The Intentional Retardation of Humanity’s Ascension

I’ve been thinking, writing and talking a lot recently about ancestry and ascension. In a recent podcast; One Step Further: Ancestry and Alignments, I mentioned that later I might do a specific blog to examine the clear and obvious manipulations taking place within Humanity’s collective ascension right now.

Since then, I also did an additional podcast just yesterday, to clear the ground around this topic of manipulation and to hopefully assist me in hashing out some outlying background points, in hopes of keeping this blog precise and readable.

The manipulation, or more specifically the retardation, of Humanity’s ascension contains a broad scope of topics so, for this blog my focus is going to be mainly the intentional infringements that shape and direct our progress; followed up by some potential solutions or diversions from those imposed choices we seem to be presented with.

The main point always being that we, as Humanity, are on this great path of collective ascension or evolution as a whole, and in stride with our planet Earth, the other life forms that inhabit it and then the universal procession cycling out there as well. There is some kind of macrocosmic/macroscopic template of flowing, recycling or spinning that is undeniable.

For this discussion and examination, I’m mostly going to be comparing and talking about the collective Humanity as whole (the social memory complex) and the individual Human (the mind/body/spirit complex). This can get confusing to new people, so I want to set these distinctions right at the start, so we can all walk into this on the same level.

The entire make up of the universe follows certain distinct patterning templates that are carried over across realms of creations. As above so below is the easiest way to understand this working.

Each “collective” identity or entity has its own boundaries and layers of inclusion. Simple a direct example of this layered building process is this template:

A single cell has it’s own realm – it’s own “directions”, it does its whole own thing, right?

Then, if we so choose, we can “zoom out” and see a higher view, these cells create an organ together, the heart say – this new set of boundaries creates an entire new realm of its own. Are the cells any less unique or individual now? No, right? They are of the heart but definitely not the whole heart. The heart has it’s own directive, its own whole layer of working.

Now, the heart is also a major part of the circulatory system, as well as the respiratory – right? Because now organs build out in the template of organ systems. They are the same, yet with more depth and more connections and opportunities for points of interaction.

Now, we can again zoom out our lens and see a human as whole entity. Firstly, running with the given modeling we have our physical vessel, full of it our set of instructions, specific designs and workings – right? But there’s a lot more going on than just the physiology – there’s chemistry, there’s consciousness, there’s all types of mental processing taking place. There’s alive-ness.

The human in itself can be seen using three basic filters: mind, body and spirit.

Each one has its own realm, set of rules, purposes, functionality – yet they come together symbiotically to create the human being. I really like the terminology mind/body/spirit complex (even though it is super wordy!) because it reflects the multidimensionality of our beings and works as a constant reminder that there’s more to us than meet the eye.

Also, it helps to see each individual as this “complex” of energy bodies because when we turn the dial on the lens once more and take it to a higher sight, we see how collectives of humans create a single, cohesive entity – or complex all on their own and of their own accord. These segregated groups have boundaries all of their own, are “worlds” of their own with rules, limits, conceptions you must adhere to, right? That bubble world/entity in itself is referred to as a “social memory complex”.

Humanity as a whole is the ultimate social memory complex for us humans.

Origin Theories and Backstories

There are so many different approaches out there in the “theories” realm when we start talking about Humanity’s Ascension path, and I’m not dead-set on any one perspective myself, so I’m going to kind of glaze over the possible origin stories and their trajectory differences because honestly it’s not really that important anyways.

The main point or line of reasoning to really understand is what’s happening now – the organic and original flow of ascension here was designed to be like a washing-machine, sort of jostling around back and forth, the work of duality “cleaning” those energies within. Helping them to find a more harmonious outcomes and once a cycle is completed you would have a “new/clean” social memory complex as a result.

But there is a clear and unsettling imbalance taking place today. The extremes are too volatile, too reactive. The pursuit for an honest solution has been lost in the scuffle.

Purposely hidden away, perhaps is more accurate? Could it be that some sort of conglomeration of negatively aligned entities – a social memory complex of sorts – has tilted the scales in their odds and is seeking to control the game and rig it in their favor?

Reasoning rooted in the wisdom of duality would say, yes of course – it can be no other way.

And with that initial knowledge, we should ascertain that a massive Transformer or PowerRanger kind of entity, made of all the “dark” and then all the “light”; the ‘social memory complexes’ which are opposing forces on their own layer of existence, would need to correct the imbalance at their own layer, right?

Therefore, in hopes of including mostly every awakened person – I think it’s important we do not argue or debate over which story brought us here, who is behind it all, or what “us” and “them” really means at this moment.

I think we all need to take in the broad scope, the eagle’s vision and look down on this life simply. We all see the divide. We must acknowledge the opposition for what it is: positive and negative versions of these social memory complexes attempting to exert sway or control over the whole of humanity.

Once you can see the game taking place and you recognize the choice point at hand, your life can become much more enjoyable and meaningful if you choose to stay conscious and meet each moment with an active, awakened mind/body/spirit complex. The game is multidimensional and it is absolutely crucial that we learn that rule first and foremost.

When a mind/body/spirit complex stays conscious throughout waking life as it interacts with the whole universe and each other human especially, it chooses its responses and presences. It can sense out those other beings fields for what they are, it is able to recognize ‘social memory complexes’ with more discernment and critical thinking to decide if it wants to associate with, fuel, assist this entity’s field or system of thought or physical system, business, corporation… right?

Not an ideal business model for the current structuring of the 3D Matrix template which has infested this realm.

Hence, the importance of controlling the energetic and intentional world of all beings within Humanity’s true social memory complex. Spoiler – step one is to distort, disconnect or dilute the mind/body/spirit complexes of each individual being. Logical, right? Cold and calculating.

The Flow of Knowledge through Humanity

The growth of Humanity can be visualized like a river with its path running back to the ocean. There is a single destination felt that is guiding the flow, however, how the streams choose to flow, merge and separate on the way back is what we consider “free will”, it’s up for constant alteration – because it’s happening in the present moment.

Now, for this part of the conversation to really take solid form, we have to be on the same footing in regards to what the “knowledge” is that I’m referring to here.

Now, knowledge is information – however for this working I want to make a distinguishing line here between the words and their representations. This is an important understanding to have initially because this allows us to draw certain crucial distinctions between the positive and negative energetic needs and uses of information and knowledge.

In case you’re unsure of the correlation – and this is true regardless of energetic orientation – Light is Information.

When we talk about light, when we see light – even those light types we cannot see with our naked eye, light in all its forms – is “information” riding through the Ether, basically. It’s the plan, the One Truth, the instructions, the Logos. If our world was as simple as a computer model – light is the code, the literal computer language within that runs the programs. The sun gives directions to our plants, our soil, our water – how to grow what to contain. It adds weight to their total amount of conscious awareness.

Within this setting, we can then further define information as pure thought energy, free of emotional energy and/or spiritual connection. And Knowledge can be seen as information which contains a combination of the true three states: mind, body and spirit – knowledge is information saturated with emotional and spiritual energy.

This proves how valuable knowledge and thinking really are – clearly, it’s the “preferred fuel” for any mind/body/spirit complex – it contains way more more conscious awareness – and that is what you need to incorporate into your complex in order to evolve more on your own, right?

The energetic potential within knowledge is greater than that of basic information for the simple reason, it contains a bit all three realms; mind/body/spirit.

It’s also important for us to remember, information and knowledge contain their own a unique ties back to Source/the Ether/ the imagination space all of their own volition.

That information/knowledge was bestowed with sovereignty by a conscious creator being. This works like a tiny anchor or thread back to Truth and Source. It has a right to return, basically, to where it came from, is what this “anchoring” ensures.

This bring us back to the foundational line of thinking “could there be some conspiracy to control humanity’s development”.

Energetically speaking, clearly the premium option for fuel is knowledge. Each being is offered more available potential energy with that version of fuel, right? Meaning most entities seek knowledge over basic information- especially those who are intent on hoarding or gaining momentum/speed for their ascension.

But now, the kicker to this is that, the negatively oriented being MUST have negatively charged knowledge or information, (EI: of a lower vibration) pumped into its vessel in order to properly run. (This means of course, negative agendas would want to control/manipulate all knowledge exchanges on all levels in order to ensure the utilization of all the potential fuel.)

Once we have a working understanding of this energy alchemy taking place all the time, especially in regards to handing down information/knowledge from generation to generation, we can begin to realize that of course there must be control mechanisms in place – that is what the duality comparison is supposed to be teaching us. But we also need to be even more conscious and aware about what energies and intentions we are contributing to.

The entire social memory complex, known as Humanity, is reliant on this flow.

To know who you are, you must know where you came from. To gain wisdom is to broaden your informational horizons and fill it will so much experience and variety that you are always ready to assess new catalysts in any area. But what you do with that potential energy – the alignment you choose to grow and create with is what tilts your direction and the mainstream collective as well.

This flow is our collective procession through ascension, right? There’s a purpose to our species as a whole – we have a “destiny” or “fate” as an entity here on Earth that has a role to play within Earth’s ascension and the universe’s as a whole as well.

The negative orientation sees things through a slightly different shading because of their service to self perception; they interpret information and knowledge as limited in this space. They choose to deny Original Oneness and therefore harness energy in a different way and are only receptive to negatively polarized frequencies. This then “naturally” makes their method of passing down and receiving new information more restricted and monitored.

A positive orientated being will be receptive to all types of incoming energies. The nature of the positive alignment is honoring and accepting truth as is and so they can interact and take in all types of energies.

With that understanding, I think it’s pretty plain to see why a ‘social memory complex’ with its sights set on gaining a greater charge would not have a plan, a means, a way to ensure it’s growth. Every other thing does, right?

Given the evidence, we really must conclude with certainty that a manipulation is taking place in our world right now.

An atrocity has been committed perhaps even, if we take this one step further and draw this second conclusion; the law of universal free will has been infringed upon and is currently still being exploited. The breaking of that law ensures retribution of some kind.

The Passing Down of Info/Knowledge

There are two ways that we “pass” on ‘primal’ information, specifically in the ancestry/familial realm: either the info was encoded into your vessel upon conception and formation of itself, OR it is voluntary info offered up by our sun, the earth, (some say the moon has its own light it emits) the food you eat, basically anything from the exterior organic world.

Similarly, the passing of knowledge can be impressed upon us at the time of our conception, at the time of our “egg” creation within our mother’s womb some say, but it also is constantly fed to us consciously once we are alive from all other beings in the collective.

There are so many conversations to be had around the nature/nurture implications and new gene expression/epi-genetics understandings – so I’m not really going to get into those areas in this blog – because what I’d really like to focus on here is just the intentional distortions of these passage ways.

The negative, as described above, already need a particular wavelength to be maintained in the Ether space surrounding them and so creating the atmosphere and stabilizing it is always their first step.

It’s hard to highlight these things without coming off as a total nutter or worse, one of these new age truther types… so I’m going to leave most of the specific details of the blatant lies and manipulations out of this one – but I think you will see what I’m pointing at without needing to name names.

The Long Game / A Pyramid Scheme to retard and restrict Humanity’s Ascension

With the new cycle upon us, the Age of Aquarius, the new Mayan calendar, graduation – anyway you like to look at it, this is an epic time to be here on Earth. The heightened potential energy to be gained is undeniable, you can see through classic astronomy how many years these cycles take.

Take into account the negative stands to lose a huge fuel source should the social memory complexes within humanity choose to ascend – and we realize the dire straights and high stakes of this “game”. To the negative agenda control is the goal and so it becomes their directive to establish and hold onto it as quickly and diligently as possible.

In order to control the natural/organic Flow of Humanity’s Ascension and redirect it, recycle it and use it’s power to suit their own needs and benefits, a version of the Long Game must be put into action.

This is the “how to boil a frog” technique, the Totalitarian TipToe, the subtle hand or jack boot (good cop/bad cop) approach.

The idea in itself isn’t new and post 2020 I feel every one of us has a lovely working example now, so it’s not like before when I was warning of potential disaster. It’s here now on the door step. So, case in point – as they used to say.

Four obvious ploys ‘They’ are using now to ensure the retardation of the individual’s mind/body/spirit complex.

These means of control directly restrict or at the very least restrict the flow of knowledge within each individual’s complex and ensures distortions and confusion is reflected out to the collective.

Retardation Example 1we are not spiritual beings here for some epic purpose; we are merely results of random biological evolution

The indoctrination propaganda may have you questioning this; scientists might have whispered in your ear at some point, there is no life out there – this bubble world is a statistical anomaly – the results of billions of years of probabilities hitting just the right evolutionary strings at the right moments, propelling life forward randomly until something works.

But to that line of reasoning, I always critically, and most seriously ask how, if they logically believe in the plausibility of their intel, data, the ‘statistics’ and the chances really are THAT slim of “life” taking form in this way … well doesn’t that scream of intelligent design? Doesn’t that kind of blow the top off trying to say it could be random? Wouldn’t that be as near proof of evidence of a Creator of some kind?

However, “modern science” uses the opposite assumption and claims it’s the lottery winner scenario, clearly a conclusion which is in their industry’s favor. Classically like all inversions, they bend truth causing it to appear upside down so they can use the energy created to their own benefit.

This is a crucial control mechanism; remember how we talked about types of information/knowledge and how it can hold a polarity charge – the spiritual body is the foundational tie to Source/Spirit/God. It is the first ‘body’ or form to come loose or fall away, become disconnect – so to speak, right? We can choose to ignore the messages, info, knowledge coming through energetically from this space and some do choose to do this – mostly negatively orientated beings – because they are hiding from the One Truth and that body speaks of nothing but that Truth.

This vibration of truth is what each “evil entity” is hiding or trying to hide itself from. The truth can be seen as Light and hence, we create Shadow Aspects within our complexes in an attempt to keep some part away from the Light. These shadows also reflect out into the collective reality. More shadows, more confusion and more confusion and distortion of Light leads to more potential dark spots to hide in.

If you can create enough confusion there then entities will become doubtful and fearful and then turn off or damper their spirit connection, they will trust another over their own Knowing.

This dampening of the spirit body is obviously highly beneficial to a negative alignment. The mind/body can process all types of information and knowledge quickly with a morality bias or judge needing to examine, cross examine, ruminate, etc. Individuals are less likely to ascend or even seek out positive growth when they see no purpose in themselves.

Also, and sometimes even more useful, is the distortion and confusion of the true spirit body connection. Human beings are interconnected energetic beings – we are miraculous multidimensional entities so severing ties with those bodies is difficult and messy – but creating doubt and fear can be easy. Once the true connection within an individual’s spirit body becomes loosened they are moldable, impressionable. You can then harness their spiritual energy through delusions, dogmas and tradition.

Retardation Example 2 Sovereignty inverted into Servitude

This swap for the Collective happens in a variety of ways – the martyr complex, the doormat, the Greater Good approach, the “Nanny State” as some call it. Commies, fascists, the Crown, the Church, the King.

When you have a majority collective who’s spiritual body is serious diluted or cut off from the rest of their selves like we do today, it’s easy to get caught up in the hows/whys, we as a whole have become so dependent, so lazy and parasitic, For this blog and keeping with the running theme of idioms here, I’ll offer this “meme” as an explanation I’ve seen a lot recently:

Knowing this cycle and seeing how it plays out – now understand that “strong men” version of humanity represents a sovereign humanity, the weak men world is a world of servitude. The in between is where the Long Game happens and it centers around this swapping of Sovereignty for Servitude. Of wisdom for information. Of spiritual for material.

Generally speaking, this inversion basically can only take place if an individual is willing to disconnect or divert their spirit connection in a negative way. When we deny our own self that initial basic rule of Sovereignty, of unique value and purpose which has an impact on the whole, just because we are here – we distort our One Truth, our inner light and create shadows within us.

Again, it’s clear how the negative alignment benefits from this trick and how the individual is harmed due to it. The “collective system” becomes the Great Other or Purpose and so of course an individual cog within it’s factories is less than the whole, nothing without the Whole System – it is only there for use in that factory. This is how the negative orientation views things, at least.

Retardation Example 3there is nothing unexplained in this world, only things we do not ‘scientifically’ or ‘rationally’ understand yet

Sure, at first glance this line of thinking seems logical and based in common sense – however when we start to actually observe the reality we experience and compare it to others, we start to see for ourselves that certain things are better unexplained, left alone and allowed to be a mystery.

The fear of the Unknown is a fundamental building block of negativity. Imagine if we lived in a world which left room for the Unknown, for mystery, for “the gods” to put their imprint on. This line of thinking relies heavily on faith based knowing and acceptance of the world as it is – it leaves room for alterations and changes without a worried energy, without negative expectations – just neutral, as is.. welcoming even in a slightly positive tone. (How frightening an idea for the negative agenda!)

I’m not demonizing science or anything like that. Honest scientific thinking and exploration is of course valid and worthy, however, when we outright deny higher purpose or intellect greater than our own – we are boxing in the universe in an unfair, unrealistic way. We are creating distortions and shadows on purpose and then trying to pretend we are showcasing the true state of all reality. It’s based in illusion not truth.

I’m not trying to devalue scientific working and all the knowledge/info we can gain through witnessing our world – I’m not saying the formulas of all physics is nonsense or anything like that, I’m just saying that when we disregard the initial reference point and work to actively remove its presence from all “explanations” or descriptions, we are doing a huge disservice to the whole of Academia.

This ignorant methodology stems from the distortion of Human History and the manipulation of “evolution theory” plays right into their firm foundation of disconnection, randomness, entropy, and an overall “doomsday”/last chance vibe. But again, I think we can ALL see how this creates a fertile base for the negative agenda that seeks to restrict and siphon human energy.

If more of the collective begins to accept that not everything is meant to be known, that the point of this adventure here is in itself the Great Unknown Mystery – we might have more range of imagination and creativity intuition available to us.

The mindset of accepting the Unknown requires faith and that vibration is like “water to the Wicked Witch of the West” or kryptonite to Superman – the negative orientation cannot actively function around the frequency of faith, truth or love. Those vibes shake a mind/body/complex at its core – the negative’s whole agenda is to ignore or weaken or cut off that core connection and so, when it is reverberating in the Ether near their energetic body they must spend all their precious energy on maintaining the lie, keeping the Light from hitting things which must remain hidden. You can manage the control valves, cords or entanglements you’ve got out in the external world when all your energy must be focused on denying your Original Truth. A distortion of that magnitude takes all the entities attention and intention to hide from it.

Retardation Example 4surveillance/control of the passing down of info and knowledge along with the immediate indoctrination of the next generation

The Long Game model seeks to stay under the radar, right? The success of its whole con resides on the participants remaining naive, confused, deceived or even blackmailed into the ‘game’ or the ‘show’.

This angle is all the reasoning behind why the negative agenda doesn’t just expose itself right out and take complete control. It’s safer and ensures a longer survival – and that is what we need to remember is truly the main goal of negative self service, it’s not truly the gaining of more power to exert over others but its the concept of hoarding it all to ensure as long of an experience here because they fear the next step – EI the One Truth.

When you have specific energetic needs (like the negative agenda does) and you’ve envisioned your reality to be a limited place, with a survival of the fittest/winner takes all mentality; it’s no surprise controlling the flow info/knowledge is at the top of their To-Do List.

We have seen the systematic destruction of unique cultural and traditional knowledge, wisdom and information take place over the entirety of our Human History. Slowly, a Pyramid Scheme of sorts has plundered and pillaged its way across our whole world. The cycle is clear and you can place any reference you’d like in place and see it play out at some point in our collective history:

  • Target community – gather intel
  • Infiltrate community with stealth – exploit through weakest means/barrier/border(s)
  • Keep true intentions hidden – use intel to become as influential as possible for as long as possible
  • Harness the collective’s power of info/knowledge through distortions/infringements and realign it to hold an overall negative frequency of the most convenient shade to the “people”
  • Weaken or infringe upon the morals, destabilize positively oriented structures, models, systems
  • Silence, demoralize or kill off the oldest/wisest and most connected/influential individuals in the community
  • Promote exaggerated propaganda to create further confusion within the established “mature” collective
    • Divide and conquer take shapes
  • Gain mass appeal with the younger generations and instill indoctrination as early as possible in as many ways as possible to ensure the most potentials are directed in a negative alignment
  • Wait for the collapse – build industries, systems and service all around the many offshoots of this active collapse
  • Use the energy created and stolen from this venture to fund the next take over, targeting the next “lowest hanging fruit” you can locate and begin back at the start

This model of cultural takeover has been happening for as long as we can look back. Or perhaps the 3D Matrix version of our History wants us to believe that we have always been subjected to this parasitic infestation. However, I question this with all my being.

I do not accept their bleakly painted landscape of Human Ascension. I know we were created for more. I know we are on a true path back to Oneness and no thing can stop our true ascension – it is fueled by love and light from the One infinite creator – and all things will return to infinity, to Source in the end. There can be no other way.

So for all their work to divert and channel Humanity’s Ascension – the negative agenda may win their small battle for now, however the real plot has only One Ending and although the potentials allow for eternity to play out here I do hold true to my initial Knowing that Mother Earth Gaia along with her organic Human Race will be ascending and rising. We will follow the call and never fear the Light for we know in the core of our beings that all is for the Highest Good.

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