Dedicated to physical maintenance, nutrition, mental health and stress management. I would like to incorporate my own healing journey into this set and also introduce the spectrum of healing and the possibilities of the amazing human body. 

  • Groups, Channels, Foundations
    • Children’s Health Defense and RFK JR
    • ICAN and the High Wire with Del Bigtree
    • Real Truth about Health by Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI)

General Outline for self study

  • Base level foundational understanding of “medical science”, “theories” and what/why the field determined these to be “facts”
    • Terminology, linguistics, framework of the major systems
      • Please do yourself a history lesson favor and be sure to research the Rockefeller role in the mainstream decision to push their subjective truths on the world of medicine and ensure profits in the market by shutting out the other streams of healing (I am really trying to stay out of politics on this website but this is crucial to our back story.)
        • Germ vs. terrain theories
        • Allopathic vs. Homeopathic medicine
        • Dangers of EMF, RF including WiFi, cellphones and 5G
          • Check out this video for great info and a large list of further resources
  • Nutrition is vital and so undervalued
    • Toxins and Poisons in the foods, including GMO’s, additives, dyes and natural/artificial flavorings
    • Fasting is also important to understand and work into your own health maintenance practice
  • Water
    • Access to clean water for consumption and washing is crucial
      • Regular city water contains dangerous pollutants, toxins and pharmaceuticals like fluoride and estrogen inhibitors, etc.
        • Please be sure to check out filter systems and find one that fits your life needs
    • Cleansing and healing
      • Sprays, baths, soaks, hot and cold therapies
      • Vapors,showers, steaming, diffuse, humidifiers
        • Utilize bath salts, essential oils, flowers & herbs
  • Breathing and breath work 
    • Some people and methods to begin your investigation
  • Energy work, forgiveness, moving through negative emotions
    • Understanding how hoarding negative emotion over time causes serious disease in the body
    • Energetic practices to cleanse and clear are vital
    • Reiki and other forms of energy healing can help a lot with this
    • Hypnosis, QHHT, CBT techniques
  • Stress management and mental health
    • Meditation is crucial for growth
    • Mental refereeing to reduce negative thought patterns 
    • Learn to learn new things again 
    • Gratitude practice 

Health & Wellness starter videos:

Wellness related documentaries to check out:

  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  • Super Size Me
  • Cowspiracy
  • Plant PureNation
  • Food, INC
  • Food Matters – you are what you eat
  • Forks over Knives
  • Hungry for a Change
  • Fed Up
  • Food Chains
  • Farmagedon
  • Bite Size

Wellness Inspiration, Motivation and Quick Tips

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