The Saints & Angels remind us to see the Past, Present, Future as Learning Experiences

Each and every Friday, I pull a card (sometimes more than one) for the upcoming week – from one of my newest and now most beloved decks: Saints & Angels Oracle Deck from Doreen Virtue.

This deck was a gift to me and so my first endeavor undertaken with this set is to offer service to the collective through it. I envisioned an angel deck coming into my presence for quite a while and I held the intention to do a “card a day” for a general audience type of offering if a deck made its way into my world one day.

If you’re interested in catching these live each week you can find me over on Telegram or BitChute @ amariespeaks; each Friday morning (EST).

This week; one card ended up flipping itself right over, almost immediately. But I felt more was needed, it was too quick and so I continued to shuffle and then a clump stuck out to me within the deck. At this quick moment, I think and say out loud that I like to keep these Friday morning sessions quick and just 1 or 2 cards but this feels really heavy and important.

Plus, I noticed it was three cards and I heard past, present, future whispered into my intuition/imagination space. So, again, I felt called to continue on and do the reading at full, but I kept it short in the first video.

Embedded for convenience, in case anyone missed it and is interested in hearing the original Angel message

Once I got the initial message out, I made a more in depth video where I read through each message from the Oracle book at length for anyone interested in committing to a lengthy video.

I was given an additional guidance message as I put away my deck that last time as well. (I tend to take a peek at the last card of the deck as I put it away each time as a little extra piece of support.)

The message was Look Deeper:

You need to look beyond the surface of this situation, as there is important information that you’re not currently aware of (or haven’t admitted to yourself). Your guardian angel will bring this to your attention; however it requires you to be open-minded.

This may involve sitting in stillness and listening to your inner truth, or it could mean consulting an expert who can teach you about the topic.

Pay attention to the signs and intuitive clues that will guide you.

After that, I wanted to let the messages and themes, the Saints and their wisdom all percolate for a few days before I wrote up a blog about it. Also, I wanted to meditate and ruminate on it all for a bit.

Today, Tuesday the 6th, I made this lovely setup as a placement guiding for the additional cards I decided to draw.

I felt the importance of the message both on a personal level as well as the collective right now and I really wanted to add in some insight from my Aquarian tarot deck to try to solidify the genre or category a bit more. See if I could draw in a bit more clarity.

Here’s what we received:

The overarching defining message is The Sun – in conjunction with Learning Experience we can interpret the message as underlying guidance coming from a place of love, truth and nurturing – providing us with the light needed for us to grow into the most beautiful flowers we can. I feel it’s also a reminder to us that our learning experiences here, our past/present/future are all being watched over and witnessed by our Sun, the Sub-Logos, The Father, the Creator; however you choose to envision that energy/entity. All of our growth and lessons here are observed, retained, known, seen. It’s with a comforting, supportive attention and unconditional love – not a constricting, reprimanding, controlling energy.

For the past, we see the defining message come through as the Knight of Swords – and it’s not hard to look back at our past’s and see the war against thoughts, words, belief patterns, logic and wisdom on a large scale, but this has got me even thinking about the all the different ways I’ve thought, perceived and drawn conclusions about information throughout my whole life up until this present moment. This knight is also the defining message within the scope of “practice makes perfect” from the original reading, and so I think it’s so important to look back with gratitude and as little judgement as possible on all the things we’ve learned along the way.

For the present, we received another knight, the Knight of Rods this time – it is quite clear our angels and guides want us to stand our ground in relation to the things and people we are passionate about, the things we feel strong faith around or a spiritual tie to. Don’t compromise your goals, path or plans surrounding your passions, dreams or callings, talents or gifts. Stand true to your truth, your values and morals. Stand true to those around you with whom you are able to speak freely with and those who see the world in a similar light as you.

The future card we were given is the Page of Swords – this is all about new ways of thinking, new ideas and perceptions, discover new angles to view things from and when we take into account the underlying message “You’re a Leader”, we can see the parallels between these two messages. We should continue to see the future as a learning experience as well and remember that a benevolent and nurturing light (The Sun) will be shining down on us throughout the future new voyages we venture out on in this future of the Page of Swords.

I feel this secondary reading helps add a defining layer over the well known processes of past, present and future we saw highlighted in the original reading – it confirms for us that these times are focusing around thoughts, perceptions, logical processes and how to work our passions and dreams into the journey.

The final theme I’m hearing in this reading is centering around the importance of seeking more depth, more meaning, deeper purposes and larger meanings. We must try our hardest to not only remember this whole thing is a learning experience, but we must also stay curious, open and inquisitive with all things – especially those things which we believe strongly in or feel passionate about.

This kind of self exploration and self critiquing can be very difficult. It’s a tight rope walk in which you must go into with full faith and ultimate knowing of the mastery within your skill set.

If you’re interested in looking deeper into your own past, present and future – please feel free to reply here or send me an email directly @ – mention this blog and get a free reading !

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