tap into those higher vibrations and you’ll be working within your Creator Mindset. Follow all things which pull or tug on that internal chord connection to the creator being inside you. If you love and empower your creative energies then you’ll always have motivation and strength to assess and tackle any shadow aspects, catalysts or disruptions that occur because they will always occur.

Follow up blog will discuss how I utilize this Creator Mindset to balance emotions & energies in my every day life, as well as explain why I never fear the darkness or my shadow taking over – and as an result how I know God/GOOD always wins.

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