the Art of Balancing

Balancing has become one of my most revered practices, callings, lessons, and understandings. I have begun to see it mirrored in everything, at the root of all functions and entwined in all aspects of life. It has morphed into something much deeper, more beautiful than I first saw. Now, balancing is becoming an art-form in my eyes.

So, what exactly is Balancing?

To define it, we can refer to the maintaining of homeostasis – if you’re familiar with physiology or biology; or the seeking of neutrality between two opposing forces – if you prefer physics. Other great examples surface in the natural, organic world through day and night, seasons, ecosystems, the water cycle, the cycle of life, the circle of life – etc.

Another more personal way to understand balancing is to understand the energetic, emotional and spiritual processing which happens through this same framework. Some refer to it as mood swings or internal cycles and others call it alchemy, shadow work, light work. We are responsible for learning our light and shadow sides to integrate and seek harmonious solutions – as I talk about so much, I know! I really don’t mean to sound like a broken record.

But, seriously – another huge angle to see balancing from is that act of seeking happy solutions – the intention of a mediator or neutral problem solver between different sides. The true essence of balancing (especially organic, un-distorted kinds) comes from the heart and holds all sides in high esteem, seeking to find a way through that harmonizes with each one involved. That sacred Mother energy.

Balance is such a perfect template for growth because in its essence, it is nurturing, what resides within its core intention is honest care for the whole.

Now, as I’ve demonstrated for us – we could speak on the framework of balancing from infinite different angles, thus setting up for infinitely more potentials based off whichever initial was chosen, because basically I’m speaking about the energy of creation; potential energy, yes, but it holds weight none the less. Perhaps even, this potential charge, in combination with the intention by which that energy is later used, could actually be more influential than the kinetic energy expressed by the outcome? Just some food for thought.

When we sketch out an preliminary space of imagination, like I did above, we set energetic boundaries with our intention – whatever frequency you’re embodying at the moment of creation is imprinted on that sketched out space. Attention (aka love/service) comes next and is infused into said space – these things work together to harmonize and develop. Or if it’s negatively oriented space, then the inversions and control structures are imprinted at this time.

More likely than not these two polarizations and processes are not separate at all, but actually both types are building concurrently and could/should learn to “build” together; not constantly work to tear each others creations apart. This is another version of the same great lesson of balance.

It’s my understanding that we are energetic beings and therefore, if we take a cue from nature and the natural law of what we witness here, we could assume we are here to harness and understand the great art of balancing.

Balancing is a lot like dancing – it’s a partnership, it requires intuition and improvisation, and it reflects a larger purpose than just the two moving pieces, the dance steps and the music. It’s something which must be witnessed to be fully appreciated. And that brings with it a sense of many-ness, of a group or gathering of more than one.

The beauty within the art is observed when a harmonious solution is uncovered and worked towards. The concept of opposing sides or different flavors coming together creates a space of infinite exploration and potentials poses a lot of obstacles, wrinkles or disruptions but it’s through those actions that we learn the true depth of all those involved.

If we approach all situations as a reflection of the great practice of balancing it can help us move through more fluidly, provide more ideas and solutions and also stay charged and motivated to sort through and assist that shadowed or more difficult ‘partner’ or aspect.

It is through this kind of work that we begin to relax in the moment and get a chance to actually enjoy the process of living. We can loosen up and allow more improvisation into decisions, communications and the general atmosphere of our reality. The benefits are endless, honestly, and what’s even better is they come tailor fit to you because you’ve consciously, knowingly co-created the situation.

Once you’ve seen the benefits, you must hold responsibility and gratitude for that role and honestly assess the lessons or reflections you’ve experienced during the creation period. Only once you can do this have you begun to truly find balance. Once you do this, you start to dance with the universe instead of being led by the steps.

When we see ourselves and our existence as separate from everything else, this task of integration and acceptance can be seen as detrimental or risky. The logical, “ego-driven” side of your reasoning mind is also tailor fit with endless potentials but they are of a different flavoring than the higher mind.

The higher mind knows the true steps to your dance. This higher mind can be called intuition, spirit, God, angels, guides, higher self, your “guts”, your “heart”, your inner voice or conscience. The deep core connection resides within all Humanity, there’s no sense in denying it, though many still try.

The tiptoe dance, the two-shoe shuffle, whatever it is the Negative Agenda inspires as choreography towards It – these steps go against nature, rational thought, your internal compass; they just feel wrong.

It’s up to you as a sovereign, mature being to choose what music you listen and move towards.

One step doesn’t define the whole dance, just as one day could never express an entire lifetime, and again, simultaneously the same as one lifetime expecting to encompass the journey of ascension.

It’s okay to stumble, its fine if you’re caught up in shadows – just take the time to see it for what it is – a learning experience, accept it and move on. Don’t get caught up in stale, expired energies. This is the undertone within the lesson of balancing. Change is necessary, it’s going to happen – but, it’s how we move through it that sets up the personal boundaries of our realities.

Ever noticed some people just remain calm or unperturbed in crises? Nothing seems to phase them, right? I am becoming one of those people, slowly… in my own divine timing, by my own choreography. It’s my hopes that in sharing my little dance here will inspire us all to think about balance more and bring it into each daily task, every interaction with others, all those inner conversations we have through the day.

On a final note, I’d like to mention the most 3D/obvious/materialistic version of balance – physical health and wellness. Moderation in all things, in regards to what we put into our bodies is so important. This is a ‘rule of thumb’ kind of wisdom – many cultures have their own versions of it – but this notion of a balance in what you’re eating as far as food types/varieties and again as, time spent eating balanced with time spent fasting. Another facet is movement – balancing time spent active with resting times. And the sleep wake cycle of course. Bringing all these aspects into harmony will only help you and bring beneficial outcomes. Balanced water is another big representation to keep in mind; ensuring its structure, pH, emotional state are all holding a balanced frequency is very important to overall health. Lastly, I will mention, though we are on the internet now – balance between screen time and time spent in organic settings is one of the most fundamental parts of being a human being (in my opinion at least). Please pay attention the amount of time you spend on screens and devices, as well as and wireless, wifi, bluetooth and any internet-powered type of electronic. These technologies are harmful on a multitude of layers, especially to small children, so keep that in mind while considering proper balancing for each individual as well!

I will definitely be talking/writing more about this topic in the future, but thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! I hope you’ll check back in the future for more.

2 thoughts on “the Art of Balancing

  1. This is a great post with so many great points that I could have diverged to. Balance to me is also very important, it’s something that has shown up in my life in a multitude of ways. And just as you say it involves the whole mind body spirit complex. With the food and water we consume, how much interaction we spend with our digital media and devices, vs time alone in nature. The balance between activity, when to know how much exercise and how much rest and reflection and introspection is needed. We have the balance between the sunny aspects of ourselves and the shadow aspects that we tend not to show the world. Balance comes in light and dark the primeval shades, in warmth and coldtemperatures that we experience, good and bad, positive and negative; and also between the Divine feminine and masculine energies ( my Avatar is of Lord Shiva, perfect balance between light dark and masculine and feminine). Just like you I am also seeking to have this perfect equilibrium in life; attempting to balance the emotions felt during the day and trigger points with acceptance and love instead of anger and resentment. It’s the work of a lifetime But, once you start down the path, at least you’re on the path. Great post thank you for writing this!

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  2. thank you for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! I noticed your avatar, actually, because I used the same image in a post I did on the divine feminine / masculine and “feminism” – this was quite a few years ago, and I’ve actually rewritten it and made a podcast episode of it as well on my site because it is a really important topic to me as a woman but also I think for all of us collectively (if you’re interested!)

    you’re so right, it is the work of a lifetime but at least we’re on the path. the hill to climb up to that lesson was a big one for me.. and sometimes, I find myself at the foot of it looking up again and have to remind myself, no, I know this already.. time is not linear, the journey is not that simple… no hill is the last hill, there is no finish line to physically cross; what a conundrum! I used to think that having strong emotions meant you had to display intense ones as well, but now I’m coming to the realization that the true strength and depth of emotion is within the self responsibility/sovereignty to hold the potential emotional reactions and see all personal perspectives together, as unbiased as you can, assess/accept and then choose that neutral path of least resistance way through with calmness and peace. It does not mean you don’t ‘feel’ when you remain neutral, in fact it makes you more relatable to all involved when you do it that way. I’ve faced a lot of programming around this concept, being made to think that certain emotions are acceptable while others are not, and that “peace” is another word for bland, unresponsive, disconnected, aloof, uncaring or reserved. so strange how we get caught in these misconceptions and they morph into ‘truths’ for us, then we jam ourselves into them and attempt to fit the mold.. lol not anymore! or at least when I find myself trimming edges to fit a belief I stop, gather my whole self and back away


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