Personal notes on Soul Contracts: making them and breaking them

This is a blog inspired by the below lecture video from Michael Mirdad on soul contracts. I hope you enjoy the video, my notes and comments on the topic.

Soul contracts – energetic exchanges and forgiveness

This is a large topic and frankly, I’ve been skimming and dipping into various aspects of “soul contracts” for maybe 6 years now and I still cannot decide how deeply I commit to it. I do see tons of value and possibility in the concept in general but some areas end up super distorted and I just don’t resonate with them. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I do think we come here for lessons of some kind and I’m sure it’s coordinated or planned in some way.. but the extent and details are where things get cloudy to me.

With that said, I recently stumbled upon a wonderful lecture style video from a new face on the topic and I decided to watch it and grab a chance to see this recycled topic from a new angle, maybe.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the talk and his point of view. I didn’t recognize the face, and as I’m terrible with names – I’d had no hope to recognize that – I did a brief search around after the fact and found him to be relatively well know on the internet, a decent following and a pretty Christian/religious theme on his channel. (If you know more please feel free to share.)

Nowadays it’s crucial I get a sense of the polarity and energetic intentions surrounding a person before I consent or align with them because I want to align myself with higher paths that are founded on honest sight and true seeking of benevolent service to others. I feel I have to see where people are at in their journey in 2022, post all the non-sense, before I can properly filter or listen to their thought patterns and assumptions on a given topic. (Not sure if others are feeling this way as of late, I’d love to hear about it!)

The video sparked a lot of insights while I was watching it the first time and so while I did my usual casual listen & doodle hobby I thought to myself, this one is deep enough to dive into. I did a second listen and another round of notes maybe a week later, refining what I experienced the first time and adding in the connections and information I had been ruminating over through the last few days.

It’s so interesting to me because I’ve been sensing the lack of a practice of Forgiveness is slowly killing humanity – especially surrounding the ‘socio-economic’ structures. It’s the relentless pursuit of false justice – or prideful justifications, as I like to see it – that is suffocating our species and in extension our world.

It truly hit home to me his idea of getting what you need from the experience, contract, trauma, whatever – saying okay, I accept it – yes, I might have done it differently had I known better – but I only knew what I knew at the time and I made the choice I did from that space. What’s done is done. I see the lesson/big picture now. What’s next?

Mirdad points out that it’s only from that energetic space of ‘enough is enough’ can you ever fully relinquish a contract or lesson. Not a triggered ENOUGH type of response either, it’s that calm, cool, collected frequency of acceptance he really drives home is important. It’s important to remember that these contracts were created in some other mindset, some other time, and for some purpose of higher understanding. I really love how he says you have to separate human stuff from spiritual stuff and when you’re presented with a human-based contract and you want out of it, just consciously refuse all future consent and ‘plead insanity’ during the time the contract was written/made/signed.

That is just brilliant to me. It hearkens back, so playfully, to the inner curious creator being within and lights it up with surprising humor. Love, humor, joy – these are polar opposites to shame, fear and hate right? It breaks the negativity up and loosens the flow so you’re able to rise and alchemize that state.

Who cares if you made a mistake or took a wrong turn, right? That’s what you’re here for, it’s what we are all here for – to play out the possibilities within the impossible. And yes, maybe we’ve been trapped or tied into karamatic cycles that we can now see and want to be free from – so be it. Allow it. Accept that you’ve established the bars of your prison and you’ll be able to take them down easier than when you put them up.

So many cultures, prophecies, visionaries and the like speak to the ascension of the Earth and the dance of our planet in the cosmos. We know there’s a wobble. We’ve see and mapped the processions and the shift of partners was expected… however the hand off is shaky, we’re rusty after say 26 thousand years… right? Well here we are, gliding into the arms of another partner, the band is striking up a new tune, the melody changes and is different. How quickly will we catch on? That’s the question for our now space and only Time will tell.

It’s clear that the old karma paradigm will be falling away in this new flow. Some say it’s instantaneous while others see it as a slow transition. Some say graduation will take place – or not – upon your death in this world this time around, that the next life will either be sought after on Earth’s higher 4/5D body or else, if another 3D round of lessons is required, the soul will be adjusted to a level/world where 3D is still operating.

I’m of the opinion that the transition is gradual and ongoing, with it being kicked into gear possibly 2012 or so. I think because the split is so near, the chips are stacked so high and all emotions, choices, situations are amplified to shake up as many as possible – helping more who are sitting on the fence to choose outright freedom or slavery – aka 3D or ascension. Material or spiritual.

This is not meant to be a guilt trip, a forced decision or a reckoning for some to change their choice. Whether you seek dark or light, negative or positive is your souls path and right. Please give it the opportunity to fulfill the contracts or fail in the attempt at least. Claiming neutrality and innocence in the whole thing, seeking to stay under the radar and comply to just get it over with and sink back into apathy or comfort is not what souls come to this world for. Sorry but the longer you stay in the audience of life, the longer the game goes on.

I really loved how I heard confirmation of this notion through totally different wording within this video with Michael Mirdad. He’s transformed the filter and looks at it on the layer of literal contracts. Looking plainly at these conditions, hardships, lessons or “karma” simply as consented to and binding contracts helps the logical side recognize and implement the simple solution he offers: take responsibility, plead insanity at the time of consent and forgive or ask for forgiveness.

Now, here in lies the rub, because the completion of that underlying contract is binding until the energetic frequency is attained. So, regardless of the words you speak – if you don’t actually mean them, well, then, you haven’t met the contractual obligations and you’re still bound to that obstacle, catalyst, karmatic chain.

This is why earlier I had brought up the ascension of Earth herself and the movement of the entire astral body around us – the links or bolts that have held together the energetic chains of karma have loosened or disappeared altogether perhaps.

It’s up to each one of us now, to test the worthiness of our chains – to shake the bars and find out they are loose. Your shackles are bolted to nothing; no wall, no floor holds you in – what do you do now?

Some, are too secure in their cell or too used to it, they see no way out. Some have no more hope for what’s “out there” than they have for where they sit now. Others are completely blinded, unable to even see their chains or hear the jingling of others breaking free around them. I’m of the opinion that we each have all of these aspects still inside us and we must each do our own internal shadow work at this time.

The concept of soul contracts being called due is also an interesting perspective that he brings up in this video. I can see what he means by this life being like a cross country bus ride from A to Z. You plan your itinerary loosely but you know for sure you must/will go from A to Z by the end of the trip. I like that metaphor and I think lots of people can easily visualize it in that manner. This view helps us to understand the dance between free will and fate.

Mirdad points out perfectly that the most important thing to do once you reach Z is to acknowledge you’ve made it, accept all the stops along the way turned out the way they did. This can be difficult, a lot of us get caught up in a loop at this point, rewriting the past. You must release your itinerary and the expectations you had at the start so you can freely accept what truly took place. Once you reach a vibration that harmonizes with the entire spirit of the cross country trip – then you’re done, then you really arrive at Z and you can get off the bus for good.

I really like this lecture and Michael’s perspective on forgiveness. I feel it resonates honestly with the truths I hold. He offers solid practice points for working with forgiveness and for alchemizing the heavier emotions. I’ve included a brief image of the notes I made on the meditation he offered at the end and I’m going to be working with it in my own life in the days/weeks to come.

He says at one point that ‘if you want to be free of your contracts then you must also be willing to free EVERYONE ELSE, too! Are you willing to do that?’

Such a crucial and important step to get to and process through. For so many, just the cutting through the brambles of this layer is a life long endeavor. You could never even imagine the value or purpose in setting free the vines and thorns, trees and bushes around you – further more if someone had dropped you off in this mess, leaving you to sort it out alone – well, feeling love and gratitude for that person is usually the LAST thing on the person’s mind.

This is where faith and trust come in to guide the way. If you knew or choose to believe that Soul Contracts are 100% real in this world we’re experiencing and you accepted that the truth of the matter was your soul tribe or guardian dropped you off in this jungle because you asked for the challenge; you set up the parameters, you picked the drop location, you chose the monsters you’d go up against, as well as the assistance types that would be allowed to you while you complete your itinerary for the trip.

This switch up in understanding and motivation generally sparks humans up. Yes, we are that powerful. Yes, we are that important.

Now, to circle back to my original introduction and skepticism. I remain open to the ideas and I will continue to explore all available aspects because whether or not the Earth stage is as detailed and monitored as some say, or even if it’s more omnipresent and organic than that exact depiction, with a more loose structuring and no definite ‘spirit world’ or other worlds here interacting with us…

Whatever the case may be, I’m learning now that it really doesn’t matter at all because in fact, it is actually all things and no things at once – like Schrodinger’s cat in the box. Until you open up the box and actually witness the condition of the animal, the “state” of the animal is held between alive and dead – both possibilities being more or less probable at some level.

However, he missed the crucial layering of the notion he set in motion with that line of thinking. Every “box” is made of infinite intelligence and therefore each and every box is it’s own opportunity to hold space for a cat, whether dead or alive but also to choose to be a box or not, to appear as a cardboard box or a steel one or to disappear all together.

His line of thinking (and science in general) likes to cherry pick when and where their theories are applicable and what the allowed parameters are.. but that undermines their entire theory in my opinion. Laws of nature hold true whether observed or not – therefore the concept Schrodinger tries to identify with the cat in the box experiments has an innate and fatal flaw – it contradicts itself and tries to hold natural law hostage, like a damn.

The truth of the matter is humans have no control over the flow but we do co-create our journey while we’re here, so be aware and get in the game. Remember each moment is a new opportunity, a new “box” asking you whether the cat is alive or dead inside and you have all the power and control over your response. But that’s as far as your power goes – you have no right to define another person’s box at any time. If you choose to ignore that natural law and go against the flow, well, you’re headed against the waves and your in store for some choppy sailing.

If you can expand your understandings and see the spirit world and the organic world as one, you will gain a more clear way of interacting with your world, intuition and higher self. If you begin to see your world as that cross country trip and trace your steps back to the start, you may be able to feel the purpose of your contracts and feel the current of your tides. Your destination may become visible, you may uncover contracts that no longer serve you. You might find ones you want to strengthen or renew. The potentials are only as limited as we choose to make them and the contracts are only binding until we either fulfill them or revoke consent.

If you’re in an uncomfortable space then identify what leaks or contracts are draining, upsetting or frightening you. Look at it with as much honesty as you can muster. Ask yourself if this is spiritual based or human based. If it’s human based, let it go! If you feel it’s spiritually based then trace it back to the ultimate lesson or moral of the situation. Do you feel you get the lesson?

If so, then align energetically to revoke consent and confirm within your being that you are done and fulfilled.

If there’s that triggered, emotional ‘I’m SO done’ kind of response or if you are so passionate and fired up about it that you feel you need to “make sure” it ‘never happens again’ then you are most clearly headed for a repeat of the catalyst.

I’m going to end here with my favorite part of the video – a funny joke Michael makes while he is going through the above line of thinking:

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