asking The Cards about ancestors, traditions and Halloween

I’m writing this blog as a side document to go alongside the video embedded.

I originally set out this morning to honor my Sacred Sundays ritual with a tarot reading that would center around the traditions, festivals, celebrations that take place at this time of year; Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, the Day of the Dead – and also incorporating our ancestors, their lineage, myths, and histories: The connection and passage of sacred, ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Last Friday, during my weekly Saints & Angels reading, I spoke a bit about October and the phases and transitions taking place at the present time and voiced my personal curiosities around the ancient traditions of this cycle but the cards had chosen to offer a more pressing, direct world message of movement for this week to come. The cliff hanger left me seeking to ask the cards directly.

I thought I’d try something new with my bitchute/youtube channels and share the messages from the reading via video on zoom and screen share the pics I took during the reading. I planned to talk through the messages on video while clicking through all the images to show the progression of the reading. I really did not want to record the reading live because I lack the equipment to make a suitable/viewable video that shows the table and cards at a decent angle. I’m going to get there some day soon! But, for today’s message, it’s just not possible, hence this new set up of screen sharing via zoom.

Long story short, the screen share didn’t work completely, and so only the first image I opened during the video actually opened! So I go through multiple images that no one can see! Not ideal, obviously – which is why I’m drafting up this little blog to go along with this video.

Missing Images from video in order as they should have appeared:

The Write Up

Line of Questioning for this reading: Ancestors, Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Day of the Dead type of festivals and celebrations must have been honest, aligned and sacred at some point in history however much of that, I’m sure, has been lost, left out or forgotten in today’s world – especially in America, where I live. I was hoping to receive some insight and guidance around these ancient beliefs and truths and to ask about ways of tuning into the roots of these traditions. More deeply, I am asking for the cards, spirit, the fairies, source, mother earth and our ancestors to come through with some advice surrounding the inversions and blatant mockery that takes place now – and if there is a way to reconnect with the with ancient truths of our ancestors.

The Spread:

The Interpretation of the Fairy Gifts Spread:

  1. Aine: the books interpretation notes this card heralds harmony, marriage, new romance or commitment, friendships, partnerships and cooperation.
    • Taking into account the mythology from the book, as well as my own personal usage over time, this card always carries a strong undertow of responsibility and protection of innocence. Usually this card holds a message of important lessons surrounding physical boundaries learned the hard way or through direct experience
    • In line with the theme of the question, I see this as the cards/fairies attuning to and desiring to speak upon the stable and fruitful connections we experience today and looking to remind us that these are the direct result of hard lessons. The purity of innocence, of the sacred feminine and children – especially adolescent girls – are to be honored and held in high esteem; this is hold we carry the torch and ensure the next generation goes as well.
  2. Mermaid (R): the book denotes the reversal to indicate dammed up waters, fetid, emotional stagnation, loneliness, isolation, barrenness, despair
    • It is interesting to have the nature of the query be one of such depth and darkness when the current topic and perspective of it is one as auspicious as Aine – this signifies residual hurt from those hard lessons. In my personal workings, whenever I see the mermaid appearing upside down I see extreme and volatile emotions, turbulent waters to navigate, an overwhelm or cutting off from emotions, reactions, responses.
    • As far as the line of questioning overall, I’d say, especially speaking for my culture in America, we are hugely diluted and barren as far as morals/spirituality/community/respecting emotions & perspectives. It’s not surprising that this isolation, stagnation, and slowing down would result in the fetid swamps of cultures we see popping up in today’s world. It is good to see that there are other groups of people out there in the collective learning the hard lessons around responsibility and protection right now as well, ready to save what is sacred because many are choosing to wallow in the victim state of the mermaid upside down.
  3. Habetrot: My book marks this card as one of Fate & Destiny at work, spinning the Wheel of Fortune and bringing you Luck. You will see advancements, opportunities, perhaps a change of career.
    • I am always reminded of miracle gifts from the fairies when I see the Habetrot card. These are blessings that are not only well earned, but are also a joy for the fairies to offer us.
    • In placement with the original question, it could indicate that this time of year, the celebrations and traditions used to be seen as spirit coming in and sending us offerings, assistance, gifts and miracles. It is a time well known for the vil being thin and for connection with ancestors – so perhaps this card is a nudge for overall assistance towards reconnecting with traditions as well.
  4. Brownie (R): The reversal for the friendly Brownie card turns its focus externally, and signifies one being recognized and admired by those outside their family/direct community.
    • I find this card placement curious as well, as it falls under things which may hinder us, pitfalls or obstacles in our path. I typically resonate strongly with the Brownie cards and don’t have too much of a side comment with this card normally.
    • For the theme of this reading, I will say, it could denote a jealousy factor or a misaligned focus of purpose if a certain group, family, tribe or community is raised up, admired or promoted to be better than others in some way. I can see how this can create friction or possible hindrances within a “multi-cultural” population. Perhaps the fairies/cards would like us to understand that this behavior caused unnecessary distortions within the traditions at this time of year and so some became stigmatized and some were forced over populations. Perhaps we should be looking to focus our purposes and attentions down into our small, local worlds instead of highlighting external/outside traditions?
  5. Tryamour (R): My book notes that this card reversed indicates external and internal pressures on a relationship, contradictory feelings, inner conflicts and indecision.
    • The main theme of Tryamour’s legend is the age old conflict of head versus heart. There’s no two ways about this kind of choice, you must do what you think is right and bare the consequences. This card reversed is a message from the fairies letting you know it’s time to pull that band-aid off.
    • When we look at this card in the aspect of the main question and placement, I think the cards/fairies are sending us a clear reminder to go with our hearts and do what we feel is right in order to reconnect with the true spirit of Halloween. This can be interpreted as guidance to follow whatever you feel because it is a very complex situations with lots of factors at play. The way through will look very different, person to person – community by community.
  6. Garconer: The book explains that this card is all about temptation and instant gratification, especially at the expense of long term happiness.
    • To me this card always speaks about dignity, honor and true happiness. Superficial and shallow tricks, full of delusion are often rooted in lust or greed, pride or power. Garconer represents the ultimate shmoozer, the ‘love talker’, the swindler.
    • This placement speaks to the root of the issue at hand in regards to our original question, and so I feel this is pointing to us as a collective losing sight of the true ‘reason for the season’ and trading it away for dress up and candy bars. It’s pretty obvious the choice here to literally sugar coat and invert this potentially powerful time of year, when our ancestors can even work miracles in our lives. Instead of honoring the ancestors and their ancient celebrations we’ve been sweet talked out of that and given this paperdoll, makeup version.
  7. Unicorn: The Unicorn is the opposing face to the Fairy Dog and so, there’s no down side to this card – however the messages are quite different, depending on which is upright. Where the Unicorn treads, a great blessing follows. This card heralds a healing message from the Other World. Harbinger of hope, relief from anxieties, spiritual inspirations and true joy.
    • The final card is always the most important card to me, because I feel – if you were to pick only one card from the deck, the cards and fairies would choose to send that message. I tend to relate directly to my book’s description.
    • In the scope of this reading, I see this as such an inspiring, enlightened and exciting outcome. The fairies wish to remind us that this time of year, the end of autumn here, Halloween, Samhain, the harvest festivals and the Day of the Dead – are all meant to be a space and chance for the spirit/elemental/higher beings to impress blessings and gifts upon us living humans on earth. These celebrations are meant to ease anxiety and provide recuperation, support and healing after all the hard work of spring, summer and fall.

What the Tarot card reading implied

  1. Nine of Cups : signifies the approach of completion of your role in some close relationship, fulfilling your dreams socially, passing down of heritage, lineage –
  2. Seven of Swords : mastery of words, thoughts, ideas, beliefs. Knowing what ideas to keep and what to leave or what words to say and what to leave out.
  3. The Star (R) : warning – be weary of false leads, stars or lights. Stay true to your own direction, faith.
  4. Six of Cups : perseverance in relationships, partnerships, communities. Finding out who will stick through tough times. Learning that lesson

Overall themes, meanings, messages:

From the response of my Aquarian deck I got a strong message of connection to community and the gratifying roles we can fulfill in social settings. It’s clear they want to amplify the themes around how others see us and the issues it can cause within communal settings. The reversed Star and the seven of swords can relate and resonate a lot with the messages from the fairies Tryamour, the reverse mermaid and brownie – as well as that heavy warning with Garconer. The seven of swords has an underlying air of mastery and learned knowledge through trial and error, so it’s no surprise again to see the Star reversed as well, because it is hard to stay true to your heart when you’re facing external pressures. I think we can find our way back to more connected, healthy and honest traditions eventually!

Closing Guidance

  • Saints & Angels Oracle deck: Forgiveness & St. Mary Magdalene
    • “the answer you seek involves letting go of resentment, judgment, and anger. It’s a refreshing and deeply healing shower of love that cleanses you inside and out. Call upon saint Mary Magdalene to help you forgive or be forgiven so that you can move on with your life and your dreams.
  • Mandala Oracle deck: “You must do the thing you think you cannot.” E. Roosevelt

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