Looking at the Archetypes through the lens of numerology and the Hero’s Journey

A comparative essay interlinking and examining all three concepts

I really like when I find comparative and similar organizational structures in seemingly unconnected areas out in the world, because it rings true to me, like confirmation from the universe on a grand scale, reaching down into my direct world to say yes, this is worth diving into.

Today I want to talk about the commonalities I’ve noticed between Carl Jung’s Archetypes, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and the general growth pattern of basic numerology.

I’m sure many people have come before me, pointing out these interlinking notions and patterns but as life is subjective and meant to be lived in each unique way, I find it interesting and important to divulge my own personal epiphanies and add my contribution to the collective.

I’ve been studying and working with numerology for over a decade at least, but now I’m of the opinion that regardless of conscious research and learned concepts, we all have an innate knowledge of maths, numerology, arithmetic and sacred geometry given to us, within our DNA or genome, or through conscious connection to the Akashic or subconscious, or primordial/reptilian brain whichever construct your comfortable interpreting it as. If you think about it rationally, we all come into this plane of existence with a mind that compares and records. All our brains are organizing shadows into shapes and recognizing them as something. We then associate these things with vocalized sounds and even written forms for the spoken ones. It’s the knowledge of higher levels of organization that call us to seek similarities and patterns.

When we talk about math and especially geometry, arithmetic and reduction styles of math – we start to hear the natural flow that math is naming and defining. We have to really work to remember that these subjects, “the -ology” is not created by man – it is the study of an already existing construct which man has witnessed so often and so distinctly that we seek to isolate it to understand it better. This inquisitive approach to studying our world has almost been lost.

Take the organic, natural sequential growth patterns of 1,2,3 or the harmonious and balance seeking golden ratio which plays a part in so many aspects of life. Math is used to keep this world fair, organized, beautiful, enjoyable and probably many other things I’m missing off the top of my head.

Numerology combines ancient, esoteric understandings with common sense and the basic reductive mathematical concept required for more complex kinds of maths.

These understandings have helped me in so many areas of my life that I thought it would be a wonderful topic to share. When you have a working understanding of the infinite intelligence of at work in this universe you can more easily transition through situations, days, years, catalysts, relationships.

The foundation of all things is within the math; the dimensions that create its boundaries and structure. For that reason, in this article I’m going to start with a brief outline of numerology and how each numerical value represents a category of intentions or available resources to work with.

It’s important to remember the growth pattern is sequential and is generally interpreted as conditional – meaning each step is a prerequisite to the next. Not to say there aren’t loop holes, extenuating circumstances or the like – because I’m sure there are, even though I’m not quite clear on what/where they would be… however, I think it’s important and relevant to leave wiggle room and openly admit that I’m aware and would be receptive to hearing alternatives.

Basis of Numerology

The growth pattern will probably appear either relatively simple to understand or painfully obviously to you, however don’t be fooled by its simple and natural appearance – going through the motions is more difficult than it appears laid out on paper.

I’m going to first walk through the meanings of 0-9 and then use 10 as an example to carry on into double digits and use the combination of numbers to reduce into the collective, underlying meaning. It’s important to understand that when we reduce back to a single digit – we are basically looking at the root word or the ground level foundation of the building. Once we move into double digits and we work with intermingling meanings things get open to interpretation – much like a slang word gets created and has alternate meanings or even say another language when we are translating. The fluid function of information transfer is always changing so bear that in mind when I briefly give examples of larger numbers.

Lastly, we have certain “special” numbers like repeating ones, specific patterns and the subjective and personal yet totally undeniable “lucky” numbers. Our universe creates with us through math, patterns and frequency so inherently each one of our lives/worlds has unique special numbers with which we receive messages and insights through. Commonly known and experienced sacred numerology are things like angel numbers: 1111, 222, 333, etc. or lucky number 13, the holy trinity and number 33. Well known number references like those have a whole world of meanings and definitions surrounding them and for that reason I won’t dive too deeply into those right now – if you are interested in looking further into those types of numbers specifically there are tons of resources available already. For this comparison and working it’s more important that we focus on the single digit native meanings anyways.

The basic 0-9 structure/flow:

0 or “no thing” is a representative of the void, the subconscious, the ether, the collective consciousness that humanity creates as a whole essence. I personally like to view it as infinite intelligence’s imagination space. All things are possible and just waiting to be called forth – this is why it’s called nothing, it’s the container of all things.

1 is something within that container; a new or distinct ‘thing’ is apparent, thought of, made present. The number 1 is a single point, 1 dimensional – some way or aspect makes this thing separate from the previous infinite frequency held before with the zero.

2 now inherently becomes a choice point or defining moment when you must reject what is not and include only what has been chosen or what resonates with the true path underneath. This is a shaky area because the 2 is support for the one and therefore the 2 space always interacts with others and is an area where relationships, social ties like expectations and appearances become very prominent. The 2 is also representative of duality, the dark vs. light and seeking balance between opposing forces.

3 emerges when an idea, path or project has been chosen and defined through the two space and is now coming into full manifestation in a new realm – maybe its a new painting being started or the main idea of a story developed and you’re ready to write. The 3 is the birth of new creations, it is creativity in action and full of curiosity, innately free spirited and full of potentials. There in lies the rub – because the downfall to the 3 is lack of attention, motivation and the foresight to see a project through to completion.

However, if you can buckle down or you have the burning desire to complete the creative process of the three, then you will have managed a stable creation, the foundation of something new which you have built up from the ground – this is what the 4 signifies. It’s firm notions, trialed ideas, effort has been put in and you’ve seen you can get results. The main struggle of the 4 is balancing stability and boredom. The 4th level can be too comfortable and can cause stagnation or unrest and anxiety. Patience and temperance are tested within this place. The greatest lesson within the 4 is gratitude for predictability and fortitude. If you can always hold tight to the memory of disruptions and know that nothing last forever – this too shall pass – well, you’re comfy foundational 4 feels less permanent and more valuable.

Sooner or later you are guaranteed to see disruptions of some kind, a testing of the foundation you’ve cultivated through the four. The shake up or changes are what we identify as 5. This can be little bumps or giant pot holes; it can even be a period of intense or dramatic events that seem to crumble all you thought you built up until now. 5 is usually seen as disruptive and negative but honestly, when we look at the progression as a whole, it becomes quite clear how necessary the 5th step is – what have you built, designed, crafted must submit and be subjected to this 3D reality and in extension all the other beings that inhabit it – that’s the purpose of creation, right? We are technically co-creating every single thing with the ether/universe/source/god so what thought is truly ‘your own’ anyways? The 5’s way of roughing up things comes from a desire to know truth, to find it and to be free within it as to loosen up and remove things which no longer serve the original creation or bog it down. The 5 doesn’t seek to destroy all, it wishes to put the known ‘facts’/design to the test and push boundaries – see what makes it tick so to speak. Again, it’s transitionary and codependent on the four before it, just like the three – it seeks to define and work with the creation, to get its hands dirty.

The 6 then steps in once the quake has quieted and the rubble has settled. The 6 knows that which remains is strong, true and real. The 6 is perseverance through hard times, it’s the wise and working knowledge that only comes through experience. It’s the troubleshooter, the rewrite, that fixed up mistake in your sketch that turned out to be your favorite aspect of the whole drawing. You can never tell what insights the 6 will bring, they are unique to every situation’s growth or rise pattern – however they tend to be subtle and intricate – almost obvious – natural techniques that only through dedication, commitment and conscious effort can you ever uncover. Another major aspect of the 6 is service to those before it. 6 is a reflective and appreciative number, generally because it is so grateful to have made it back to steady footing after all the upsets from the five. The 6 can support even the most difficult burden now because its recognized the true connection to the original foundation or template of that initial idea/creator/source/essence the one still holds and represents in this particular alleyway.

Holding such a space of enlightened service to the initial cause brings forth the 7 frequency, which is one of spiritual connection, a heightened intellectual capacity, and/or mastery through craftsmanship in a trade/skill or some sort. Unyielding perseverance and commitment to the initial idea builds the six and leads it up into the 7 realm, where one is able to draw parallels between the idea and the big picture. Because the six pushes us to serve others or use our creation to interact with others in some way – we learn a lot about communication and the relaying of information to others during this period. Once a substantial amount of knowledge is acquired, tested, ruminated over – then we see the transition to the 7 space. 7 is real world, time tested, honest knowledge or ideas about something.

Once you’ve embodied the seven you start to see the truth underneath all and connect dots, uncover patterns, work through information in a logical way. This opening up, tied into a spiritual connection which brings in morality and the like – the seven works their way to a level where they now can see honestly the forest instead of just the trees around them. This higher view reveals the shadows and distortions that are taking place or trying to encroach. Seeing the underlying morals or karma running the show is what breaks us into the 8.

The 8 sees the entire cycle for what it is, finally. This may be a point when you’re fervent passion for painting this glorious image has dwindled a bit – you’re almost done with it and you can see the completed project nearing. There is also an air of new projects, new possibilities poking around out there because you know that sooner or later this creation will be done.

Sometimes the 8 can be the utter destruction of a forced experiment – if you’ve been pushing to make some relationship work but knowing deep down there were too many problems; the 8 will call in a karmatic catalyst to help you see it’s time to let go and reset. For good or bad, the 8 calls forth the repercussions or consequences of all the lingering contracts, promises, expectations, dreams or fears, doubts that came along with the initial one idea. 8 is another time of balancing, like the six and the four – it is totally dependent on how you’ve previously growth and evolved.

If you’re able to pull through and align with the original theme or vibration of the idea then you will obviously step into the final level, 9, which is completion. The finale or closing act, the 9 is that last hurrah – the final step. It’s a point where, as the creator, you get to sit back and let it free. The one idea was initiated and has now come to fruition. The 9 is also a reminder of new horizons or ventures. It’s the threshold to the next world, idea or event. 9 is a place which is very close to the original void of the ether – or that zero space. 9 is ready to graduate to the 10 or to blend and work back with all other numbers. 9 is such a beautiful, fluid number that absorbs and reflects all around it – just waiting to either be useful as a completed cycle in that category or to return to infinity and take up a whole new idea. (Check out this impossibly cool video that visualizes the amazing mathematical properties of the number 9.)

Here is the conversation I would normal revert to reduction and leave the digits with their explanations – however with this comparison I will be incorporating the Hero’s Journey and 12 archetypes so I will continue on now and give my understanding on interpreting numerology outside of single digits.

The 10 space is unique in that it must align and be built off the initial progression of the original work/creation/idea. As an example, writing a book – the initial idea for the entire book is our original #1 and so if we so choose, we could use a cycle of progression 0-9 as the writing of the first draft. Now, the 9 can graduate into a 10 space where 10 is say the final draft or the book release or something along those lines. The 10 holds the vibrational intention of the original and so this next cycle around will function similarly because it surrounds the same theme. So 10 can be see as a new venture or opportunity or new outcome or outlook that is related to the initial one.

The number 11 is one of those occult and esoteric numbers that has had a lot of buzz around it, even in the mainstream – so I’m sure many have their own idea of what 11 represents, however I think the most commonly known designation is the gateway or the doorway. In my opinion the 11 is the leader who is able to tap into that magical innovation space without being tied down to a direct leadership role – they can operate on their own level, at their own speed without getting bogged down in the social obligations and perceptions of the 2. This is how ascension works – there’s a flavoring of possibilities that open up stairways back down to reduction, in case lessons need further discovery. The 11 however, is the kind of leader can break away from the masses and create whole new paths. The 11 becomes the mystic, the magician – the hermit. It is the space of higher imagination and manifestation.

Now that we’ve gone through the sequential flow of numerology, I want to overlay the Hero’s Journey template.


If you’ve never heard of it before, I wouldn’t be surprised, as it’s mostly a literary practice I guess, and unless you bumped into it in a writing class or you are a writer by nature or hobby, then chances are you may not have heard of this. Basically, it’s a template that writer Joseph Campbell outlined to describe how he crafts the most epic plot lines.

If you’re interested in writing or like to learn about literary topics – I highly suggest diving into Joseph Campbell and his work but for the sake of this essay I’m going to leave that for another time so that I can quickly relay the parallels between numerology and the Hero’s Journey.

Even without the full background, I’m positive that after reading through the numerology growth pattern just mentioned, you’ll have no issues sensing where I was coming from when applied the flow to this template.

I will mention that I did make an adjustment on my version and this will be explained in detail below, however I strongly resonate with my personal relationships and understandings within the numerology world and so I’ve used that knowledge as a working guide here, which forced me to condense Campbell’s designated 17 steps down into 12 – which fit nicely around a circle and reflect the ever flowing time scale.

With that said, I’m going to briefly match up and run through the alignment of the 0-11 cyclic flow and just give my perspective on why I chose this set up and what kind of similarities I see.

Firstly, the original set up of the Hero’s Journey is usually visualized in a circle, placing the Status Quo at the top and so that was a given, and where I’d chosen to use 0 through 11 it held true to the initial void space of imagination, reset and infinity to use the 12 space on the clock face as the 0 space of reset.

Below an my attempt at aligned numerology to a Hero’s Journey template.

The Status Quo represents the neutral state, the before and hence the 0.

Next, we have the Call to Adventure and this fit nicely as number 1 to me because its the initial idea or thought. It’s the spark of something new.

Assistance is the following step in the Hero’s Journey and I feel this can reflect the number 2’s side kick vibe. We all need assistance and seek admiration and acceptance – it’s human yet it’s also just plain organic. The second density seeks other, it requires secondary input and reflection from outside the self – 2D is the addition of a second layer or angle. It’s necessary for growth.

Which leads to the next part of the process, the growing – the creation and in the Hero’s Journey we are calling it Departure. It’s the commitment to the new adventure, a purpose for a journey or quest has been identified/solidified/created. This creative process is what the 3 represents – along with things like the forever child, immaturity, adventure, discovery, curiosity – all the states of mind we see in children.

Once the adventure has been embarked upon, you’re bound to feel pretty good at first, right? Stable in your destination or desired outcome, “ready for anything”, you’re pack is full of newly loaded supplies and you’re on your way. You start to see some Trials – which is the next step in the Hero’s Journey and also can be harmonious with what 4 represents; stability gained, a foundation laid or a state of reserve, frugality or storing/maintaining.

As noted in the start of this description, I chose to swap up the placements here and move Crisis to this fifth placement because of the strong connection to the numerology of the 5. It’s also important to remember that it’s only through crisis and shake ups that we can truly know what will stand firm and what will fall away, right? We discover the best approaches that actually work in the real world through the experience of 5 disruptions and catalysts.

This also brings us up through Approach in the sixth place, as a filter of seeking and finding the best approach for the problem, it could also be the lead up to locating the buried treasure or the journey to rescue the princess.

Next up within the Journey is Treasure. It’s quite obvious the keyword signifies getting the prize, reaching the goal, or gaining the knowledge you set out in hopes of. The 7 is a space of mastery, wisdom, working understandings earned through hard experiences so it makes sense that we could draw similarities between the two.

Once the treasure is discovered or the knowledge is attained then the original quest itself is complete to degree, you’ve reached the desired Result, which is the next stage in the Hero’s Journey. The placement resides in the 8th spot and so we are subject to the karmatic reflexes of the 8. Infinity and the creator get to add their piece to the puzzle at this stage and so it’s a bit like reaping what you sow – for good or bad. It’s the moment when an agreement is called due or the consequences for the journey come forth – you see the big picture as well as the final stage approaching. There’s a sense of destiny and earned finality with the 8 space, again whether positive or negative the Result phase is no surprise to the Hero, you get what you’ve put in.

Seeing it for what it is and accepting the completed process is the following stage, all aspects of the 9, can be noted in the Return. The return journey is classically a time of reflection and rumination, where the forest is fully seen for what it is and the purpose of the entire journey is fulfilled. It’s easy to see how this is the end but also when we return to the underlying numerology and we want to rise into the 10 space we must remember that this new position of power and wisdom is only in regards to the quest you’ve just taken and so it fits quite nicely into the placement of the New Life place within the Hero’s Journey. This new life is only possible because the Hero has completed the quest, it’s like a leveling up which is definitely what the number 10 embodies.

The final step in the Journey is the Resolution. This is the space of tying up of loose ends or the dotting i’s and crossing t’s type of vibration. I see correlations to the 11 within this space – it’s a hind sight is 20/20 kind of mentality which gives the magician number its omnipresent feel. It’s a lonely space because you have all these lessons and experiences which you’ve gathered and are very useful – however they skills are defined in a specific area and only relevant within those parameters, so unless you’re ready to ascend into the true notion of the 11 and lead that hermetic and prophetic lifestyle, where all you seek and share is resolutions – well, you’re destined to step back into that 12/0 slot and re-enter the Status Quo waiting cue until a totally new call to adventure is heard.

Now that we have seen the escalation process and how it can be mirrored through numbers and words, lets add the final layer which is the human/emotional filter – the Archetypes.

I’ve made a clear cut infographic as a guide for the pairings as well – so if you’re more of a visual person you can use that reference as well – or even check out my podcast on the archetypes if you like to listen instead! I’ve made 2 podcasts so far on the topic, so if you’re interested in hearing why I chose the placements then be sure to check out the brainstorming session to hear the details.

In hopes of keeping this article readable – I’m going to use the above picture I created to help walk you through all 12 archetypes and work to keep this on the shorter side.

I do think it’s important to understand this cyclic pattern because it’s a gentle reminder how a single soul grows through its own ascension process of these archetypes as well and we all have things to learn from each one.

With that said, I’d like to end this article with a helpful reference for anyone interested. The list below is what I consider to be the most pressing lesson or karmatic cycle at play for each of the archetypes and in extension the number and place during the Journey.

  • The Jester | 0 | Status Quo :
    • Stay open, light and in the moment. All things are possible. Enjoy life as it is. Be in the flow and let your imagination guide you. Remember to laugh or who makes you laugh.
  • The Ruler | 1 | Call to Action :
    • Be careful what tasks you choose to undertake. Remember who looks up to you. Be honest and true to your word always. Don’t be afraid to stand out or stand up for something you believe in/are passionate about.
  • The Lover | 2 | Assistance :
    • Either it’s time to be that wing man or you’ll be needing the support from yours, depending on the situation. Friendship and camaraderie are innate human needs but remember balance in all things.
  • The Creator | 3 | Departure :
    • Take time to value and complete your precious projects, creations, relationships, ideas and thoughts. Slow down and appreciate all your blessings, for you are uncommonly lucky even if you refuse to see it.
  • The Regular Gal/Guy | 4 | Trials :
    • Only through repetition can mastery ever come, however try not to get bored with the middle ground, the practice points or the recitals. Remember, one day soon that curtain will rise on a live audience. Be grateful.
  • The Rebel | 5 | Crisis :
    • Hard times build resolute, strong and steadfast people, however it’s not merely about shaking things up to create chaos; it’s more about creating situations that cause you to deal with the real issues and get results.
  • The Caregiver | 6 | Approach :
    • Remember, each person has to go through their own ‘darkest night’ to find their true path. Don’t shield others from their rock bottom – you weren’t saved from yours and look how strong it made you.
  • The Sage | 7 | Treasure :
    • Yes, knowledge is power but remember what you’re gathering that information for – to share, to teach, to continue learning more and more but never get to the point where you think you know better than others.
  • The Innocent | 8 | Result :
    • This lesson is the ultimate karma tagline: you reap what you sow. The contracts been called up, the due date is here, it’s exam day. All your hard (or not so hard) work is about to pay off in the best/worst of ways.
  • The Explorer | 9 | Return :
    • You’ve seen it all, you know it all, you’ve been through it all – we know. Try not to be so bored by everything and let the ‘young ones’ surprise you once in a while – you might even learn something new; shocking!
  • The Hero | 10 | New Life :
    • Even if you seem to have it all right now, never forget that these skills and experiences will only take you so far. You’ll need to continue to save the day or grow your skill set in order to find true fulfillment.
  • The Magician | 11 | Resolution :
    • Energetic intention is everything. What you seek is seeking you. All the world is a mirror and that which you cast out will inevitably be reflected back at you with some serious amplifications. Be cautious, kind and loving.

I really would like to dive deeper into the underlying rulers of these type sets at a later point and talk about how the archetypes as a whole can be interpreted through 4 cardinal orientations and how those categories relate back to the known/unknown sectioning of the Hero’s Journey – so I hope you’ll tune back in for that once it’s out.

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