The Imagination Connection

Follow up on the Body’s Infinite Intelligence

My inquiry today is going to build off the foundation I built previously on the body’s infinite intelligence – so, if you haven’t heard of these terms before then I’d suggest checking out both my Infinite Intelligence and body intelligence blogs or podcast episodes afterwards to gain a better understanding of the picture I’m attempting to paint here –

But, for the time being just loosely hold the idea that perhaps a string or web of intelligence, which has its roots tied into the infinite ether that makes up this universe, connects all life and “matter”. This web of universal intelligence is what I’ve been examining with these writings.

The topic for this specific exploration is going to be the Imagination and our connection to it.

It seems, the imagination is one of the more inverted and distorted physical faculties, senses, systems (whatever you prefer to envision it as). The societal structuring in place does everything in its power to stomp it out, dilute its strength and/or embarrass/discredit any and all of those who know the undeniable, underlying truth of the imagination connection.

I’m of the opinion that every thing happens for a reason and that this world is set up in the present model for some purpose, and therefore, I conclude that the suppression and retardation of the imagination (AND all types of free form thought) is intentional.

Then what the absolute intention IS here?

Well, that’s a trick question and I’m finally wise enough to see the slight of hand taking place during the illusion.

The absolute intention is and will always be (for now) beyond my personal knowledge base, as well as outside the general scope of my current understanding (and all or most of humans fall into this category, I’m sure of that) and so, the lesson learned becomes not to waste your precious space/time digging in rabbit holes which have no use for you in the end.

From my present perspective of hindsight I see that the real path to finding that truth is inwards only. The only spectrum of reality you can affect, alter or experience directly is your own personal sphere – and so, again – it comes back to acknowledging where the true work needs to be done; inside you.

Chasing your own tail in external matters like conspiracy theories and gossiping drama about people you “know” is pretty pointless except that it points out to the Self there is a lot of internal shadow resonating with these negative outside things – calling to be addressed, seen and dealt with. The bigger your inner shadow – the stronger your pull to external relations that feel the same will be. This is how you speak with your universe – its a language of frequency and energetic intention.

Once you can expose that trick and call it for what it is, the true internal work can begin.

Just like, as I had mentioned in the body intelligence segment, once you realize your spiritual path is internal and all about the self, then you are able to really begin building a line of communication between your brain’s mind and the body’s. It’s not until you accept yourself as is, tap into your heart center and then open up that door to your imagination space that you can actually start to sense your way through and feel out those new avenues.

I’m so excited to start peeling back the layers of this individual connection to imagination because it opens the mind up to this deeper, natural communion that is continually taking place within all beings.

The imagination is almost impossible to define, right? It’s the closest, most tangible example of infinity that we are presented with in this realm. The boundaries are ever expanding and the capabilities are always evolving so it’s basically impossible to define the imagination space – literally the same is true when we attempt to define infinity or the ether, or ‘dark matter’ or “anti-gravity”.

You must step into the realm of the unknown when discussing these things and doing so should be an exciting, intriguing and inquisitive action where one remains open and unbiased, not an attitude of presumptive opinion seeking out confirmation or denial only. The latter approach, of closed mindedness is exactly how modern science and corporate science choose to monitor and promote their ‘evidence’. However, as soon as you’re awake to the inversions at play, you are able to recognize the tricks quite easily and avoid them all together.

Avoiding their fun-house style mirrors of explanations is step one – this is another way of saying what I mentioned at the start – not to go chasing your tail with external distractions.

If you’ve freed yourself and want to begin creating your own reality with more consciousness then the imagination space should be your first stop.

This void which we all experience is realer than the 3D world in many aspects because all things spring forth out of it. Each idea, emotion, vibration is born in the imagination then pulled down into the body’s intelligence through the soul connection – once the body has accepted the input or catalyst then reactions or responses take place in the physical.

It’s all well and good to pinpoint the processes but in the end, what does it mean? What is the purpose in my everyday life?

Well, the stronger your connection and understanding of your own imagination is, the more clearly you can interpret the info coming in from your intuition as well as your logical mind, your bodily senses and your spirit. We humans are energetic beings and we handle a ton of sensory input processing at all times – so honing and tuning your awareness to these kinds of transfers of information is very helpful.

This monitoring and sensing of energy information transference has really helped me to build a more fluent vocabulary with my imagination and body intelligence. I highly recommend putting in the time and effort to build that bridge within your body and mind so you can develop your own unique line of communication. As I understand it, the root of all inverted or negative choice point alignments spawns from the neglect or refusal to acknowledge the source connection to your imagination or being.

When posed with a catalyst the instant response sent out will shape all future possible replies – so if the frequency is one of fear, doubt, shame or some other low vibration because the entity fears the Great Unknown, well, you must understand that this collects a negative polarity in that beings field and ensures to attract and pull in like harmonies in the future.

Beings fear the Great Unknown for many reasons – none of which seem to me of any use or benefit in the here and now space. Fear is strictly useful in dangerous situations – we all know the rationalizations out there now about evolution, the “reptilian” brain, the ancient survival instincts that modern science cites so dutifully – however, I see a rippling in their fancy curtain and therefore I conclude the window is open behind the shade They have so eloquently pulled down to deter average beings from seeing the truth. This place is a construction and there is an ‘outside’ we have been totally blinded from.

The imagination is the ‘outside’ I’m referring to. It’s the organic and natural landscape of our reality. The void – the ether – the metawomb. You witness it every time you close your eyes. You can jump right into it and float for eternity, only to return right into your present moment again – if you so choose, that is. It is a bunch of non-sense and dribble if you choose to deem it as such, as well. This is the beauty of the imagination connection. You literally set the parameters for your reality and your experience in the world.

I resonate now with Dolores Cannon’s view of the energetic training wheels and earth being a school of sorts for manifesting and working with energy. It seems to me that at least the premise is complimentary to the undeniable truths I’ve uncovered and rely on to navigate this plane.

If you take this stance and can accept that perhaps one day you may be assessed on your journey here, the choices you’ve made, the actions and intentions you added to this place – then it becomes beneficial to your overall experience to link in and start caring about your impact, progress and feelings while you’re alive.

Recognize if your shadow has just popped up and ego is now whispering excuses or justifications into your heart. Should you so choose to dismiss the possibilities of eternal, infinite life it is your right – you are a sovereign being – however the game of life on that field you’re watching, refusing to participate in, will keep on running in over time, becoming more and more aggressive and intense, until you are forced to get off the bench and join in.

On the other hand, if you’re oriented towards self service – you may feel a different type of aversion to this line of thinking which is more like” “who cares if I’m to be ‘assessed’, if this reality is all for me and my benefit well I should use it as such and I choose to disregard responsibility”. Again, this is totally a personal choice and can be just as “true” as my personal perception of responsibility.

The imagination connection and your communication with the body intelligence is valuable knowledge no matter your polarity – and this is why we see so many attempts to restrict and control the flow of information around the imagination. The negative path requires its power as well – which in my opinion solidifies the undeniable truth that the imagination is how our physical bodies connect with the organic matrix here. The negative path would have no purpose for it and therefore would ignore or avoid it (as it does with positive vibrations) but it does not – it inverts and recirculates the imagination space for its own benefit – proving its original validity. Remember AI cannot create anything new. It can only pull from and work within its pre-written code – which we assume is the organic template. This fact is another heavy weight, anchoring in a type of simulation theory as a plausible origin story but I won’t get into that now.

Ways to work with or tap into your Imagination Connection:

  • Create space for yourself and dedicate real time to your practice
  • Identify what sparks your curiosity, creative juices, or interest
    • Always go with these things first – especially if motivation is low
  • Connect with your physical body in easy, every day ways:
    • write or doodle with a pen and paper often
      • did you know writing with your hands actually ignites activity in special parts of your brain that are associated with logical, long term thinking processes?
    • read a real book in your hands
      • did you know reading not only expands your verbal vocabulary but also deepens your emotional intelligence and critical thinking, problem solving skills?
    • craft, paint, knit, sew, build, tinker
      • you do NOT have to be a seasoned expert to enjoy creating things and you definitely do not need to promote or show off any creation – the point is in the act of doing and feeling the moment. You’re working to open up to your intuitive imagination not build a portfolio
    • walk, run, jump, skip, dance, bow, kneel, sit or stand with conscious intent
      • moving your body in simple, small ways every day ensures you will maintain the ease of movement you enjoy right now and an added plus is it also strengthens your future possibilities of good health
    • Vision boards, collages, dream journaling, goal setting
      • These kinds of imagination exercises are well known but for good reason – they really work!
    • Meditative exploration and visualizations
      • Allow your own inner teacher to appear and guide you
        • This is where the real journey begins, in my opinion – and also where you leave behind previous directions, instructions, even your own past experiences, and especially other people’s explanations
        • At this point there can be no step by step guidance – you must feel your way through since each connection represent the unique cord back to source – no other can sense the current, no other can climb the ladder, no other knows the true purpose either – only the creator can fully grasp ultimate purpose of a thing
    • Keep an imagination/intuition log, journal or notes of some kind
      • It can be hard to gauge progress on your individual path and comparison to others can cause more inadequate feelings than ones of accomplishment – so, be sure to keep your own growth chart and refer back to it once and a while to give yourself a pat on the back or some encouragement whenever needed
        • Note your thoughts and ideas on imagination in general
        • Rate how strong you feel your internal communication is
        • As epiphanies and connections are felt be sure to write them down
    • Remember always that this connection is a sacred communion taking place between the infinite and the finite – it is Source/God and you – yourself – working together to create this life you’re experiencing
      • Allow wiggle room for Source to make adjustments – just as you allow yourself the authority to determine what feels right to you in the moment
      • Realize that the present moment is a conscious creation you have manifested in a partnership with Source/God/the Universe – you are on the same team and it’s important to utilize the entire team and all the positions available
      • Create a common ground of respect, openness, love and acceptance for yourself and the universe to converse within. Relax in the flow of the present moment and know that source has your back

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  1. An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you ought to write more on this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but typically people don’t discuss these subjects. To the next! Cheers!!


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