Tarot Reading for Shadow Work

In light of the newest topic for my Comprehending Consciousness series: Duality – I’ve been examining what kind of roles duality plays in society, in nature and the organic world and then down into my own direct world, or the individual world as well.

When I’m asked to describe duality – or anyone is really – there are always some immediate examples good/bad, light/dark, hot/cold, up/down. It’s self evident that these opposites exist and play a significant role in the rules of this world.

Whether they are human created and imposed perceptions of causation or they are the naturally occurring organic markers of infinite intelligence – it does not really matter, and it should not be mattering to us as humans in this lifetime here.

That quest for the unknowable leads nowhere and takes up all your precious time here. Solid, logical evidence of that self serving type does not appear, it cannot appear in the lower density/frequencies required to manifest in 3D as some solid form. It’s light, thought energy, information based… it cannot be felt, touched, brought down any further than it already is.

As I noted in the recent video I made on shadow work and divination: This entire journey is about balancing the dark/light, negative/positive within the whole observer or within Source as One being. As above, so below rules guide us to see that this duality balancing or seeking of harmony happens within our One being as well. We are a reflection of the whole and our vessel is working to alchemize the energies flowing in and around it.

When we do our own shadow work and help assist others to do the same, we are clearing the Collective Shadow, too. It’s really such a crucial practice of self love and energy maintenance.

Why Tarot is so helpful for Shadow Work

The guidance and advice that can come through in readings centered around shadow work can have lifetime impact. Certain cards, whether the visual impact or some wording within the definition, can awakening ancient ideas and connections in the imagination space within your self.

This brightening and extension of conscious awareness can produce immediate results, insights, epiphanies or it may just tickle the senses of the person and sit on the tip of their tongue, like something they knew they’d long forgotten.

Either response – and all shades in between – are acceptable, of course. But it’s important as the reader, that we notice the responses and give additional descriptions if needed or leave it alone and allow that card to ‘speak for itself’ basically.

Shadow work is done best with a delicate hand, like pulling off a scab. That wound has a timing all of its own, known only by the body and spirit intelligences and if you’re scratching at something that hasn’t started to heal a bit underneath, well expect it to bleed and bother you after for days. Understand it will harden up and scab again, only larger and more inflamed than before.

Give yourself or the other person space and time – yes, it may seem like you can handle it, or that the person is not affected by the shadow but remember the impact can trickle in, it usually does – whether good or bad. The information from the reading may sound a certain way at the time of the reading but a month from then, looking back you may see it with whole new eyes.

Tarot adds a personal aspect to shadow work and helps us get out of the victim mode and into a more action based mind frame. The card meanings offer unlimited scenarios and guide points for us to work with and because they innately have a “morals” based structure it really allows the general wisdom to marinate down into your personal issue and develop its flavor, specific and definitive to your individual position. It’s miraculous how “templates” transfer info yet allow the freedom of expression necessary for solid, positive growth.

Spreads I enjoy utilizing for Shadow Work topics

Each spread image is linked to my Spreads page, where you can read the actual placement guideline for each card if you are interested.

The Hero’s Journey is 10 cards and mirrors the original/ancient Celtic Cross spread.

If you’ve got a life quest/purpose type of seeking and you’d like to assess some desired approach or an offered path – then this spread can be super helpful.

The Organic Matrix is 12 cards and is a build out of the classic 3 card: Past, Present & Future set up except there are added layers for Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions.

If you’re looking for a quick glimpse of your mosaic as a whole then this spread can provide that.

Balancing Duality is a simple 4 card spread that is designed for seeking a harmonious solution to a direct issue or problem.

It’s meant to help you identify to true self inside the problem, learn from the error,accept it for what it is and move forward on a path aligned with your most positive potentials.

The Fairy Oak spread is 10 cards and focuses on the root of a problem and how ancestry or deep seeded problems have manifested over time.

This is one of my favorite spreads, directly gifted from my first deck book.

The fairies have a unique way of expressing messages and I do feel this spread speaks well using the original Fairy Ring deck – however if the shadow issue is materialistic or a result of material world trauma then traditional tarot can be more receptive for direct working guidance.

Last Quick tips on Shadow Work & Spiritual Divination

  • Always go into Shadow Work with respect, love and compassion
  • Before you agree to offer/assist with shadow work readings for others:
    • Clear the air around their intentions and service alignment
    • Feel it out – do your vibes match or compliment one another
    • Do not feel obligated to offer your services. You have the right to politely decline your services to anyone, at any time, and without detailed explanation. Signs to decline:
      • if you feel immediately guilt tripped or overwhelmed with anxieties
      • if you sense they are just seeking confirmation for preconceived solutions or paths
      • if you feel infringement or manipulation of any type: energetic/physical/emotional
  • Once a firm, grounded space has been established for working be sure you enter the reading with conscious intent and and positive orientation – focused on uncovering, understanding and moving through the deeper issues
  • Be sure to close the session of shadow work
    • Try not to leave lingering confusions
      • Ask the cards for clarity, if needed, but don’t overly exhaust the cards
      • Acknowledge that time may be needed to sort through and ruminate over the messages
      • Confirm with the “shadow” that acceptance is a work in progress and you’ll be back
    • Thank the cards, spirit, Source (and anyone else you choose) for their time, wisdom and love
    • Close the circle, cleanse the space in a way that works for you and your practice
    • Planning a follow up session would usually be expected, since Shadow Work is not typically something we do once but remember as noted above – take it slow and gradual.

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