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Refining Trust & Faith for 5D

Faith & Trust These are two really strong words which mean a whole lot of different things, depending on who you ask. There’s layers and angles to these words. The words themselves are concepts really, because they embody so much. I really love language and writing because words are so fluid and migratory. It’s the…

An Article on Sovereignty, Consent, Infringement, Service Orientation, and Boundaries

One of the most fundamental parts of forming your energetic foundation is claiming your sovereignty and power as an infinite, eternal being. If you are experiencing a reality where you feel more spiritually curious, or more mature and responsible than before, then chances are this is your time to wake up to your sovereignty. Maybe…

Meditation & Mantras

This is an excerpt from a blog I wrote in 2017. See the original version here. About two years ago I started a daily meditation practice. It was difficult to stick with – some days I skipped or was so distracted that I couldn’t get anything from it but I stuck with it. I started…

About Me as an Author

I’ve always had a love for writing. As far back as I can remember, I’ve used writing as a tool to help me process my thoughts and emotions. As a young child I spent my time writing short stories, as a teen I began writing poetry. Since then, I’ve had poems published in zines and contests, shared in online forums and even read aloud on podcasts from all around the world.

Over the years I’ve progressed from fiction and poetry into writing with essays, articles and investigative pieces in the non-fiction realm. Another one of my loves is research, so naturally I write a lot about what I’m learning at the current moment.

Currently, I’m working on a sort of future based, semi historical fiction novel which is turning out to be a series instead of a single adventure.

Click here to jump directly to my “library” list of free e-books.

Like Poetry or Wordart?

Check out my archive of inspirational poetic word art and original memes over on my now extinct – but still viewable – Instagram account (@amariespeaks). Linked above.

Love to doodle, draw or do calligraphy?

Check out my ever growing backstage archive and find all my old doodle notes and writings that I’ve come up with, usually out of direct influence of some book, video or movie – which I usually source for reference.

Do you love books?

I do, too! And if you’re not using GoodReads yet, you’re missing out! You can keep track of the books you’ve read, what you WANT to read and see what others are reading too! Find me if you’re on there! (I am not sponsored, I just love the platform.)

I also have a ever-growing playlist of free audio books worth the listen over on my YouTube page – along with some Spiritual Divination videos of my own creation, if you’re curious about that aspect.

Want to see all the nerdy, crafty, creative things I enjoy? Check out my Pinterest account!

I’ve also recently started a Telegram channel where I share daily positivity messages, infographics, memes, quick tips & more! t.me/amariespeaks

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This is an ever expanding list of my own writings. Items below are what I consider to be my publishable work. These are more formal and have been edited and formatted to resemble market level e-books. I am not including blog type writings here. Those will remain as posts on this page. Please use the Archive links on the sidebar to view my informal quick writes.

My largest hurdle remains my moral boycott of Amazon. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on the “self publishing” market and most other services are way more expensive. If you know of any small publishers, printers please send me an email!

This book is primarily structured to be a reference guide. It contains loads of references, links, books and ideas to engage your children (OR your inner child!) in conscious learning.

As the mother of two boys, I’m always looking for new ways to connect and relay information to them. I want to raise happy humans who value their minds, bodies and souls. This can come as a real challenge in today’s world of instant gratification.

This guidebook is my way of organizing and presenting an outline of all the knowledge I wish to pass on to my children. In that same notion, I share this to all other parents out there because like minds will resonate with the intentions expressed within. You may already do some of these things with your child or these concepts may be totally new to your family. Take what you like and what sparks your interest and feel free to discard the rest.

I compiled this particular selection of poems, written between about 16 to 22 years old, because I felt called to honor my younger self and share her poetry with the world. It’s been a decade or more since I wrote these and so much growth has taken place – I’m a whole different person, naturally. Yet I find that I can still relate to that damsel in distress and so I share these old poems with humor, humility and love, in hopes that others can relate and know that no matter what the hardship may be – you will make it through to something greater than you could have ever imagined.

This is dedicated to those turbulent years when you’re not quite an adult yet but you are definitely not a child anymore either. If you enjoy poetry and you’d like a copy of this for yourself, I would be honored to send it.

As the title depicts, this is a quick read, collage style, coffee table book; something to pickup for a random, synchronicity reading or share with guests.

Back in 2015 I had a strong desire to start sharing what I was calling wordart at the time – motivating poems or quotes with artwork incorporated to create a clear, strong message. It was meant to be bite size inspiration for anyone who scrolled across it.

I recently decided to put together a 3D version of my old IG posts to share in the real world. Each page is the original post (image only) – no hashtags or descriptions.

I selected these particular posts to compile into this book because each one is just a few lines or words but they are meant to make a person think and reflect. I hope you enjoy!

This book of poems is a collection I composed throughout my mid-twenties and early thirties. It’s a reflection of the cyclic patterns which shape and mold our beings as we carve out our own path in this journey called life.

Words have always been like a salve to my soul – they flow out and bring back new understandings and ideas. I’ve used poetic alchemy my entire life to sort through and work out all the trauma – the hurts, the confusion and anger.

In my younger years writing poems was mostly self indulgence; usually a pity party where I was not only the guest of honor but also the only invite. However, as I matured in the world, I began to catch sparks of inspiration. I knew if I could drag myself out of the swamp of victimization then I would be able to help guide others. I started receiving enlightening messages and using my flair for writing in a more directly positive way to convey those empowering thoughts into poetic prose.

The poems selected and presented in this book were either created to investigate and shine light into some of my darkest corners or were written at a time when my inner beacon was so bright it revealed the truest forms of love within me. Not matter which space you occupy at the current moment, I’m sure you will find a line or two which resonates with you inside this book.

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