Tarot Spreads

I feel spreads allow for a structured approach that helps us set up an expectation and flow to the reading so that the messages can be relayed as clearly as possible. Not all readers use spreads, of course and I sometimes freestyle readings myself; depending on time constraints, or if there is no direct line of questioning or when the person is new to tarot and an in depth spread could be overwhelming.

The spread is used as a guide for a certain line of questioning. Typically, the placement of the card has a specific meaning or question it signifies and when a card is place in that spot you interpret the meaning under the lens of its placement. The placement is the “question” and the card is the “answer” – a spread has a general flow of intent for the placement/questions and then the overall meaning is also assessed as a whole.

The card meanings and their messages are always up for interpretation from any number of angles which is what makes tarot and oracle cards so unique and diverse. Each card has a stand alone meaning but also they harmonize with surrounding cards to create more defined messages. A bit like how words can be strung together to create a sentence of different significance.

Over the years I have developed and shaped my understanding of the decks I work with – learning their language, so to speak. I am continually amazed and grateful to my cards for the guidance and support they provide. Every time I utilize them I learn something new about the cards, myself, my craft and the world.

Reading Details

I approach each reading with respect, gratitude and an open heart, mind and soul. I ask that each person who sits for a consultation does the same. Truth can be difficult to look at with an unbiased eye but with some courage and a bit of love you can see through into your honest reality and uncover your real messages.

Readings can be done live – either in person or via phone/video – or I can prepare a reading by myself and send a written version to you. Readings can recorded for your convenience, either plain audio or video as well. I like to give an opportunity for clarification cards near the finish of the reading, in case you feel anything has been left hanging or needs further examination before we close.

I also provide you with a write up and visual of the spread for future reference and guidance which can pop up days or weeks after a reading.

If you’re in the southern NH area and you’d enjoy an in-person reading please mention so in the request and we can work out a time and place. Pleas note, with the state of the world and town by town changes – meeting at an outdoor, unregulated area would certainly be best as I cannot subject my health and well being to restricting, harmful mandates. However, this may limit scheduling opportunities, due to weather.

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This spread provides a detailed look into your life’s path. The placement mirrors the original Celtic Cross spread but overlays the classic ‘Hero’s Journey‘ framework to give additional direction. (If you’re unfamiliar with this narrative – it references the set of plot points that are hit in order to fully develop the main character/hero in a story.)

This structure is an archetypal roadmap that can be applied across a multitude of scenarios as you will see below, but the best time frames would be things like: reconnecting with your life’s purpose, a new career or trade, assessing new opportunities in the real world like investments, moves, goals and dreams.

  1. Represents the Questioner or the present circumstance
  2. What crosses you, what lays in your path, the choice point
  3. What will need to happen to move forward, the foundation to lay, ground from which your journey begins
  4. What will watch over you, what guides you, how to build stability
  5. Disruptions, pitfalls, possible things which could hold you back, can signify past issues resolved
  6. What needs to be moved through in order to succeed, where perseverance may be needed in the near future
  7. Represents questioner in regards to the lessons, karma, morals or spiritual evolution needed
  8. Concerns the role your direct relationships, social ties, love and family will play in the journey
  9. What completion of this segment could look like, how others will react to the developments, how the questioner may change or evolve
  10. The Final Card – if you could choose only 1 card spirit would send you this final card.

This spread is very helpful when you are facing a distinct catalyst; whether it’s an issue you’re facing in the real world like a social problem with someone or roadblock in the way of your dream – or it’s a more of a conceptual issue within yourself or your goals, this four card reading is direct and useful in moving forward.

  1. Represents the Questioner or current situation
  2. The contrast or duality which has surfaced
  3. Potential problematic setbacks, links to the past which may hold you back, deeper layers which are at the root of the catalyst
  4. Most helpful vision for the future, desired outcome, important guidance notes, deeper layer which will be uncovered later

This spread was built off of a seven card spread from my Fairy Ring deck. Over the years I began following my inner guidance on spreads and this one developed into a more chakra focused. This is a great spread to discover the underlying talents or gifts each center has for you. You don’t need to be familiar with the chakra centers of eastern medicine to enjoy this reading but if you are we can definitely incorporate learning into the reading as well.

  1. Represents the Questioner’s present circumstances, the root of the issue, the base of their character
  2. Questioner’s most pressing desire, fuel of their passion, where their creativity comes from
  3. What may help, solutions or insights into connecting with others to bring resolution
  4. What may hinder growth, areas to expand or deepen understanding and acceptance around
  5. Which course of action is best to take, how to approach or communicate the issue, how to explain yourself or situation
  6. Introspective insight of the ultimate lesson to be learned, how to connect to higher intelligence, intuitive message from highest self
  7. The big picture, the Final Card.

This type of reading does not follow any specific layout, instead I allow the cards to speak freely about your unique general circumstances.

As the message is examined a format or pattern develops and we will discuss the unfolding, identify the meanings and ask for clarification with additional cards, if needed.

This spread typically is quick and direct. If there isn’t an obvious need to fill or reviewing placements seems too daunting then this is perfect.

This spread has no need for a numerical outline since it follows a simple structure.

The matrix shows us the Past, Present, and Future depicted in rows which reflect the Mind, Body, Emotional, and Spiritual layers of your being. This reading is meant to provide a bird’s eye view of your life’s path.

I see this as snapshot of your current fractal blueprint in the organic matrix.

This spread is typically performed with my Fairy Ring oracle deck instead of the regular tarot cards. This spread is particularly powerful if you are feeling ready to make a big life change or finally ready to embrace a dream or goal you’ve had for a while. This spread can also be useful for those facing apathy or stagnation.

  1. The Questioner or important aspects of the question
  2. Questioner’s innate talents that will aid him/her in gaining fulfillment
  3. Potentials as yet unrealized or untapped
  4. What will guide the questioner’s choices
  5. Events in which fate or destiny takes a hand, for good or for bad; perhaps problems that need to be overcome

This spread can be used to identify the root of an issue or a deep seeded influence which holds power over your current situation. This is a deep dive into shadow work and is only for those who are ready to do the hard personal work.

  1. The physical world and material matters
  2. The root of your personality and approach – your subconscious influences
  3. Intellectual basis of the question, and insights into the situation
  4. Emotional matters, relationships, and love
  5. Matters you need to bring into balance
  6. Lessons that need to be learned in order to grow and move forward
  7. The best way for you direct your energies
  8. What you intuitively know
  9. Action you need to take
  10. The heart of the matter

The Yearly spread is pretty much self explanatory.

However, I also incorporate a 13th card, which I feel is the cards way of setting the tone for the year to come. This center card provides an additional filter to add to the view of each month.

It functions as a small reminder, theme or continual guidance that will be readdressed throughout the year in new ways to promote growth; usually manifesting as either as an active catalyst or as passive foundational support.

If you’re interested in learning more about tarot or divination in general, check out the Tools page or try the search option on the side bar to find articles, tips, videos and other resources.

SpreadApprox. Time LengthPrice (US dollars)
Hero’s Journey45 mins to 1 hour$33
Balancing Duality15 to 30 mins$11
Talents, Gifts and Guides30 to 45 mins$22
Five Card General Reading15 to 30 mins$11
The Organic Matrix1 hour +$44
The Fairy Gifts15 to 30 mins$11
The Fairy Oak45 mins to 1 hour$33
a Yearly Forecast1 hour +$44
I can accept PayPal or Zelle through internet or phone, or obviously cash if in person. I am always more than happy to work out different forms of energy exchanges, as well!
If there is a need, we will find a way! Please do not hesitate to ask.