Water & Frequency

This is an excerpt from a blog I wrote in 2017. See original here.

Water is a remarkable substance

H20 – dihydrogen monoxide happens when 2 hydrogen atoms form covalent bonds with an oxygen atom. This polarized molecule is arguably the most important inorganic compound known to man. We observe many strange qualities when it comes to water in the world of chemistry like expansion during freezing, the solubility reactions of a variety of substances as it’s the base line solvent used, it’s conductivity and fluidity of energy – just to name a few.

As far as the world of science is concerned – life as we know it originally evolved in the oceans. The first sparks of life started in water.

We all know for certain that every living thing whether plant or animal needs water to sustain life. Most of us have also heard the statistic that our bodies are made up of about around 40-60% water. It is a crucial molecule without which we could not survive.

Vibrational Frequency

With all this said, I want to talk about the phenomenon of vibrational frequency. Did you know everything in the universe is vibrating? Yes! Literally EVERYTHING on the planet, the planet itself, the stars – anything you can name has a distinct range of frequencies with which it resonates.

If this is new information to you I highly suggest looking into it more because it’s truly fascinating science! Not science fiction or new-age thought ideas, this is “real”, confirmed and proven scientific “fact”.

Note: I myself hold all ideas just as that IDEAS. I’m a firm believer in believing that we do not have all the pieces, we do not know all the answers and for all it’s worth – things that we assume to be fact like gravity, matter, mass and even the process of the scientific method may all be junk and fallacies man created to explain the unexplained.. And as a true science geek I’d be willing to throw out any such “theory” if evidence provokes a contrary idea – all avenues should be explored not just those the past 100 years of ‘science’ tells us are acceptable.

The Amazing Effect Frequency Can Have on Water

Now, for the real reason for my post! I came upon the very unique and amazing studies of a Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto and I was immediately in awe. Many in the science world want to discredit his studies, calling it a phenomenon and therefore not science, but that just intrigues me more.

Please watch this quick 6 minute video – seeing is believing as they all say and this video is a visual masterpiece that will make you question your very being!

Your thoughts, ideas, and words – your “vibe” – have a very real impact on your world and all those vibrational beings around you.

We are all constantly emitting a vibration – whether you choose to believe it or not – it’s there. It emanates from your heart in a torus; the human toroidal field.

This is how we utilize things like pace makers and why we “shock” a stopped heart to get it to beat again. If you’re new to this idea I strongly recommend doing your own research down this path because once you understand how your body works you can change your world.

If you enjoyed that first video check out this one!

There are some powerful consequences surrounding this study if you choose to accept these ideas.

  • Are our very words and thoughts shaping and creating reality?
  • Do each of us therefore create our own little bubble of reality in which we cause and draw to us every problem, illness, success, reward, and so on and so forth?
  • Can we change the world by changing our actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings?

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