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A quick morning blog on abundance and unconditional love and the inverted version – scarcity.

The point I would like to briefly scratch the surface of is the abundance inversion, specifically how we have been given this vision of scarcity on earth; that the earth is bogged down and limited in her resources and that in order for humans to survive they must be manage every exchange with frugality and restriction.

First, I would like to set the ground level. It’s important for clarity, because when we start unraveling distortions and trying to identify inversion tactics – lots of confusion can creep in, especially if terminology and common mindset aren’t foreshadowed. This just promotes more distorted conclusions – which is obviously the opposite my intention.

So, for this topic I will be discussing Mother Earth as an entity, sub-logos, goddess, whatever you choose to envision along those lines – a sacred being of its own volition who has not only a higher knowledge, but also a more heightened sight – a longer view of the big picture, as we are creations connected to Her and her divine plan, purpose, journey. I won’t be getting into the astral connections or the sun/logos/source piece of the grid in this discussion, but know it is there and prevalent in the large scope plan as well.

Another common term involved in this conversation is going to be the human. For the sake of this dissection and discovery session I would like to view humanity as a sub-sub-logi and therefore a deviation of source, creator consciousness – which has stemmed out from the original God or source creator. This perspective is loose and accepting of possibilities when it comes to origin. It leaves open doors and windows, and maybe even a roof hatch if you so choose, to explore and bring in whatever wording, visions, connections you feel drawn to. It just states that we’ve come from the mind of a higher creator of some sort and therefore, we are also sacred, powerful creator beings.

An important aspect of this particular enunciation of humanity is the impact it has on “evolution” and the world of modern science. There is a large group of humans who choose to blind themselves to obvious truths in order to create a controlled sub-environment which is ‘close enough’ to what they would WANT as the test situation and then they conduct their experiments in that cage and confirm, of course, that their findings reflect solid truth and prove there is no “god”. How convenient and shallow.

But many of us are not amused or confused or ignorant to their tactics any longer and so the collective of humanity is becoming more aligned to truth and love. As a whole, we are starting to seek higher connection and knowledge which is the product of this upward, evolutionary growth within the plan or journey of the logos.

A line in the sand gets drawn at this point – is there a master plan, plot or general schematic theme which the universe is guided by or is this all a result of randomized and ‘unconscious’ chemical reactions and perfect coincidences?

If you choose to align with the plan theory – then we agree, and stand on common ground.

To take this one step further, I would like to point out that with this acceptance you can see easily that humans are here on Earth for a symbiotic purpose. Our vessels are made of the same materials as earth; and when our spirit passes on, the vessel remains and rots. It decomposes divinely and is recycled and reused by nature. The connection is quite obvious – somehow our bodies are part of Mother Earth her amazing ecosystem planning. Everything is useful, every cycle is replenished, renewed and made new again. There is no waste, no overflow or useless thing created in her organic matrix we call nature.

With that structure realized, now apply the lens to humanity. We fit into her puzzle, we did not create it – we don’t share her view. We cannot assume that we stand above the puzzle or on top of it. That is ignorant and narrow minded.

If we can accept our place within the ecosystem and unite with nature then we will be shown the ways that work, nature will unlock the doors to harmonious living and humans will see the new paths which align with Mother Earth’s divine plan.

Currently, humanity is paving its own concrete road straight through the middle without any regard for fluidity, flow or natural design. This is most likely intentional – but for the sake of this discussion I’m going to leave that premise alone and only bring it up to point out the consequences of this dominating and careless approach.

This mismanagement has resulted in a convenient appearance at the surface level of negative structures like failure, lack, scarcity and struggles. The abusers and controllers use this appearance like a template or melody, which they recycle and amplify. Through bombarding repetition they lock in and constantly reinforce their false architectures and control the matrix. They fear the flow of the unknown and so they need convince all others there is no ‘unknown’, there is only their constructed ‘visible’ systems and nothing else is proven so it doesn’t exist.

If you had the eagle eye vision of Mother Earth or the perception of organic symbiosis taking place within the infinite intelligence of nature then you would never fear change or realignment. It’s a restructuring or redistribution of resources that is taking place and if you trust and listen, Mother Earth will show you, much like water does, that there is a way through. It may be smaller than you could imagine, it may take time longer than you can comprehend right now – but there is a force behind the catalyst and it is happening for a reason.

Most humans have been disconnected or cut off from the connection and have forgotten how to listen to nature, therefore it’s no surprise to see how easily they are fooled into the false frame. This inverted world is what many call the Matrix and that is a topic to explore all on its own.

Here I would like to focus on the original, Organic Matrix which lies unaffected and protected simultaneously here within the field like an overlay or invisible architecture. It is always there for us to connect with and live among, should we so choose to raise into her frequencies.

The organic, natural world contains its own magic and intelligence. It is different from humanity but that doesn’t mean we cannot interact with it. If we, as humans, choose to acknowledge it is as whole and we focus our intentions on creating systems that communicate with nature we would never face scarcity, starvation or lack of any kind.

A simple but powerful metaphor I was shown is this; out in the wilderness if you discard a piece of trash – plastic, say or even something containing a radioactive substance that causes harm to any direct life sources in the area – no matter the level of slight contamination, nature will dilute it. It decomposes the material. It breaks it up slowly, pulls the pieces apart with its own tender, careful knowing. Nature recycles each piece of ‘matter’, each molecule.

How? Why? Exactly what tells all these seemingly separate, inanimate pieces to work in such a distinct way as to break down and reconstitute new materials? Humans have so much to learn.

However – the metaphor or lesson here, runs deeper still. You can pile up that same trash here or there and nature will still take care of it. You can slowly poison and hurt areas but still, perseverance will prevail as nature grows around, breaks down and incorporates the materials in different ways through all the different stages of decomposition. It is ONLY when the intake of pollution becomes absolutely overwhelming that an area becomes symptomatic and the systems strain to breaking point. Our own vessels work under these same structures and set of rules.

Even after catastrophes there is rebirth. There is such an abundance in nature. Whatever is needed is given. This environment is not suitable to fear or lack and so – like discussed before, an inverted structure was created in order to set parameters which would promote the energies these entities could harness and benefit from. Anything which connects or highlights the organic functions and structures has been demonized, desecrated or abolished completely, to ensure most of humanity stays within their house of mirrors.

This is why poverty and servitude have become so popular. These mind states are in sync with the negative frequencies of the Matrix and therefore, even though they are naturally disharmonious feelings for humans, they have actually become comfort zones and crutches for so many because they “feel” harmonious to the negative melody constantly playing throughout the Matrix.

We need to constantly remember these inverted structure we live among because no matter your resonance, whether you can raise yourself into the organic, higher densities or not – your physical vessel and the physical plane of 3D/4D Earth are cemented into place, for that is their purpose and you have incarnated here for purposes aligned to these densities. The veil of forgetting has been lifted for many and as more pour in here to raise the polarity, humanity will continue to see the more clearly these stiff, archaic and archonic structures for what they are – restricting manipulation. Humans will continue to revoke consent and pull back their personal power from these external systems. Slowly these negative buildings will crumble and fall.

For those of us who can see the big picture, it’s never been more important to shine light onto the uncertain and point out inversions for what they are. Light is known by what it reveals – darkness seeks to conceal and hoard for its own fruition – as beings of light we cast out a beacon which seeks to see, accept and integrate all it encounters, and so that which wants to stay separate or hidden will naturally abhor that ray of curiosity and do everything in its power to evade its presence.

When we feel an encounter that causes friction of some kind, recognize that your beacon has cast a shadow or reflected upon something. You have enlightened and irritated some energy which is negatively polarized. The worst thing you can do is ignore or write off that catalyst. As soon as you make that energetic exchange you give away your light and empower the shadow. No matter how uncomfortable or unsure, you must continue to investigate the thing.

This is where abundance or unconditional love comes back in, to renew the cycle. Tap into your soul connection with mother earth and the never ending creator essence within to explore and define that catalyst. Alchemize it. Love it. Do what you can to hold the candle of honesty up against it and ask yourself – what does this issue want? What is it’s goal? If you work to incorporate understanding into it then there will be room for clarity and organization.

A word of caution and advise on unconditional love – if you have not tapped into your own internal well of renewable energy and love then you would need to initiate this flow before working to alchemize any negative energy, otherwise you run the risk of falling into liar loops where you fool your thinking mind into “believing” you are enlightened and above personal, soul work. This is a trap which many fall into. The work is eternal, as we are and so, if you bump into a shadow and it reflects back “completion” know this is a loop at work, mirroring stability and superiority back to an unstable and insecure inner soul.

Unconditional love or abundance is unexplainable really. It’s so personal and unique that each one of us experiences it differently. Different sensations call it up, different practices invoke it in different people but one thing remains, it is a frequency which has to be felt.

However you can tap into yours, know that when you feel it – you are embodying Mother Earth. She powers the torus, she holds the flame and the crystalline heart in her center. It is always there for you, if you choose, to tap into and renew yourself with. Any time you feel yourself stuck with in the hard frame of the Matrix, remember we came here to manifest in abundance. We came to feel love and to share it. Hold yourself in the space of your mother’s warm embrace and release the grip or chains that bind you to the inverted and false world. Remember the true, underlying organic matrix is always waiting to catch you.

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