Meditation & Mantras

This is an excerpt from a blog I wrote in 2017. See the original version here.

About two years ago I started a daily meditation practice. It was difficult to stick with – some days I skipped or was so distracted that I couldn’t get anything from it but I stuck with it. I started with guided meditations which gave me the crutch I needed to get started.

Eventually I graduated to doing it alone – first I tried just 5 minutes, my mind would go crazy and I’d need to constantly stop the chatter. Then I noticed the chatter was getting easier to quiet.. before I knew it 15 minutes was flying by.

After a few months I started getting comfortable with myself, my thoughts, the chatter – I could slip into that silence with a bit more stealth. This does not mean it lasts.. the silence comes followed by thoughts followed by me putting those thoughts aside and returning to oneness.

In an attempt to reconnect myself to the quiet connection I fall back on mantras which calm my busy mind or shut down a thought of worry. Before I left my thinking mind spiral off into a worry or a to-do or what someone said to me – I wrangle my self and start with my mantras.

I love mantras and affirmations. I think everyone can benefit from them! Remember your subconscious rules your thinking brain; whether you’d like to admit it or not – it does. Repetition is a great way to send a message to your subconscious. That’s why mantras and affirmations are so special!

I listened to quite a few in my early days of meditation discovery. Check around the web because there are some great ones out there!

However, there’s nothing better than making your own mantras!

Slowly I’ve crafted mine over the last year and a half I think and it truly helps me. I find myself repeating it to myself throughout the day, too. When I’m bored at work or frustrated or feeling under-appreciated and it brings me a ton of comfort.

As my 20 mins is just about up for today I want to quickly share one of my mantras with you all – maybe you’ll choose to use it or adopt a piece of it that resonates with you!

I am an extension of the Universe.
I am evolving – infinite – expanding – indefinite – omnipresent.
I am on purpose with a purpose.
I am a being of light and love.
I am connected to the collective – a reflection of the Universe.

I hope you choose to include meditation and mantras in your life as well!

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