The Power of Truth

This is a modified version of a blog created by me back in 2018. You can see the original post here:

I don’t claim to know any answers. 

I haven’t done enough research – I simply cannot do all the research myself that’s required to gain definite evidence needed to say I have these answers.

There’s too much ground to regain when you’ve been lied to for 20 or 30 years.

As a collective we really need to improve our research and reasoning skills.

I have a bit of a conspiracy streak and a love of research which has led me to stumble upon quite a variety of theories, beliefs and hypotheses. The more I learn the more questions I have, therefore I’m left seeking out others who have done the research to learn from. 

And therein lies the rub…

Where are these answers coming from? With the level of “misinformation” out there it can be difficult to know what is real. To make matters worse, most of us have already realized the government agencies, the mainstream media, news, and healthcare systems are not places we can turn to for true answers. We’ve been left to fend for ourselves in a sea of information. 

If I know the truth then I can make educated decisions which take my life in the direction I choose. So it goes to show that anyone who hides the truth or misguides for any reason simply wishes to control your choice. Anyone with half a neuron still firing can make these connections. It is clear ‘they’ want us to think in a particular fashion which immediately makes me wonder why? It makes me need to know what’s hidden in plain sight.

As a collective I believe there are certain truths we need to know. No more fake studies or inflated statistics. No more corporate funded laboratories. Just the plain picture. No more bullshit.

Everyone has the right to know what’s in the food they buy, the beauty products they use, in the air we breathe.

I want everyone to be able to agree on whether or not GMOs are bad not just for us and the planet. Are the preservatives and chemicals we use are really poisonous? I want to know that the paint used on kids toys is nontoxic and the dust from electronics are not coating my home in carcinogens. I want to be able to shower without worrying if I’m being doused in heavy metal particulates. Is reusing plastics really dangerous? Are my fillings slowly making me sick? Is my cell phone safe? Are cell towers fucking up our ecosystems? Is there an NSA rat reading this as I type it?

As soon as I ask these types of questions or make these kind of statements I’m met with opposition, sometimes from multiple different angles. I’m left to sift through, attempting to piece together what bits of truth I think I find.


There is always a counter debate which forces me to reevaluate my research – not because I’m swayed by every opinion but for the mere fact that I could have easily missed something, read the wrong articles. I could be wrong. Every person on this earth needs to learn how to accept this rare and uniquely true fact: You could be wrong. You can be wrong. You’re allowed to be wrong.

I want to go back to the power of the truth

If you do the research on say, GMO’s and you’re able to get access to lab studies, speak with scientists, talk with farmers, follow the leads wherever they take you then you hold a lot of power in that area. There is power in knowing the truth – which is exactly why there is so many delusions in the world. No one can sway your opinion when you’ve seen it with your own eyes – you’ve exhausted the possibilities and can say you’ve uncovered the truth. Unfortunately, not many of us have the chance to even look into one problem that in depth; let alone every topic I feel we should ALL know about.  

We are forced – by our need for more information, curiosity or simply laziness, to entrust strangers with doing our research for us. 

We now step into a sketchy place where Trust replaces Truth… 

When we trade our sovereignty for someone else’s answers we hand over our power. We believe the trust we hold for the source is just as strong a power as that of the truth but it is not. Most of us believe those we trust would never dilute the truth – yet in the same breath we’ll admit ‘everyone lies’. We struggle with trusting our spouses, our children, parents yet claim hundreds of politicians (who live in their own little worlds, completely separate from us) have a “duty” to tell us the truth. They are not going to give away their power freely. They believe themselves to be our shepherds, they think they can handle the truth yet we cannot. They belittle us, write us off and create traps to catch up those of us who have a brain and see through their facade.

It’s time to stop. It’s time we regain our power and our sovereignty.

Pretty much everyone in the world no matter who or where you are – all want the same things: To be healthy, free, fed, to spend time with those they love and pursue their passions or purpose in life. Everyone wants to thrive and live in abundance. We can all agree on that truth – so now we need to align all our others truths with that one.

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