Numerology has been around for a long time.

  • Resources on birth date numerology
  • Meanings behind the numbers
  • Wonders of math to explore
    • Music, scales and harmonies
    • Symmetry and the Golden Ratio
      • Phi and Pi
      • Check out Jain108 for an abundance of beautiful art/math resources
    • Predictive patterns
    • Fractals
    • Vortex based mathematics
      • Learn the basics directly from Bucky with this clip from one of Buckminster Fuller’s lectures
      • There is an entire educational intro series by Randy Powell for free on Youtube
Below are resources which I created as a kind of study guide to understanding the basics of personality numerology. Feel free to download and print for personal use. Not to be used for sale.
There is also a predictable growth flow that can be described using numerology. The natural cyclic structure is dependable and reliable. Each step is built off the previous and a prerequisite for the following.

It is clear to any eye that the natural world has structure. There are definitive patterns, repeated templates and foundational fields with predictive boundaries. The universe, source whatever you choose to see it as, designs using math. Our lives also follow a mathematical growth pattern. Spirit/Angels/God can speak to us through numbers and patterns as well. Once you allow your mind frame to accept the notion that the universe can speak and operate within this numerical structure your experience of your world changes.

If you unlock this sight and understanding, you are able to move through your life with more ease.

Below is an outline of the flow as I know it. Each block has a key word for the number, followed by a few additional interpretations. Last is a specific message from Spirit. If you in need of guidance you can ask your higher self, guides, angels etc. to show you, by means significant to you personally, a sign in the form of a number and then refer to the key once you’ve received your sign. If you have a favorite number for some reason or constantly see a number somewhere you could also refer to the key. These can be signs that you are on the right path, or guidance to help you along your way.

Feel free to add to or reinvent as you see fit but remember, these generic “definitions” for each value do not just come from my mind – the wording is my own but it is built off ancient, esoteric knowledge that no one person can claim.

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