Personal Notes on the Doubting Mind

This is a quick blog written as a review on two wonderful videos by one of my favorite healers, Mark Bajerski. These two videos go together so well – both talk about trust, faith and doubt and what impact they have on our whole being. Mark is a world renown healer, energy worker and reader. If you’ve never heard of him – be sure to check him out on youtube.

My notes & doodles:

In both videos Mark brings up this energetic envisioning of flow or lack of flow [ T or Y ]. I really love this concept and the first time I heard him explain it something really clicked for me, I hope it helps you as well!

I’ve struggled tremendously with a doubtful, critical mind most of my life. I’ve also had a tough time understanding faith, trust and unconditional love. It’s only in the last maybe five years, that I’ve really started breaking into self love and tapping into that source connection and the true power of love.

If you find yourself lacking in faith and drowning in questions, then these two videos are for you! As mentioned at the start – Mark is a seasoned professional and has decades of real world experience with energy healing, shadow work and working with the spirit realm. He gives so many wonderful pieces of knowledge in these videos – I could have made 100 infographic/quote memes out of these videos!

The entire premise Mark starts out with – saying he was writing down all his experiences with clients – logging his evidence, it was his way of proving to himself what was happening was real, even though it seemed out of the ordinary. I resonated with that a lot, because I spent a majority of my early life searching for scientific evidence and provable experiences. But when he points out that this type of thinking and approach to understanding can only take you so far each time, it really made me see how futile seeking proof outside your own intuition, heart and knowing really is. Ultimately, the true ‘final say’ is going to always be your mind, your feelings towards the thing – and your conscious knowing is also limited your present perception of the thing, it’s impossible to fully know 100% of a situation.

Mark’s main point – and it has also become one of my main motivations too – is that at some point you have to accept that there just is no definite answer. You either can limit your mindset, ideas and being or you can choose to be limitless and tap into faith and trust in the Unknown.

Every day I’m spending time assessing my feelings towards trust/faith in myself and in source. I actively work at tapping into gratitude, acceptance and love for my life as it is right now. It’s a difficult practice sometimes, obviously – as it is for all of us, but releasing expectations and relinquishing control to source, the universe, my higher self, mother earth all help me to relax and trust.

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