Divination is such a fluid type of contact that it guarantees each time is unique, even if you only use one deck and one spread. Context, placement and perspective allow for such variety that the answers always reveal some deep, subjective truth. There’s are points to ruminate on for deeper understanding as well as guidance for actions or choice points likely to present themselves. 

There are many types of divination and people have developed so many practices over history that truly, the means are endless. You only need an open, dedicated channel and a designated communication method.

Some of the more well known divination tools:

  • Cards:
    • Traditional tarot
    • Oracle and angel decks
    • Standard playing cards deck
    • Personally made decks
  • Castings:
    • Runes
    • Stones
    • Bones
    • Shells
    • Personally collected assortment
  • Pendulum
  • Tea Leaves
  • Crystal ball or other crystal consultation
  • Dosing rods

Basic Card Etiquette and Hygiene

  • Cards should resonate with you personally
    • If you do not feel a connection to a deck immediately you can try shuffling, holding and working with them for some amount of time to get a sense of them – if you still notice no attachment, you should wait for another set
  • Decks can be temperamental and touchy so be sure to approach divination with respect and an open heart. Try not to over use your deck; notice when they are getting cranky.
  • Most who work with cards agree that self indulgent readings or self centered over-use of a deck will result in the deck lying to you or tricking you with false claims in some way
    • to avoid this risk, use your cards sparingly on yourself and always ask the deck if it would like to offer assistance at that time before starting a reading. If you receive confirmation then this is seen as consent and spirit does have a message specific to you at that time
  • Cards should be kept in a place which is special to you
    • You can re-box, band, tie or put them in a sack – just be sure the storage method is meaningful and protected
    • You can also leave them in the original packaging if you feel so inclined.
    • Most decks do not prefer to be left open, bare or exposed while not in use
  • Depending on usage – a deck can be cleansed/cleared as often as needed

Quick Tips:

A little about my decks and approach

Currently, I use two different decks depending on the spread and line of questioning. Each deck has their own personality and perspective. I choose which deck to use depending on the need, situation and general vibe I get. I practice with a traditional tarot deck, the Aquarian Tarot edition and then I have an oracle deck called the Fairy Ring.

My Aquarian tarot deck is blunt and honest. They work best when you’re seeking real world direction or guidance in a literal sense. These cards speak from the heart without sugar coating or beating around the bush.

My Fairy Ring oracle deck is kind, easy going and even a little witty. It is great for dreams, desires, and guidance in matters of the heart and soul. This deck works best with people who are called creatively, energetically, intuitively to the fairy world.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the specific spreads I offer, you can check that out here.

If you’d like to get a sense of the Fairy Oracle deck and my reading style with it, you can view my archive of Tarot Tuesday posts & videos here. These are all weekly readings in a general five card style.

IF you’d like to listen to me talk about tarot :

Beginners Intro to working with and caring for your deck. Part one

Beginners Intro to working with and caring for your deck. Part two

Goes over my version and explanation of how I approach divination from a spiritual angle.

An intro video where I talk about my personal journey with divination and how I use both traditional tarot and oracle decks.

Interested in the difference between tarot and oracle types of decks?

Why Tarot is so helpful for Shadow Work

Read the Full Blog: Tarot Spreads for Shadow work

The guidance and advice that can come through in readings centered around shadow work can have lifetime impact. Certain cards, whether the visual impact or some wording within the definition, can awakening ancient ideas and connections in the imagination space within your self.

This brightening and extension of conscious awareness can produce immediate results, insights, epiphanies or it may just tickle the senses of the person and sit on the tip of their tongue, like something they knew they’d long forgotten.

Either response – and all shades in between – are acceptable, of course. But it’s important as the reader, that we notice the responses and give additional descriptions if needed or leave it alone and allow that card to ‘speak for itself’ basically.

New Additions to my collection:

I was recently gifted two new decks and I’m so excited to start working with and learning about them:

  • Saints & Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue
  • Mandala Oracle by Heita Copony

Check out my Telegram or BitChute channels for a weekly card reading to inspire and guide us through the week.

I’m now offering an oracle card video each & every Friday – sharing the beautiful messages our Saints & Angels wish to bestow upon us as a collective and for each one individually as well.