Finding Archetypes Within

We each hold different affinities to different skills or tasks. Some are more connected to theirs than others – but it’s my understanding that every human resonates in a certain shade, or shades, of talent. These are what Jung and now collectively we, refer to as the archetypes.

Archetypes are categories of identification, a bit like stereotypes but without the overall negative connotation that comes with the latter. Archetypes highlight ancient knowledge which reflects to us that mankind and its races, type sets, its personalities as a whole have an interlinking purpose; one which paints a bigger masterpiece than we can ever see from our single perspective. It speaks of cycles, change and evolution – much like the zodiac, numerology and all our ancient texts. These roles are played out over time like exercises on character building.

Dolores Cannon loved to refer to this as a school, Earth School. And it very well could be. I know for sure, nothing can be lost in life by accepting a view like this. If you choose to remember, all through your days that this is a school for spiritual growth and energy manipulation then you can conduct your behavior and choices accordingly. You’ll never fear “judgement” or criticism from others because you are confident in all your actions in this “school”.

In witnessing the overall structure and purpose of the types, the hues of man if you like the play on words, we must be sure to reflect the prism inwards and seek that higher understanding within the ancient patterns; we hold within ourselves these factions, archetypes, the personalities and we must seek them out and integrate them back into our beings in order to align the whole of humanity in true harmony.

Now, we don’t want to spiral off into finality and outcomes here – that is when the entire view gets bogged down. Do not start placing imaginary goal posts out into the sand and forget the tide has a plan of its own. When I envision the uniting of humankind I am not pre-planning what that means to cultures or the races, I’m not allowing NWO nonsense to bombard in – I believe that evolution comes on its own accord and through wisdom higher than my own and so I spend little to no time contemplating things beyond my control. I have faith that if I do my work, the rest will take care of itself.

This is how I bring my consciousness to refocus from exterior circumstances, back to interior ones. It is the reflection of our own archetypes, the imbalances within each one of our own beings which we are meant to shape, alter, and reunite. That is the name of the real game and it’s the only one any of us should be playing at this time/space.

There’s big distractions out there, though and for specific reasons, so be ware of the external circus. Understand that the structure is nearly the same and each ‘show’ has been formatted perfectly to ensnare based off archetypal deficiencies, weaknesses and faults. The once organic circus was hijacked quite a long time ago and converted/inverted into a not-so-fun house where you’re likely to get lost and believe me – no one comes to find you; as that is the point of their game.

To see that big picture and decide which game you’re playing is obviously step one – but if you’re reading this than chances are you’ve seen the charade or even stepped out completely. Now this is where your real work starts. You thought breaking out of their traps was difficult? Wait til you encounter the inner ones you’ve setup for yourself.

This is where uncovering your prevalent archetypes is necessary. Know thy self was not mere words of advice but clear instructions. Only in knowing the true sides of our selves can we ever hope to look outwards and see others for who they truly are – without adding in our own layers of perspective onto their consciousness.

Depending on development and alignment, people can house multiple affinities or hold varying ‘identities’ within themselves and it is those archetypes which the individual feels are in tune with the ability, talent or skill. However you feel connected and driven is perfect for you.

Personally, I have a multitude of versions and visions of what makes up my being. I allow it to evolve and change daily but I try my best to witness with my thinking mind and not work to control or critique the different types I encounter.

If this seems strange or confusing – I hope to clarify slightly with my own example.

At different times of my life I have felt like different people. I’ve embodied different personalities, portrayed different talents and felt in touch with certain gifts. At other times, those connections feel lost, unusable or negated in some way. A direct example would be in my childhood through adolescence I was a gymnast. It was a totally different lifestyle, I had a different body, the time has long since passed, yet I can easily close my eyes and remember how it felt to be that version. The personality I held then is still underlying in my soul. There’s certain delicate connections and techniques that come with holding a skill or talent that remain even after you lose the physical capability.

Each of us goes through growth and so, naturally these occurrences are familiar to everyone; things like childhood talents, dreams that fade, aspirations that burn too quickly. We switch our sights to something new or we decide the effort isn’t worth the time.

It’s not good or bad, it’s not meaning to say we should or should not have kept up with this or that, it’s just the way it is. Accepting the phases and tides allows us to reflect more clearly, to plan ahead wisely, and most importantly, to relax in the moment and know the flow of the container will hold us together no matter what changes or upsets we perceive at the moment. The play is more than just actor speaking his lines, right?

The archetypes are only the actors; there is an entire play taking place – you are the play, just as Earth is, just as the universe is. When you relinquish control and allow your role to be in the audience, you are able to watch the acts and to witness the archetypes in their own roles.

This is a tough seat to remain in. Especially for people like me, who have heavier alignments to control and need to work through catalysts like patience and acceptance. My charts have heavy Virgo aspects, including my south node alignment – so organizing, micromanaging and bossing around bubble up out of me subconsciously.

There’s lots of positive Virgo aspects as well, and this is what the work is all about – identifying and allowing – enough that you can gain perspective and empathize but then also incorporate and bring in higher wisdom to help balance out the wobbles and bring in the harmony where things are causing dysfunction or friction.

In order to help understand my own show, I take notes. I listen. I wait.

I’ve learned to work backwards from the idea of archetypes and instead of seeking out the descriptions in my own actions, I record my actions and feelings in groupings first and then afterwards work to sort out which archetypes were coming through.

I’ve just begun the work of literally writing and recording the work down but for almost a decade now, I’ve been doing my best to detach and watch whenever I become consciously aware of the show. That was a skill base all on its own. It takes time, commitment and honesty to do this work. You have to be ready to literally put aside your ego and let your inner teacher do the work.

Now I’m coming to recognize and know the more obvious characters, but still – I have an inner knowing that there are shadowed layers to the set, there is a backstage, an under-stage and a dressing room – all of which the ‘audience’ never sees.

I think once you gain a footing with the blatant characters and their roles, you can sort of step into them, and get an insider’s view of the play. This should be done consciously and with intent, because the last thing you want to do is start allowing the play to engulf you as you’re embodying a role. You can seriously get stuck – and it’s my understanding that many are stuck.

When you do your own work and things start to smooth out a bit you become more aware to the show within others. You see certain archetypes, personalities, or quirks playing out and you’re able to empathize more and respond in a way that is suitable to that ‘actor’ who’s line has just been prompted. We can accept others mistakes, outbursts, bad decisions and poor judgments more openly when we have acknowledged and inspected our own already. Not to put off an impression that this is a one time job or a single inspection – no, it is the exact opposite of that idea. The balancing, the searching out and dusting off, the smoothing over is as eternal as we are.

At the end of the day, when the curtain finally falls, not on this single life you inhabit now, but the collective curtain – when that closes and the last stars are cut off – all the mirror faces have nothing to reflect and no audience to show off at anymore– the true star of the show will finally be known. The single infinite entity – a source reflected and filtered, bounced around and separated down through the densities and dimensions into each possible fragment of matter, organized within the ether to portray the most beautiful show ever imagined.

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