Self Love

This section is a dedication to the ongoing battle of self love. Although there’s certainly a lot of controversy around the subject, never let anyone make you feel selfish for loving yourself or for putting yourself first.

You are the only person on this planet that You must tolerate, please or fear.

Self love really is an ongoing practice that grows as you do. It can take form across a wide spectrum of modalities and can look like anything really – as long as it lights up your being. But remember, in this free will universe you must accept the responsibility that comes along with whatever lights you up. You have a duty to your soul to pursue those inner sparks of excitement, intrigue or curiosity. When you do not – when you ignore or push aside those callings, dis-ease will develop. First in your inner mental and emotional worlds, then your outer physical world will reflect it and finally, if you continue to shut out what is trying to light you up, you will eventually see physical disease manifest within your body or even worse, an urgent and direct crisis event may erupt.

Self love is meant to protect you, to lead you to your greatest potentials and support you through the dedication it takes to become a master in whatever you have chosen. It comes from within, from the depths of your own “rock bottom” – like a well.

Without tapping into this well, we risk losing ourselves in outwardly focused dramas that have no real significance or lessons to be learned, but instead they center around material items and instant gratification, both of which decay rapidly and typically leave us feeling demotivated, used or bored. This causes us to look outward, yet again, to find another drama, item or person to light us up again. Once you are able to make this distinction between actual self love and blind egotism you are ready to start your practice!

Quick Tips:

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Daily Practice Ideas

  • Physical movement that feels good to you
    • Sports, dancing, yoga, swim, go for a run or to the gym
    • All the classic ‘exercise’ modalities
    • But also it can be simple, small efforts:
      • sit in a chair and do some arm circles, stretch your back, neck and legs in a way that feels good to your body
      • walking, rebounding and stairs are great easy starting places
  • Look into your own eyes in the mirror –
    • don’t go into judgement mode & no critiques allowed, try to say one nice thing or even I love you
  • Meditation practice – doesn’t seem like classic “self love” but it truly is
    • If sitting in silence freaks you out or you have no desire to try that specifically:
      • guided meditations are great and tons are free online for all varieties of purposes
      • try background, quiet music like Meditative Mind or CalmWhale on youtube
      • A meditative state is what you’re aiming for, so, things that put you in your ‘zone’
        • dishes, sewing, drawing, gardening, walking even – there is no right or wrong access point, just something which doesn’t require the thinking brain to be active
  • Connecting with your breath – this can be with breath work techniques or just your own feelings
  • MIR Method

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