Strange Differences ?

I cannot help but notice that humanity has distorted life into bogus hierarchy systems. The setup is not conducive to positive growth or happiness. Why would people do that?

Ever since I was small, I could see the sham for what it was; a facade, a circus or magic show – nothing about it made logical sense to me. None of it does, still to this day. There has to be a mechanism of control maintaining the imbalance of power because it just doesn’t make sense to the individual “user”.

For the life of me, I still can’t seem to come to terms with the overarching theme of servitude hanging over this place like a mismatched, washed out rainbow. These flimsy and false concepts of royalty, ‘elites’, upper class or political classes, castes, kings, PM’s or whatever are all ridiculous to me. They have no weight, no substance or roots in their claim to superiority. I feel no Truth there what-so-ever.

The concept/term of superiority is not to be confused with the ideas of seniority or mastery; these terms account for difference levels on conscious awareness due to natural talents, gifts, affinities, or dedicated practice and commitment of time.

Expertise gained through seniority/mastery set us apart from others in an unique way which serves the collective as a whole. A masterpiece composition is never just a single note; it’s many notes – sometimes many instruments even. Each of us have our own note to play – none can be superior keys to another, they are just that – keys, tones, notes, a frequency. We all have our unique sound to play.

Diversity is the ultimate purpose of creation – making something ‘new’. It is necessary, organic and natural. It reflects the workings of the Golden Ratio, Phi and Fibonacci’s spiral – things are a bit off, not 100% predictable – a toss of the dice, a gamble or chance, right? The Creator is a jokester, remember. This is all one big exploration of many-ness and how much can be created with the ultimate ending remaining a mystery right up until the curtain falls. Enjoy it! Embrace it!

Worth is not defined by or altered even by any potential talents or accomplishments.

Sovereign worth is bestowed (just the same as every other creation) at the time of conception just by being brought into being. Each and every human born has obtained the gift of Sovereignty here in this place in space. There is no way to lose it. You may choose to taint, distort, extort, hide or make a mockery of it – but that will never change the fact that within you resides a cord back to Source and within that cord flows unconditional love and sovereign worth.

Now, back to this 3D Matrix ‘rule’ of Superiority. This intention or ideology holds the presumption that some beings are worth more than others because of some justification; usually an extenuating circumstance of some kind that seems almost ‘innocent’, logical, or even “naturally occurring” some argue, right? This is because the assumptions are direct inversions (AKA a big, fat, bold-faced lie with just enough truth to pull an undertow current through the center to fool people) of the One Truth and in extension the expanded truth of personal Sovereignty.

Also, I’d like to highlight that the thought energy of superiority is negatively charged right from the gate because it requires energy to be spent in order to be felt/witnessed/given – so, remember that you are inherently collecting negative polarity all the time while you consent to that idea and deny the One Truth and your sovereign worth.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of negativity, why would anyone consciously choose that? Well, we all have chose that at one point or another, myself included – I’m just thinking out loud here – asking a rhetorical question for all to think over for themselves.

Finally, and most importantly, if you are subservient and bow down to some superior authority then know this lie will be applied over the entirety of your reality. It will bind you to this “knowledge” that there is an ‘elite’ group of individuals, who are themselves collectively separate and better than all the rest – including you yourself, and in that statement you are consenting to slavery. You are creating energetic entanglements between yourself and the Master or the ‘elites’, or your boss – whoever you are serving within that superiority hierarchy.

I can’t ignore that some people do generally buy into and believe that a faction or percentage of humanity is better than the rest (and even in the eyes of the “creator”) just because of their genetic station, belief of some kind or financial standing. But I just cannot get on board with it. It’s self harming and negatively focused.

And in fact, this false construction of reality sets into motion a conception which is negatively charged from the very start. Just like I mentioned above you create for yourself a base level foundation which is tainted, weakened and faulty. This ensures all future exchanges will be conducted from a place of energetic debt. You can never access your own sovereign energy bank when you choose Servitude to another. You are essentially a slave when you operate from this station. And you are consenting to that role by acting within its parameters.

I have always felt a simple truth inside me: each person, soul, human being – here on the planet, alive and resonating their unique frequency in this time/space/place deserves to be here and has just as much right to their own life as I do. I would like to be left to my own devices, honored and trusted to be a good person who stands by their word and lives out their God-given purpose in this life – And so I treat others with this same courtesy and hold these as general assumptions in respect to all others.

This basic starting ground assumption creates a graceful space of golden sovereignty inside of me. I use that vision to uphold and charge my energetic boundaries as well, to protect myself at all angles and layers. One day, I do believe that all or at least most of Humanity’s collective will hold these notions true within their realities and the entire social memory complex of the Human Race will be birthing its Golden Age.

Until then, we have giant chasms with sharp edges and steep cliffs to navigate, right?

It’s not hard to look around at the world right now and see the great divides that are tearing apart our planet, the race, our countries and the states/cities within them; even family units, close friends and colleagues have witnessed a split happening in their own direct worlds.

I feel the approach to failure has been quite obvious and clumsy – however some of the collective still (miraculously, somehow!) is surprised by or ignorant to the collapse we are facing but anyways, I digress – because for this post was I really wanted to zoom in on and examine is this strange old habit or belief where one segregated portion of Humanity tries to reserve some kind of altered or “special” place among the rest of the Humans.

This happens all the time, we have hundreds of depictions throughout history and even in the present day, we still have a multitude of living examples. A basic form of this hierarchy nonsense I mentioned at the start seems to be built into not only the 3D Matrix mainframe, but also, right into our own Human codes too. I see it as a chain of bondage meant to be broken.

We can easily recognize it within the 3D Matrix today in such severe examples as these appointed authority figures who are basically just a strong arm of the System. This can be seen as judges and those who think they can deem what’s “right” for another human being; over empowered, big-headed doctors who think they know better than the individual when it comes to personal health and wellness, agency workers who steal children from parents who simply need support, and of course the gatekeepers of indoctrination the “teachers” and the System run “schools”.

Another great example of this basic belief structure is the concept of “Need-to-know” or levels of security clearances. This is generally used in the alphabet agencies and the corporate world. It’s the basic idea that only top level branches or sections have oversight of the entire process and all other pieces involved are restricted to limited scopes of knowledge that inhibit information exchange between lower levels for security/protection of some kind.

This false framing of ‘superiority’ is a blatant inversion of the One Truth, which is why it gains so much traction out there with people. Instead of hearing the underlying true line of reasoning, which is your higher self, your connection with Source and the universe is the only hierarchy you are tied to – we grab onto the need for external confirmation and look to other Humans for that validation.

At every intersection in these Matrix systems they hope to train us. They desire to instill in each of us, the desperate need to obtain confirmation from the “hire up” – the requirement of approval from your parents, your religious leader or the figure head of whatever system you are a part of – instigates that negative cycle of the servant and master.

Humans can barely seem to live without it, let alone recognize the harm it’s actually causing and get away from it – so I’m not quite sure what I hope to accomplish by writing about this, however it’s irking me lately so here we go!

The ideas of boundaries, cultures, traditions, segments of lands and people living in their own best way in symbiosis and organically with their natural surroundings is a sacred and beautiful honor we Humans were given.

We were supposed to be Stewards of this beautiful Planet.

Ancient ways, spirituality, esoteric knowledge and those types of traditional wisdoms are priceless treasures we should have been preserving and at the very least saving for reference – if not embodying and living in accordance to the guidance or advice from that time. But sadly, Superior Ones have hoarded, destroyed, and even held hostage the ancient Human wisdom from all the original peoples.

Why would we do this? This is another abominable habit or cycle Humanity seems stuck in that is just so clearly negative and destructive that I’ve wondered all my life, why the hell no one else calls it for what it is? Why have so many just gone along – why do so many continue to just step right in line with mockery and lies?

The why’s may never get answered fully but I happen to see a clear causation regardless, and so I will say it again – if we each claim and embody our own Sovereign Worth and operate our lives from this common starting ground then we would never be tricked into Servitude of some other and we’d see all these false structures in our world crumble quickly.

For some reason I’m super ahead of the curve with this line of thinking. So many out there are seeking out confirmation that some “group” is better or NOT better than another.

One of the most irritating symptoms of this dedication to the slavery cycle is the habit of encouraging the mindset that the enslaved one is an innocent victim of some external, overpowering source. This is such a common easy way out for many, but is also such a blatantly false exit, right into a liar loop where you will be forever circling, waiting for some outside savior to come to your rescue. Convenient for the negative system, since you are still serving up your energy to the servitude cycle. Conversely and simultaneously, the slave also binds their self to the master in a more comfortable and convenient way, creating the perfect scapegoat for all their hardships or shortcomings. The victim now has an easily definable, yet all powerful obstacle in their way and what better than that to hide behind while you divert from seeing the Truth hiding in plain sight – you’re consenting to the Slavery.

When the slave believes they are a victim of circumstance beyond their control they are also more likely to relinquish their desires for freedom and settle for what comfort they can find in their present moment. If you take this reasoning even further and then allow the added influence of some “rational justification” of servitude like Royalty, God, or Superior Intelligence well then the slave will most likely distort their own Truth for themselves and become an unconscious adherent to the cycle because they will tie in their energetic beliefs to this notion that they are less than, not as worthy as or as special as the “master/elite/king” whatever the case.

This is the most dangerous space for the slave and it’s why so many have coined the term “mind control”. Outside forces changing your neurology and thought processes to hold a perception that is negatively conductive within your being; and holding onto that forced thought/idea/action because you’ve been conditioned/instructed/forced to by the “Master”.

Recognizing and breaking out of these scenarios is the stuff that the ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘ is made of. Once someone is ready to cast off all mind control and claim responsibility for their conscious awareness in every present moment. We remember the One Truth and that guides us to our own truth of sovereign worth and righteous purpose.

In this way we can see how beneficial and necessary the slave cycle is for duality and Humanity’s Ascension here on Earth. The chains can only be broken slave by slave as they are so uniquely fashioned. Furthermore, change can only start to reflect back out of the Collective after some majority of people create and uphold this new sovereign communion space; where all beings are valued as equal parts of the whole.

I want to end here by touching on the thorn in my side as I write this:

What about those out there who do fully believe (and will probably continue to hold onto that belief) that they are better than other humans because of some ordained reason, like being “God’s chosen people” ? Don’t these types pose a threat to those who want to clear the ground and start fresh?

Yes, they do – they always have, I might add. But this is a mechanism of duality and we can never be free from it in this space/time. It’s encoded into the Organic Matrix and therefore has beneficial evolutionary purposes. There are huge benefits to be gained when dealing with catalysts created around “chosen ones” for all those involved. It can be no other way – however those who believe they are better or different than the rest can only offend or “harm” those others if the others allow and consent to the infringing belief cycle of superiority. If they don’t agree to play then the “chosen one’s” imagined extra special worth they’ve created for themselves is meaningless to the whole group. Let them believe whatever they want inside their heads – their dark night of the soul will come.

With all that said, it’s also important to mention that the balance has been unnaturally offset over time and now holds an overall negative frequency instead of a moderately neutral feeling. This has enabled an effect of fertilization within the Organic Matrix and promoted the negative, artificial agenda to gain momentum. The darker aspects have been left to build and flourish in their expansive exploration of the many-ness within the imposed overlay of the inorganic 3D Matrix. It’s turned into a not-so-fun house of circus mirrors and smoke shows. Humanity has been looped in and tricked in so many ways.

It’s of no consequence to Source, to the evolution of Earth and Humanity as a whole whether or not a few cells in the whole choose degradation, destitution or enslavement. The sun will rise regardless and no false light will be able to out shine the true logos. There can be no other way – if there is a Singular Source, that is.

And some do deny or question that and so I feel it important to mention that as well – it is possible there is no great before, no Source at all – and in that case we have an even stronger case laid down for enjoying your wild ride of life in the here and now – don’t we? If there is no after, no judgement, no sacred purpose at all, then why go to your job for 30 years? Why follow a single “law” made by man? Why conform to society and waste your lottery ticket of life’s one chance? It makes even less sense to imagine a life of servitude if you hold this perspective.

Regardless, now is the time to call back the balance to Earth and Humanity.

It’s time for the meek to rise and stand for their morals. Their boundaries will be pressed upon and tested to their fullest. Now is the opportunity to stand up and refuse to serve their false systems, point out their lies and question their reasoning. This is their last chance to prove they are “special” or above others – their dark night of the soul will come as their empire falls.

Those of us who can see and feel the One Truth should really focus our energy on offering our services to those who can accept the assistance and wish to resonate with their own Light; and let be those who wish to reside in the shadows with their delusions, lies and negativity.

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