Infinite Intelligence

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An introductory look at the infinite intelligence and our body’s intelligence.

At first glance these words seem obscure.

What does that even mean?

Throughout history people have called this concept many different things: source consciousness, God, Ki or Chi, Prana, the ether, ‘gravity’, the logos, universal intelligence, ideas like “the God particle”; even chemicals like tryptophan and DMT can also refer to this natural intelligence.

All these terms point to this same notion; there is some underlying thing (still indeterminable by conventional scientific observation) which connects, holds, and shapes all ‘matter’ in the universe.

This underlying connection is what we call Infinite Intelligence.

There’s an important side-note to mention before we dive in, and that is the friction some may feel, caused by unrealistic expectations tied to seeking ‘evidence’. There is only so far your five senses and the third dimension can take you in this multi-dimensional world. The refusal to look at or even consider anything which doesn’t fit into the 3D cube – is in itself a desecration of science at its very core. When you notice an obvious inversion of truth, beware! A few useful study points for all those trapped within this doubt-based thinking model would be sacred geometry and Metatron’s Cube or the ether, the vortex frequency and Tesla.

My forewarning is relative to the pressing need to stay open minded and curious in this life.

Suppress, deny or restrict a thing and you merely put off dealing with it. When modern science barricades itself within the four walls of a laboratory, it excludes literally everything outside it. They’ve had to explain away and talk around so much of the truth because they refuse to acknowledge anything which cannot be experienced inside their 3D cube version of the “real” world.

Which brings us back to infinite intelligence – it is everywhere – in all aspects; from the tiniest fragment to the entirety of universes. It operates without restriction and doesn’t take instructions from human beings. To outright deny the existence of that which is greater than humanity is to blindfold yourself to actual reality. (Unfortunately modern science has done just this.)

You cannot fully examine a field from within. You cannot cage the universe. You cannot accurately simulate the organic matrices, the star systems, the living cell. You cannot recreate source light or life energy because it all comes from one place, was birthed at the same time and is already in full existence. As I noted earlier, beware of inverted truths but also recognize the undeniable ones.

This is discernment, this is sovereignty in action. Gnosis, or unexplained certainty, comes from your connection to infinite intelligence. Only you can feel it but that does not make it any less real.

I don’t pretend to see the whole picture, but I do accept the undeniable truth so many have discovered before me – as above, so below. This means outer space is relative to inner space.

If we understand that truth then it becomes clear that Infinite Intelligence’s main purpose is to express and play out all possibilities while seeking its own version of homeostasis or stable growth.

Once we start to see and accept the Oneness of all things, we are able to see the creator within ourselves with more clarity. The miracles of the body vessel, the symbiotic relationship we hold with the plants, the electric balancing that takes place between us and the earth – all these things are wonder filled symptoms of life – they are all of infinite intelligence’s design.

Tap into this frequency, tune in to the channel. Follow the scent of truth and you will feel the tingle, the reverberating love of source. It’s within us all, just waiting to flow.

Infinite Intelligence translates to Body Intelligence

Your body holds its own intelligence which is totally separate from the thinking brain or frontal cortex. You don’t have to think about your heartbeat or tell a gland to secrete a hormone. The organs don’t consult you before performing their functions. This is body intelligence.

Sure, Science may dismiss body intelligence as a whole but that’s because Purpose does not fit under their blindfolds.

Today’s science seeks to dissect and pinpoint anatomy and physiology; this concerns only the physical things like where each function takes place or which systems are impacted and how. This knowledge can be helpful transitional information but it lacks subsistence and depth. Material descriptions cannot explain why something is taking place or what the true purpose is because conclusions like those require an outside perspective.

Purpose is relative – just like time. These are constructs are put in place, over some type of “background” or setting. That is the only way the structure functions – as it is a tool of comparison. Yet, many have forgotten this common sense – they’ve been misdirected by inverted systems and blindfolded.

The true purpose of a creation is known only by its creator. As above, so below. As we are each a spark of that infinite source, we are each in turn a creator of things – this is another undeniable truth which has been distorted and used as a trap.

We create the world we experience. This is very obvious and provable, but it seems most of us overlook the purpose and implications of this power. We immediately look outwards and assume the creations must be formed out there. Why is that?

Why is it that we seem to have these sectioned entities: the body, the mind and the spirit?

It fits the template we have already established, to then assume that the purpose of these three bodies would be balancing and integration.

The body intelligence is that in stage between the mind and spirit – logic and intuition. It’s subtle and is very much intertwined with the subconscious mind and autonomic nervous system. The mind certainly doesn’t propagate the instructions down into a white blood cell or a hair follicle, those things have a role and a purpose all of their own, almost. This is the beauty of body intelligence.

One thing I absolutely love about examining life and intelligence from all these different angles is the doorways it creates. Once I committed to connecting with my body intelligence I opened the door. Through repetition I crossed the threshold – this crossing is like a tunnel or river; you must navigate through to the other end – once that other end is reached you are able to speak right down into your cells, have a conversation with an organ or listen to an entire system.

If you practice this communion and work to silence your thinking mind, you will soon find that your body intelligence will report quickly back to you issues and problems. You can even empower and instruct your cells and systems, if you so choose.

You are the boss after all – you are the Creator to them, completely outside of their world and consciousness level, yet you make up their entire world. There is no piece of that cell that is not of You – and yet You are something so much bigger, more complex and almost separate from that cell. It is the paradox laid out in front of us in plain language – undeniable truth.

How absurd would it be for a cell to denounce the body in which it lives?

A cell’s consciousness is unfathomable to us as people but the metaphor is highly useful when we turn around and look us, what we consider to be our universe and then God or the infinite creator. This is possible because of the infinite intelligence running through and linking everything.

So when you feel alone or segregated just remember you have an entire universe teeming with intelligent life right inside of you just waiting to be unlocked.

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