Be Kind to Your Mind

This is a modified excerpt from a blog of my of creation, written back in 2018.

You can find the original here:

Meditation, Compassion, Presence, Love, Loving Kindness

When you’re talking to creatives about mental health it’s important to remember that most people “suffer from” what the psychology world would call “mental illness“. 

For some reason those of us who see the world differently have been labeled as ill. I am not a fan of this practice.

My most significant advice for creative persons struggling with mental health issues is to: Know your limits and your cycles. 

That phrase has been a cornerstone in my own personal growth and progression into becoming a professional writer better human being. I know I have hurdles to overcome and in that recognition I try to accept my fate and work with it not against it.

When I am in those days where time is sucked away; when mornings turn to evenings before I can catch my breath; the hours blend and the clock tells me lies. I recognize I’m in a slump. Motivation drains away and my brain just cannot concentrate. I try to be nice to myself. 

In realizing your natural ebb and flow of creativity, motivation, sociability – you can give into the flow game and instead of resisting to play. Now you can learn the rules, learn to bend the rules and then one day learn how to win. 

Life is full of battles – I’ve always liked that saying, ‘It’s better to be warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.’

The key is letting your brain rest in the right way. That means dropping the self-hate, the negative talk, stop scrutinizing yourself and blaming – it is your being and there’s nothing wrong with it. Would you blame the ocean for waves or the earth for seasons? 

Just allow yourself to break away from all the projects and the to-dos. Stop worrying about motivation and inspiration and just let yourself be. When you do feel that spark – go with it, chase it until you’re tired then rest – and congratulate yourself for your effort. Seriously.

When you start beating yourself up for not meeting your word count for the day or picking apart your latest sketch half way through just take a break and shut it down. Remember why you love creating, remember your flow and trust that you will return and finish it… and above all, be kind to your mind!

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