Conscious Creator Complex – how to avoid becoming a tyrant

When we create anything; be it ideas or literal projects – we are taking part in a conscious production of something ‘New’.

You can understand it using very simple terms, if you look at it as 1+1 = 3

No, no – this isn’t that 1984 propaganda 2+2=5 nonsense – what I’m referring to is this triad of organic creation. Triality, the two opposite ones joining to form a new solution which is birthed forth only through contribution from both sides.

This kind of math does not represent the same function happening when we see 1+1+1 = 3 . In this formula we have three original parts coming together to form a sum or total of 3.

When we use the expression simply as 1+1 = 3 – it’s signifying a very critical difference. Do you see it?

The difference shows quite clearly the obvious and logical, mathematical (pun intended) difference between replication and creation.

The original formula can be shown in the organic world as one parent plus the other one parent gives us a family of three humans. Another way to now look at it – in the imagination space is one creator plus another creator equals some new creation, right?

If we rotate the lens further inwards we can see another layer, which is where I would like to dive deep into in this blog – the creative partnership that takes place between your imagination space and the Ether, Humanity’s conscious collective, and in extension Source.

Each thought or choice point we encounter can (at this level) be witnessed as a point of creation – a small spark of life. A ray of light or a “photon” maybe you can envision this piece like – this notion, thought or desire lights up and makes space. Now you have the immediate option to hear your heart center and choose to infuse love into the space and create New from there or you can deny that free space and choose to deflect the message of love coming from the heart.

If your being chooses distortion over truth in any way then the light accepts the refraction but continues to hold that current of truth, for it has no other way, being Original Information. This ultimate knowing sets the self fulfilling prophecy into action, because all must return to their truth and when they do that they innately find true love again.

If we could instead see choice points, decisions and thoughts as active, open spaces for dialogue and partnership with Source, the collective, your guardian angels or spirit world even – and leave room for Them to put in Their portion of the project – then we start to see huge improvements in our outcomes.

When we accept and work to maintain a service to others, or positive polarity – we choose to see the other and Source and our Self as representations of One, right? So, during each ‘creation’ you are part of, leave room for God/Source/Spirit to co-create with you instead. This gives you a much difference approach and gives life a whole new feel. I know it has for me, at least!

This acceptance of co-creation with infinite intelligence (is the way I like to view it) has brought me closer to feeling the “flow” and living more within the conscious moment instead of living up in my frenetic thinking mind all the time. My mind is more likely to talk its way round things, as well, and so it suits my emotional/energetic state much better when I just listen to my heart straight away.

The heart has a direct line to Source, our inner teacher or higher self – whatever you like to see it as. I’ll simply refer to it as Truth for now.

The Heart senses/feels Truth’s deep, quiet rumble off in the distance – as it usually is, especially as of late and within the 3D realm – sometimes it’s stronger with certain people and some do hear theirs quite clearly – but for the main collective right now, their vibration is weakened, distorted or drown out by all the incoming negativity being broadcast out by the negative polarity. Most of their Hearts have been imprisoned and their Souls are unable to break free for a multitude of reasons…

By ignoring the messages of Truth from their Heart, its ‘energetic muscle’ atrophies and so even though their Heart may slightly sense that rumble, it is not strong enough anymore to speak of it; let alone work up enough power for the scream that would be needed if it was to be heard over the ruckus in most people’s inner world.

It is a free will universe regardless, and so such there are many, many ripples in the Ether at this time. The shadows and distortions are heavy here, especially when we look into the realm of the 3D Matrix and the collective inhabiting that space/structure. There’s a near infinite variety of energetic ideas to interact and create with here – and you are able to consciously choose what type of creations you take part in.

When we acknowledge how difficult it is to choose active positive polarity and take into consideration the intensity of the System within this ‘Earth School’ place – where lethargy and leisure are so strongly encouraged and even held as a prize or ultimate goal for serving the System – it doesn’t take too much common sense to see their slavery trap and the negative agenda that’s taking place here.

The natural setting in this place is negativity rooted in this survival of the fittest mentality to gear creation in a certain direction because their 3D Matrix is a service to self, negatively aligned system overlay that resides within our true 3/4D reality space.

Having this immediate undertone happening in the external world over lifetimes fertilizes the ground for each individual world – it basically reflects lack into each person’s world as an initial starting point.

From the Negative standpoint and when looking at the 3D Matrix as just a system – is ingenious honestly.

If you’re intention is to trick Creators into the slavery cycle, there could be no better way.

Their structure inputs into each individual’s imagination space all these “rules” that supposedly are logical, ‘true’:

  • death is to be feared,
  • finding ultimate Truth is terrifying,
  • that this life spontaneous
  • imagination, intuition, feelings & emotions are chemical signals nothing more
  • All resources, (energy & light even) are “limited” and must be “preserved”
  • survival of the fittest, defensive/aggressive social hierarchies and ideologies

When we realize how important it is to steer the Conscious Collective it becomes very clear the stakes at risk during this Game of Life. If a polarity is to be held then the collective must be controlled. If control is the purpose then negative polarity is pulling energy in towards it.

If there’s a negative structure in place, there’s a collective social complex who created it and entities which operate to serve it and keep it maintained. There must be a consistent energy supply to serve the self or else its power, prestige and purpose fizzle out.

This is why the lies are so important to them and why a negative vibe is absolutely necessary. No being who offers positive service to others can be compatible with their system because they seek to accept, support, and/or heal but a negative system’s true intention is to stay hidden, remain low, fall in and give way to entropy. It’s like asking if they want a ride in the opposite direction of their dream destination.

So clearly, in this place of duality we have the appearance or option of two forms of intention during creation: servitude or sovereignty.

I talk a bit more about this in the last few blogs & podcasts I’ve done – so if you’re new here and this interests you, take a look at to get a deeper take on these ideas in this blog on Love&Light and also in my Mother’s Mothers blog. I’ve also discussed this on this podcast about finding our middle ground between our ancestors and the coming new generations.

For the purpose of this blog, I really want to hit on this difference of intention and what kinds of creations (including even thought form creations) we are choosing to create and the energetic and karmatic strings we’re attaching to ourselves when we create from a point of servitude instead of sovereignty.

As I noted above, about the layering and taking the focus deeper – this template for creation is valid and applicable across all domains. It’s so crucial we get into that working and apply it throughout as much of our multidimensional space as we possibly can – both inner and outer worlds.

When we can accept full responsibility for our sovereignty then we are able to feel its value and understand its worth. Then you want each being to honor theirs as well.

When we deflect responsibility and constrict our consciousness into a particular angle for our own benefit or comfortability; we instantly create distortions in the Ether/Universe and that sends out a negative resonance which in turn calls back like a beacon things which match that vibration.

Now, to take that working and apply it to creations in our reality like products, ideas, projects – and even our own children, right, they are our own 3D physical creation – when we go into the creative process with expectations of the outcome we are limiting the thing (and of course it’s necessary to some degree in order to create anything but the intention is key here so stick with me.)

If we refuse to offer our vision or desired outcome up to Source/the Universe to witness and offer advice then we are negating our original alignment to service to others – we must be willing to let Source/Spirit put their 2cents in; if we are truly co-creators, right? You can’t offer your idea up to the ‘team’ and then just continue on without their input or act as if it isn’t relevant. Well, you can – but the outcome has a much higher probability of failure if you choose to do that.

When we do choose to selfishly create things for our sole benefit there is a spectrum of tyranny available. There are levels to the negative entanglements and I cannot cover them all here so I’m going to attempt to keep this general.

Whenever a being creates a thing, it also creates energetic entanglements – these vary of course, and here I’m strictly speaking about the negative orientation – where the original intention is not free expression but calculated replication for a service of some sort which is seen as solely beneficial to the creator or user.

The creator entangles their power source with the creation in order to swap its natural, organic torus of energy and then siphon it for their own use. This harnessing is done through control mechanisms and constant modification or maintenance of some kind; energetic, thought or physical. The cycle entraps both entities and unfortunately most lower level awareness cannot yet feel the truth deep inside this karmatic ocean.

Sadly, the template of the slave/master cycle – or slavery pendulum – is very strong in this world. But I’m sensing a lightening happening in the collective, hence my current angle – trying to bridge the gap between those of us who’ve been awake for a while and the many who are just coming in.

As another example, in case this is not coming through clearly – I prefer to view it as one of the original distortions of truth; the truth and light of sovereignty twisted and bent into the shadows and distortions of servitude. Switching or inverting positive service into a negative one – which seeks power over its creations – confirmation of its “Creator” status so to speak – because it is a falsified version of the Truth of Sovereignty, the facade must be kept up with, the “Creator” must have confirmation of its heightened position/perspective and therefore it will always need to seek external validation from others – visually, physically, mentally witnessing others submit to their authority, power, status.

In order to fully imagine yourself raised high upon a pillar – one must see a crowd of ants beneath them, right? To have some depth to compare the height to – it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy is initiated when we think, create and live within this negative mentality.

Imagine taking a more harmonious standpoint and offering freedom of growth to all creations you put forth?

Loosen the grip on your ideas, creations, conclusions, projects – give the universe/source/spirit/(other humans even!) space to offer input and hear it through your heart. Be a co-creator within this energetic universe.

Instead of coming up with a new idea and cementing it down, forcing all to see it exactly how you envisioned it – why not release the fear of change and allow your ideas to adapt with ease?

Try to wrap your mind and heart around offering your creations up to our collective as usable, moldable, evolving beings with freedom of expression?

In the light love blog I gave a brief down to Earth kind of logical stand point of light being information/truth/wisdom and love being the force that brings that energetic information down into form, action and general “being-ness”. Light is the “Plan” and Love is “Process”.

When we can broaden our understanding and make room for this kind of scientific and logical working we can start to gain more clarity about the world we are inhabiting.

In the scope of being a Creator and using light and love to create new things, we have a huge responsibility in our hands, right?

If you constantly create from that tyrant, negatively oriented polarity you will be continuing on creating more and more slave beings with karma cycles to play out – with the Creator at the center of that “lesson”.

Let’s think about this for a while because I do hear that this is the most simple way we can draw the intentional line in the sand during all creative processes.

This is how we each free ourselves and one day the world; as our collective begins to reflect back Humanity as free and responsible creators.

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