The Healing Power of Breath Work

This is a quick dedication, as a personal thank you, to Wim Hof – the legend who inspired my journey into the power of the breath. I have a habit of writing simple Thank You notes in a gratitude journal of mine to pay homage to mentors in my life. Below is an excerpt from my latest journal which inspired this blog about my personal healing journey with breath work.

Dear Wim Hof, thank you so much for your teachings, practices and the example you live out for the collective each day. You’ve broken through so many preconceived glass ceiling for Humanity. The impact you’ve made on our world is unparalleled, in my opinion.

Not only have you changed my mind and the way a perceive science, my body and reality but even more importantly you inspire me to be happy about this life and grateful for the steps I’ve taken and my path so far.

You’re exuberance and contagious positivity are backed up with a sage wisdom and true knowledge of the work and to me, that makes you a beacon of hope. I can always find empowerment in your words, videos and in the practices.

My journey with the breath work has opened up and freed so many restrictive constraints I barely knew were there. It helped me to be able to finally quit smoking – I was dead set on hitting 1 min 30 seconds but I couldn’t get there until finally I cut that habit out. I picked up running again because I felt more alive than ever.

I hardly ever feel sick anymore. The morning “smoker’s hack” I used to have continually is gone. When I do feel slightly off or like maybe some kind of cold is coming on, I do extra breath work and charge up my nutrient intake. I clear my energetic body and cleanse my lymphatic system with an ice cold shower or bath.

The spiritual changes and the increase in conscious awareness are wonderful additions to my body vessel becoming more healthy. The calmness and ease that resides inside the silence of the breath hold seems to seep into every moment. The flow of the breathing is harmonic and puts me in a wakeful meditation. A living meditation starts to emerge inside each and every breath. It plays with time, it speeds up and stretches out.. this practice of breathing then holding offers to many intricate learning points, both physical and mental.

Thank you Wim Hof. Words cannot describe with enough clarity or emphasis how deep my gratitude flow for you and your teachings. Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge with us.

Personal Background & Brief Reference

It all started back in 2018 – I believe – though the year itself is not particularly important, and I could be off because I’m terrible with timelines; however it’s been quite a few years now that I’ve been practicing the Wim Hof Method (WHM).

I remember when I first stumbled upon him on an interview I was immediately intrigued by his character and personality, he seemed bigger than life and his world records were changing the way science saw things.

Through my first few exposures, I came to see the boundaries he was pushing and the science he’d be changing at this time in my life I was ready to accept new theories in the realm of science because I’d been on my awakening path for a few years already and had solid ground to stand on in the metaphysical world.

I had noticed too many giant holes in basic biology and allopathic medicine in my college years. These questions were shoved under rugs, denied or scoffed at – but never honestly examined by any ‘teacher’ or ‘professor’.

In the lab, I witnessed too many ‘technicians and doctors’ embellishing sickness, undercutting healthy life and offering no actual remedies to the unhealthy. I figured out that the hospital I worked in was simply sick-care not healthcare at all. I questioned testing parameters and ‘diagnosis’ death sentences but I was met with negativity, hostile aggravation or simply total apathy to the obvious holes and errors.

I knew there were major problems in the science/academia world and I was aware of the orchestrated hands carefully leading the way – to where? you might still ask.. though I’m sure most have seen the finish line by now… Agenda21 / 2030: The ultimate surveillance technocracy, where the State and Healthcare merge to form the new Religion of Scientism with some super AI as their center figure/”God”.

I was sure of it, even back then and so in 2017 I left the laboratory I had worked at for the last 10 years. I sidestepped into a new field: logistics, trade and freight. (AND, in 2022 I dropped out of yet another career field, due to the rising red flags of State manipulation and the encroaching threat to sovereignty.)

What caught my curiosity in 2018, after relinquishing my “Science/Modern Medicine” badge of honor – was that Wim Hof, in conjunction with scientists, was proving that his super human qualities were not so “super” after all. Anyone can do it.

We can tap into our subconscious mind, we can alter our parasympathetic nervous system, we are able to impact and regulate our autonomic nervous system. These so called “reptilian” portions of our brain which ‘modern science’ and all is tendrils have deemed unconscious are in fact accessible.

This blew the top off my personal stagnation. Nothing in my brain chemistry was set in stone, no means of thinking or neural synapses was off limits to me – I simply needed to gain conscious awareness first.

This also had a domino effect in my health world – it cemented me on this path to physical wellness because I could no longer claim I was a victim of heredity or some genetic malfunction. I had no scapegoat for my unhealthy state.

Now, I knew for certain that my autoimmune issues, the migraines, the general malaise I had been crippled with most of my early adulthood was of my own creation. I had heard these kinds of sentiments in the new age/metaphyiscal/esoteric realms: “you create your problems, you choice your traumas, you manifest everything”, etc. But up until this point I could not completely connect the ‘scientific’ dots and “make sense” of that working.

Once I started to learn about Wim and the discoveries made around breath work, the cold, positive stress, and things – I got it. The real world dots connected for me.

Here’s the key missing piece – yes, the brain is a use it or loose it model, however it’s potentials, or the possibilities are infinite not limited and though ‘recovery’ as they’ve defined it may not happen, and yes ‘brain cells die and don’t come back‘ but it sure looks like new growth IS always taking place – and that mean newness, developing new creations and adaptation IS still going on.

Change is happening – it is not stable or stagnant, it is not simply “switches” either frozen in an off or on state because of such and such genetic markers and that’s the end of it.

And even more recently: the mainstream is even stepping out and realizing that that modern ‘psychology’ with all their medications to correct ‘imbalances’ was all a charade, a bad theory that never held up in the real, organic world but made a ton of people billionaires and millions dependent on BigPharma.

Wim Hof has taken this notion to new heights these days and even partnered with John Hopkins University to complete a study/experiment into his WHM breath work for maintaining or achieving health/wellness. Together they proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he can in fact be injected with a supposed “contagion” (example used was e.coli) and show zero symptoms of the sickness, AKA never “get sick”.

He took it even further and then coached others to learn and enact the powerful magic of our ‘immune system’ through breath work and intention. He succeed 100% and continues to empower others to take charge of their bodies and health.

This quick little historical background/personal reference plus the video selection below are offered just as helpful starting points for anyone who is new to Wim Hof, to breath work in general or even new on their health & wellness journey.

Start a breath work practice. I started with this video of three rounds and built up from there.
Great interview with Wim by Tom Bilyeu under an hour and gives some great medical/scientific explanations.
Inspirational video which I personally love.
This is a great video by LondonReal on the emotional benefits. They did a whole documentary or series on Wim that is worth watching, too!

Good luck & I hope you’ll try it out for yourself!

Leave a reply if you try it out and share your own experiences!

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