Personal Notes on Q’uo on Dealing with Fear vs Love

This is a quick blog on one of my favorite episodes on the Reality Revolution by Brian Scott. He talks over and reviews quotes from LLC Research and their channeling sessions with the entities of Q’uo and in extension, Ra. If you are new to these channelings, be sure to check out the Law of One books and LLC Research Center.

This is one of those videos which you can watch multiple times and still pull out new insights each time. The information that comes through Carla and the others who receive messages from Q’uo and/or Ra is very dense and the language can be hard to grasp sometimes. It takes some serious listening to really absorb and start to hear the full messages.

The messages curated for this episode center around Fear and Love.

There are so many wonderful quotes full of wisdom that can be pulled from this recording. These concepts of fear and love, dark and light, good vs. evil are so prevalent in the world today. It’s important to explore and discover your own working understanding of these concepts.

I love these segments where Brian covers Quo/Ra. His added commentary brings the channelings down to a place where everyone can dissect the words and uncover the deeper meanings on a more common level.

While I was listening I made these notes, because doodling and free writing helps me to absorb information. There’s lots of little pieces of thoughts on the pages. Inside the chaos there’s insights and discoveries. I went back and re-watched the video this morning before making this post and I was enlightened yet again, in a new way. This is why I can never become bored with seeking info – it’s ever evolving!

I made this spiraling diagram [left/center] showing the catalyst of fear and love at work. The balancing of love, harmony and stability with the venturing off to new, exciting, frightening and possibly negative, potentially harmful outlying paths – only to have that magnetic pull of love pull you back towards center.

Life grows this way, and Q’uo talks about this structure in the video. There is a natural rhythm within this illusion of life, there’s an obvious cyclic pattern – and it includes ups and downs, problems and upsets. Accepting that, and also seeing that death at the end of this cycle is also included in this natural flow of life. There is nothing to fear in the death of the physical vessel.

This eternal outlook is crucial to gaining a well balanced experience here. Q’uo does such a great job of pointing out the flaws in identifying with the body/self. ‘What is your self?’, they ask us to ponder… They make it a point to differentiate here, too – they say ‘the self – NOT within the illusion.’ They remind us, we are not fixed within the body with these perceptions. We are beings of light/love. We are made of light and light is created by just one thing; love.

They get into great ways to combat fear and approach it with a logical mind. I really love Q’uo and Ra for their distinctly technical way of describing things.

Q’uo points out that beings who fear death, or fear anything really, feel so because they do not see themselves as an illusion. In my opinion, they are unable to accept their life as a spiritual experience and so they become seriously attached to the physical part of life only. When you forget you are infinite this lifetime becomes diluted and contaminated at the same time. Purpose and ultimate outcome become nonexistent probability factors when faced with the day-to-day catalysts and traps.

Working through fear requires love to shine its light down into the shadows and sort out what’s rotting and festering. Fear needs darkness, subversiveness, shadow, hype – whatever you want to call it. It is classically a third/fourth density distortion, Q’uo and Ra both mention. As Earth ascends into fourth density and becomes more crystalline and of a lighter quality, the shadow must evade or rise.

Q’uo wisely reminds us all, that in order to move through something we are afraid of – we must remove the fear and gaze at the object for what it is. It is not personal, it is potential quality of feeling and thought. It is not Yours. Your nature is infinite.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little side-note blog on this video. Below are a few meme versions of some of my favorite quotes from this video:

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