9 Points on Divine Feminine & Masculine for the Feminist to consider

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This is an updated version of a blog of my own creation written back in 2018. View the original here.

9 Points for a Feminist to consider :

  1. We all have an aligned mixture of feminine and masculine traits & characteristics which are innate and instinctual
  2. Social rearing, brainwashing, tradition whatever you call it has boxed women AS WELL AS men into these “acceptable” behavioral patterns, roles, and expected life paths – and this is over generations. We have to keep this in mind – these are sometimes lifelong “beliefs” ingrained in their brains.
  3. This is crucial: Our men are not the enemies. We need to start looking at them as brothers, uncles, fathers not as judges, gatekeepers and handlers. They will only try to control you if you show them they can. It’s not about demanding respect either – men’s testosterone makes them react quickly to threats and demands with the only emotion they’re allowed anger – we need to remember that and know if we respect ourselves and have a calm demeanor of mutual respect we will not see that instinctual testosterone fueled reaction and we are certainly more likely to get respect in return.
  4. REMEMBER point #2 Women need to show more love, compassion, understanding, THIS is how we change the patriarchy, the male dominated world. These men were all once small boys who were conditioned, pruned and degraded. They are as much a “victim” (I do not like that word) as young girls are.. if not worse because boys -a child- is taught and molded to withhold all emotion except anger, dominance, physical strength, perhaps they can be “funny”, this child is taught survival of the fittest and usually the bigger and louder you are the more power you have. They are taught the winner takes all.
  5. Men need love and acceptance just as much (my personal thought is they need it a bit more) than women. They have been denied honest and open love from about age 5 on.. think about that. Sex and lust are perfectly acceptable but platonic love, loyalty, friendship is a totally foreign place for most men. Women have been divided – the divine feminine encompasses all aspects but in this world they break it apart and say you can either be a whore or a prude, a raging bitch who pushes her way to the top or a meek housewife. They deny us the facets of our being – because each woman has the ability to play each one of those role simultaneously. Men are taught to want the whore but only once, and to be bored with the prude but marry her anyway because she’s a housewife. can’t turn a hoe into a housewife they say
  6. REMEMBER point 3: Men would naturally look to women for guidance as our hormonal balances makes us more patient and level headed. Women are the neck even if Men are the head.. now bring this idea up to a societal level – in order to change the “patriarchy” we must move the neck muscles. The neck’s muscles are much different than the heads – anatomy 101 will tell you that – just as us women function and take action in a different way then men.. which leads me to this next point
  7. THE MASCULINE way is not working – in fact it is so severely unbalanced now I fear it may be irreversible but I’ll continue on regardless..this dominance over all, restriction, and violence is clearly the entirely wrong way to FIX anything. This is half the reason I don’t consider myself a feminist because many view it as if they have to now be more masculine in order to compete with the patriarchy. When in fact if we took the opposite approach – a more loving and forgiving stance perhaps we would start turning some heads. This is where you remember we are all in the same fight, against “THEM”, we are on the same team – remember we all want freedom and sovereignty for all.
  8. We do need Feminism but when we acknowledge that we must see how the scale must be balanced with the proper amount of Masculine. This is what “equality” means to me – it’s not about boxing each group up and slapping titles and rights onto it – it’s UNBOXING us all and recognizing that divine balance within each of us IS what makes us equal. This idea of course was squashed out of humanity in most cultures thousands of years ago.. this is a long time problem people. This is nothing new – so why would the answer be new? No. it’s an old answer and a simple one, of course.
  9. Lastly, in honor of the ancient way of counting when 9 is the final digit not 10, I want to close out my points on this by highlighting the obvious and reiterating the underlying issue: The world is run by criminals. The current systems are failing the people, the people are more enslaved then ever before. It is time we use our numbers, we soak up our power and form a conglomeration for the people against this small percent. But we will not be able to do that until we can forgive each other and working symbiotically. If you made it through this drawn out rant – thank you so much for reading.

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