Love & Light: a down-to-Earth approach

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Over time, I’ve sporadically touched on this topic across a few different platforms and I hate to be redundant but this topic really feels important to me.

‘Love and Light’ is one of those “New Age” concepts that has been severely over dramatized, inflated and now washed out by the mainstream but regardless, (and truly, most importantly because this was done intentionally) the distortions do not weaken the true meaning within it – discovering it and feeling it for yourself is the real task at hand.

The mainstream is too shallow for this type of practice or understanding. The quick, frantic paddling done up there is strictly for the rapids – you cannot swim like that in the deep end.

I say this as fair warning and also as a sort of guide stick for you to lean on; if these things are new to you or if you feel they are embellished phrases aimed at feel good nonsense only.

Things are as deep, as purposeful and as effortlessly perfect as you should choose to see it. Conversely, the opposite is also just as true and possible – things are super shallow, lifeless, meaningless – you can choose to belittle, demean and depreciate yourself and your reality as much as you deem necessary.

Just remember, this viewpoint you hold is solely (soul-ly) your perspective. It is based on your cumulative experiences in this place so far and resides within the scope of conscious awareness you have access to at this moment. If you can allow yourself the freedom to know you’ll never know it all and to be OK with that – then you are ready to at least learn to swim with ease and dive deeper.

IF you should choose to continue reading, then I welcome you and ask that you bear with me as this concept is multifaceted and takes time to even approach the basic understanding.

As with all things organic, there should be a plain and simple version, an original truth which can be used as if it were a template or basic model – the individual creator distorts the original truth to their liking by which creating their own version which is new in and of itself but also is a reflection of the one before it – like an upgrade or how your parents passed on DNA/genes to you.

This is the basic modality of creation – seems simple enough, right?

So then, you must ask yourself – well, what is difference between unique creation and mere replication?

The answer is simple, so don’t muck it up with too many critiques – intention.

Just like back in your schooldays, if you’ve come up with your own conclusion and put it down in your own words then it is honest work but if you’ve copied those words from some other source then that’s plagiarizing.

Let’s take it one step further on the spectrum of awareness now : when you are creating something new, an essay for example, and you are summing up research, it’s one thing to simply miss citing a reference or mistakenly word an author’s point in a way where you should have noted it was a direct quote – here your initial intention is an honest creation of something new.

However it’s a whole different ball game if you are knowingly portraying someone else’s work as your own with the purpose of deceiving the reader, right? Here the intention is not creation of new for amusement, discovery or examination – it is duplicating a past creation and trying to reuse it for a self service benefit in the present moment. There is no honest creator essence involved in this, it’s soulless creating, copying for the purpose of use, to generate or harness energy, or a reaction or emotion. This is the invention of slavery in its most fundamental form.

When we choose to create like a tyrant master we can only make slave creations – and ironically we trap both our creations and our own creative energy in a Tyrant/Slave cycle, which then initiates a sole (soul) purpose of seeking freedom. It’s the perfect self-fulfilling prophecy. But it’s also like taking the long way round.

When you create with the intention of controlling a thing, you’ve made it for a strict purpose and that’s that, right? There can be no freedom gained in this type of practice because neither the creator nor the product is allowed to change, to be alive and free. The creation must maintain its outward, stable appearance and always provide the expected service or else suffer the wrath of its Creator and risk being cast aside as useless, unfit, worthless – worst case dead, done, gone. Right?

If instead, each Creator allows the creation space of its own, intends it to grow in some way or is open to change within the form, then the creation is set free into the collective and it can thrive. The Creator can maintain a free and open energy/life as well – without entangling their Now moment with thoughts, worries, wants in regards to the completed creation. That creation is let loose, so to speak, and the Creator is no longer responsible for it – that creation is now “alive” and solid enough to hold its form out there in the collective space.

Remember, we all (all energy forms) inhabit this time/space/place. We are held within the Ether and we reverberate continually, eternally actually if that can ever be imagined! All creations are unique frequencies and should be respected and allowed to occupy sovereign space in the Ether (or imagination space, collective unconscious, our social memory complex, the Akashic – whatever you would like to call it.)

To create with honesty/love is to infuse freedom/life into the thing.

Love, intent, effort, time, appreciation. All these wonderful energetic pieces go into making a sucessful creation and therefore it is only fair and right that we allow the creation to live out its role once it’s released into the collective.

This is the ultimate act of love and service to others. Simply allowing all things created to live out their purpose as it evolves, not based on your preconceived goal of what it should be.

I give all that background to hopefully help explain with more clarity the basic powers and purpose of Love and Light from an angle that resonates with a positive polarity.

As I’ve hardly scratched the surface above, I hope it’s enough to dive into the initial idea of true Love – as in unconditional love – I’m not talking about those fluffy or romantic feelings either.

What I’m working to define is a closer to reality, deeper to truth notion that Love is a force similar to the spark of life. Things like ‘gravity’, ‘inertia’, motion: kinetic and potential are literal physical examples of Love.

It bestows importance, meaning, emotion. It binds, holds and ties. It calls back after months, years or lifetimes. It seeps in and stays. It grows, listens, understands. It seeks Oneness because It remembers the original Truth.

Love is wisdom in action.

So then, what is wisdom? We can call Wisdom: infinite knowledge, all knowing, mastery, foresight, intuition.

And, now, I’m also starting to see now that Light is the original Wisdom.

Light is known as the messenger, as most of us have heard. It is energy but a different sort than movement. Light energy sparks physical movement – even in plant life we see this fact.

But Light is something different than “matter”. Even the academia world and their scientists can see the differences. They named them “light photons” instead.

Light gives life; that is also very clear because it is made up or or carrying informational signals of an energetic form that empowers being’s bodies and souls to do work of one kind or another.

Light is information, intelligence, imagination. Light carries all truth down from the highest realms into the depths of the dimensions; it’s like usable fuel for the energetic creator within. It powers up your imagination and your soul (along with our actual physical vessels – vitamin D production!) to be motivated to create new things and feel the love and appreciation that comes with creating.

Light is Information & Love is Action.

Love & Light go together hand and hand – they can work harmoniously to explore the many-ness of this universe in an abundant, limitless way with Freedom and Sovereignty at the core of Creation; or they can be distorted into Shadow & Stagnation or Deception & Lies – which replicate a “seemingly harmonious” creation that calls in the Servitude/Slavery cycle instead.

When we have distortions of Light/Love we get the shadow side. Here in the 3D/Duality based model the rays sent down through densities are already, organically diluted and distorted for specific soul growth within this plane – however, the added role of the Negative Polarity which has collected here has added further to the shadows and now build and use so much of this space for their own self-serving means.

If you are struggling to let go of Controlling Habits I highly suggested spending some time meditating on your intentions during the creation process. What does your heart tell you about your energy needs? Do you create and/or do things for the enjoyment or do you hold a self-serving agenda underneath?

Are you living your life as a free creator or are you the micromanager watching all your creations like a slaver driver? Do you wish to be free in your own space in the world or do you prefer structure and guidelines placed on you?

There’s no right or wrong answer to these things, they are just points to mull over which I hope will help you to identify your alignment more clearly. I know ruminating on the sliding scale of honest intention and clear creating has really helped me in my own life!

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